Workplace Safety in the Winter

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Workplace safety is important all year round but it’s particularly critical in wintertime. Snowfall, ice, and low temperatures can wreak havoc for businesses, so you’ll want to ensure you’re properly prepared. As well as keeping your staff safe over winter, these precautions will help to keep your business functioning and protect your customers and clients too…

1. Prevent slips, trips, and falls

Every year, businesses face numerous compensation claims because of slips, trips, and falls. Many commercial premises, such as retail floors, have tiled flooring, which can be particularly hazardous when it gets wet.

If there is snow and ice on the ground, for example, people will be making the floor wet every time they enter your premises, which will increase the risk of slips and falls. Non-slip absorbent mats can in entranceways, hallways and corridors can greatly reduce the risk of falls and ‘wet floor’ signage can also help to alert people of the danger and minimize your liability.

2. Stop car lot accidents

If your workplace has a car park or car lot, be sure to make it as safe as possible this winter. Your business can be liable for accidents and injuries that occur on its land, even if the incident takes place outside. By shoveling snow and throwing grit down, for example, you can help to prevent tires slipping and reduce the risk of outdoor slips, trips and falls too.

Remember – it isn’t just customer parking areas you need to be aware of. If you have an employee-only car parking facility, be sure to take precautions here too.

3. Check your drains

A blocked or overflowing drain can be disastrous at any time of year but it’s the last thing you want to deal with during the winter. Unfortunately, the build of leaves and debris in sewer drains makes it increasingly likely that you’ll experience some form of drainage issues over the holiday season.

Clearing your gutters regularly and installing drain covers over external drains can help to minimize the problem. Furthermore, expert services from firms like Sewer Drain Cleaning NYC will ensure your drains are in tip-top condition. With CCTV drain surveys to identify any issues and quick repairs, you can ensure your drainage system won’t pose a safety risk this season.

4. Maintain air quality

When it’s cold outside, your business premises won’t get as much fresh air as during the summer. With the heating system on and windows closed, contaminants and pollutants will build up much more quickly.

Increasing your cleaning schedule throughout winter can improve air quality and minimize the risk of employees becoming unwell too. In addition, opening windows on warmer days and using fans can help to distribute cleaner air.

Protect your business this winter

Business owners must take steps to protect their employees, customers, clients and themselves over the wintertime. As well as preventing nasty accidents, winterizing your premises can help to protect your business from legal action and ensure you get through the holiday season unscathed.

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