What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know

I have a YouTube video of a concept I came up with to explain how anyone can improve 1 percent, It’s called the 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine and it’s one of the core principles that I teach my clients.

Little did I know, in 1955 a cognitive psychological tool was created by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham. It was used to help people better understand their interpersonal communication and relationships. It’ss used primarily in self-help groups and corporate settings as a heuristic exercise and it’s called a Johari Window.

A comment on one of my YouTube videos alerted me to this.

There are two lessons here:

Improvement Lesson #1: Leverage = Learning

By having my video on YouTube, thousands of people are educated and informed. Then ONE person makes the connection and adds his/her 1 percent improvement – generously and graciously.

Improvement Lesson #2: Improvement never stops

There is always something new to learn, discover and expand our understanding of the world that is out there… Embrace it and you’ll soon we rewarded with on-going feedback that will automatically, systematically propel you forward as if by magic!

This is what “World Class Exponential Thinking™” is all about. It’s the core concept of what I present at the Exponential Extravaganza event scheduled for Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and to REGISTER for your FREE Ticket (while they remain available.)

By the way, did you notice how LITTLE EFFORT this took for me to learn something new and add value to my clients? 80% of the work was done for me… That’s the Exponential Twist of the Pareto Principle!

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