What’s The Impact Of A Dirty Workplace On Employees?

No business is perfect, you’ll always be lacking in a number of areas. But that’s what business is all about, constant improvement and shining a light on your own shortcomings. Even if you don’t mean to, your business can make mistakes that impact greatly on your employees. It might be that you didn’t think of building a wheelchair ramp for your disabled employees. It might be that you have offices with not enough windows to allow fresh air in. it could even be something like not providing decent chairs in the office which could stop your employees from getting back pain. However one of the bigger issues is workplace hygiene. A dirty place of work has so many detrimental impacts on your workers that you might not even notice.

More than unprofessional

A filthy place of work is more than unprofessional, it’s incredibly rude. It pretty much shows your employees what you think of them. They turn up to work and the office floor is just littered with bits of food, scrap pieces of paper, fluff from clothes and perhaps even chewing gum. This does not sit well with employees who will be surrounded with this mess for the next 8 hours or more. Would you want to show up to a place of work where there are cheetos crumbs on the keyboard or coffee stains on the carpet? It’s unprofessional but it makes workers feel insulted that you have them working for you in such a messy environment.

Quality of the air

It’s not just rude it’s downright unhealthy. Poor work hygiene levels lead to different kinds of healthy issues that take time to occur but they always do. For example if there is food left around for too long in the sink where people go to heat up and eat their food, this can lead to germs filtering into the air. When employees breathe this toxic air in, they can develop a nasty chest infection. This can lead to itchy eyes, trouble breathing and constant coughing. The worst case scenario is that employees have to take time off work to get better which costs your business ultimately.

Room to move

Waste is a big concern for any kind of business no matter what industry you’re in. To that end, boxes, paper and foam lying around take up a lot of space. These big piles limit the movement of employees and cause general disruption to the flow of work. You can however make good use of cardboard balers which can stuff many boxes into one compacted cube. It’s proven to save around 4,000 hours of crushing and folding by hand each year. Businesses can use this kind of equipment to keep their manufacturing plants clean and void of rubbish just lying around everywhere. You can also save money by recycling such materials and reusing them for your business.

A dirty workplace is a slap in the face to your employees who work hard for you. Show them some common decency by regularly making sure the office is clean and hygienic for them to spend each day in.

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