What Should An Office Building Entrance Look Like?

You have guests coming to your office. They could be potential partners who want to sign a handsome contract with you. What do you want them to see first? Think carefully about the first impression that you stand to make or rather your office building stands to make. If there’s garbage everywhere that’s not a good look, yet you don’t want trash cans right in front either. You also need to think about the aesthetic appeal of your office. An old dreary postmodernist look is going to date your office back to the 70s. Yet you also don’t want something that is so contemporary that it just doesn’t fit the company profile you want to exude. There’s also the issue of the kind of atmosphere you want outside. Do you want it to be busy, crowded, formal and quiet? All of these things beg the question, what should an office building really look like from the outside and at the entrance?

Clear and welcoming

Nothing says welcome like space. Subconsciously if we are about to enter into a building that is crowded outside, that makes us less comfortable. We know that we will be walking to avoid people, taking extra steps and potentially going through a risky area. That’s not what you want when you’re trying to enter into a serious place of work. Put yourself in the shoes of the guests coming to visit you at the office. By creating space and clearing their way up to and into the building, you’re automatically sending a signal of welcome. Therefore, make sure that there is no parking right outside the doorway. Make sure that there’s no room for people to linger outside which means narrowing or designing the entrance with pathways. This keeps the area clear for people entering and exiting, as well as an open welcome.

A feeling of power and calm

Think about what you feel like when it’s raining outside and you’re walking down the street. You just want somewhere where you can shelter a little. If an office building i.e. your place of work and base of operations offers guests a little shelter, what does that say? Structures like aluminum canopy systems give the building a sense of power and presence. Not only are they practical as they give guests shelter from the weather, but they also change the mood of the people that come close to it. There’s less wind and rain that can touch you when you’re underneath the canopy and yet you’re not even inside the building. Already you feel like the building is offering to relieve you.

Be more imposing

Don’t choose the outside of your building to be white. Eventually the dirt and rain will make the outside look unkempt. However a navy blue or a simple black will look more powerful, bold and imposing on the rest of the environment. Don’t be afraid to look that way and be a symbol of robustness.

Every office building will look different. Each business owner wants their headquarters to stand out and the first place where you start off is the look of the entrance. Offer guests shelter as well as demanding respect with a bold impression.

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