Workaholism Infographic

Workaholic, Stressed Out, Overwhelm, Helplessness, Depression

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  • Marc,

    This is very informative and valuable.


  • Ummm, Greece the second hardest working nation?? Does that include siestas?

  • Will put a link on your Facebook account in Poland and I strongly commend to your blog: Workaholism Infographic at Professional Coaching Blog. And I have many friends who are interested in medicine, I’m a doctor. I cordially greet and welcome to the blog in our country.

  • To my mind we’ve been socialised about work from our early days in school, and then we actually set foot in the working world to experience it first-hand.

    So it seems normal that it is hard for some people to disconnect.

    I also believe that people who are real workaholics are unhappy in their private lives. Someone who has control at work would rather stay at work than go back home if he or she does not have any control there. That is sad but work can appear to those people as a prison.

    Our treasury management systems help business managers manage their corporate cashflow better so they can get home in time for dinner which is our way of making the workplace just a little stressful and maybe preventing one more person from becoming a workaholic!

    Tatiana Chung
    Finpacific Pty Ltd

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