Why your online photo matters

We’ve all heard the expression you never get a second chance to make a first impression, yet online it’s even more important BECAUSE it’s the ‘only’ impression they can make.

just look at the detailed analysis of a Facebook page below… It’s all about the photos.

A poor photo = a poor impression.

I’d like to make success more complicated for you, but in reality it’s not all that hard…*

With a terrible photo, you’re simply not putting your best foot forward. Simple as that.

You don’t have to have ‘movie star looks’ to give a good impression, you just need to make the investment in a professional photo that reflects who you are.

If you don’t make that investment, it’s blatantly obvious and you’ll be regarded accordingly.

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Thanks to Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours for providing this insightful image.

* Let me be blunt. A great photo won’t get you a contract, project or an order, but a poor one might just lose it for you. Think about that.

A good photo costs a few hundred dollars – it’s a bargain if it prevents you from LOSING orders and sales that you otherwise would have had.

I see it all too often with struggling entrepreneurs – they have such a poor online image that no one who searches for them would ever give them the time of day.

Photos are blurry/out of focus, too high or too low contrast, low resolution or too small in size… Poorly cropped or show the person in a casual atmosphere when it should be a professional setting.

Just think about it – in many cases, it’s the single best investment someone can make to improve their career and/or business.

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  • A great article. I have been saying this for years. But because my company offers branding for small businesses plus imagery, they think I’m just trying to get them to spend more money with me unnecessarily. I have heard experienced many situations where potential clients have opted to have their friend/brother/sister-in-law/neighbor take photos for them to put on their website because they were free. And although I have counseled them on the need to make sure their messaging for their brand is consistent even throughout their image choices, they still opt for “free”.

    Thanks for posting. And I hope you’ll stop by and check out my facebook page.

  • Hi Marc,
    I just couldn’t resist commenting!
    I felt this blog post was written directly to me.
    Since going to Tony Robbins – UPW I have over come my fear that a new photo would bring unwanted Holleywood attention with movie offers and I have taken your advice and updated my photo!

    Mark Mackenzie
    If You Want It Off, We’ll Get It Off!

    The Graffiti Eaters
    Ph 1300 305 307

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