Unleash The Speaker Within Presentation: Gerard Spriet

At Unleash The Speaker Within, we had several ‘spotlight’ sessions where participants presented to the group. This series of presentations shows what people can do. You should know the rules they had to work with. NO NOTES, final presentation is to be +/- 3 minutes (as long as the core message is delivered). The message can be anything they want to use in their conversation with a client or prospect. Oh yeah, no double takes and no editing – unless there was a technical glitch. They knew this was going to go live on YouTube. Sound easy? Give it a go and see how it feels…

The first presentation is Gerard Spriet of Geelong’s Gym – does he look fabulous or what?!?! His story is inspiring – do unto others as you would want done unto you + the Law Of Attraction will reward you in ways you could never expect!

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