Who do you look like?

We have all heard the dictum that like attracts like…

But does it apply to dogs and their owners as shown in the cartoon below? I leave that in the capable hands of dog experts

Whereas I can lean in on the case of business people attracting the resources and support they deserve. I know it sounds harsh and it is – life is brutal in its honesty and transparency.
Dogs Look Like Their Owners

Simply stated, the people that surround you are a mirror reflection of your current beliefs, principles and expectations. If you are not producing the results you would like – have a look around and you’ll start to see what needs to be changed, updated, upgraded or altogether removed.

This kind of self-assessment requires that you be authentic, genuine, transparent and realistic with yourself and your goals, dreams and aspirations. For assistance in creating the ultimate lifestyle for yourself, have a look at My Best Year Ever Program.
Thank you Kim Irey of Business Telecommunications Inc. for sending this through, as a fellow dog lover, we know they have a lot to teach us!

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