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3-Hour Professional Development Seminar:
"Slide Rule Thinking In The Internet Age"

The Exponential Mindset™ is a new thinking 'toolbox' for unlocking the hidden potential in your business, practice or career.

Attend this fun, provocative 3-hour event to discover how to gain greater personal and professional success by leveraging your engineering skills.

You should attend this event if you are:

    • A Practising Engineer who wants to have more responsibility, manage larger projects, get the plum assignments and postings and yes, sure why not – make more money.
    • An Engineering Professional who is involved in the business and administration aspect of projects and consulting and you’re feeling a lit burned out, overworked and/or stretched too thin with the team you’ve got.
    • A Consulting Engineer Practice Owner with your own practice or business supporting engineering projects, frustrated with traditional marketing and sales approaches that don’t work in this industry.
    • A Consulting Engineering Executive on the fast track who wants to run up the ladder of success two rungs at a time, without compromising your family life, health and wellbeing but still get the results that pay the massive rewards.

Key outcomes

This seminar is 3 hours of career fast tracking and business advice JUST FOR ENGINEERS. You’ll discover:

    • Why your specialised training as an engineering actually hinders your run up the corporate ladder or success in business
    • Why even brilliant engineers struggle to get everything done as project managers, whereas MBA and business graduates seem to coast effortlessly.
    • How to think like an engineer to build your business or career
    • The four foundations of Exponential Mindset™ thinking
    • The four steps to unleashing your exponential potential in your business or career

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"It’s possible for a TECHNICAL engineer
like me to become a pretty
good business owner"
Ray Keefe

As an business owner, I make a pretty good engineer.  That is what I have discovered from being part of the Business Mastery Platinum Program led by Dr Marc Dussault.  It still baffles me why don’t they teach this stuff at university instead of unleashing us on the world completely prepared to solve engineering design problems but totally unprepared for the business implications of being successful!

Dr Marc Dussault has been invaluable in helping me come to grips with my role as CEO of my own consulting engineering practice.  As an engineer himself Marc also had to cross the same chasm we all face as engineers. I am now getting the benefit of his experience, expertise and business acumen from the perspective of a graduate of engineering and not some other discipline.

Some things I have done since joining the Platinum Program include:

  • Moved to suitable commercial premises to allow for continued growth and expansion
  • Rebranded ourselves to enhance our clients’ and prospects’ perception of us so they have confidence to buy from us
  • Gained the confidence to apply for and be awarded 2 National Innovation Awards in 2009!
  • Revamped our website so it actually gets traffic from people who need and want our specialised services
  • Started a blog so I can demonstrate my technical abilities giving my clients and prospects more evidence of my skills and expertise
  • Undertaken sales training (another thing they never taught at university!)
  • Launched our first email campaign to grow our customer base
  • Undertaken high intensity Bootcamps in both Business and Internet Mastery
  • Gained a new client who would not have bought our services before these changes were made.  They are currently our largest client representing 50% of revenue!

And all of this during more than just a downturn in the economy, but the worst global financial crisis seen in decades resulting in a severe slowdown in the Australian services sector.

With Marc’s help, I can now see that it’s possible for a TECHNICAL engineer like me to become a pretty good business owner.

If you’re like me and know you didn’t get the training you needed as part of your engineering degree, its time to join Exponential Programs. There is no substitute anywhere else – trust me, as an engineer you’d expect me to search high and wide as well as being sceptical of unsubstantiated claims. Marc is the real deal and because he’s an engineer, he ‘gets it’ – “being an engineer is not a job, a vocation or even a profession - it’s a calling.”

Ray Keefe  Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Hon 1A, Deakin University
Managing Director
Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd

Who's behind this event?

This 3-hour evening session is the brainchild of two engineers – Gavin Altus of Engineering Education Australia (EEA), a division of Engineers Australia and me, Dr Marc Dussault, because I wanted to produce a special event to introduce the Exponential Mindset™ to the Australian Engineering community.

A little more about my background...

Dr Marc Dussault - An Engineer At Heart

Dr Marc Dussault
at age 4 -
An engineer at heart!

Educated as a Civil Engineer in geotechnical and hydraulics, I was fortunate to get into Computer Aided Drafting And Design when it was first introduced and commercialised in the mid 1980s. I rode that wave, launched several businesses and soon found myself no longer in ‘Engineering’. Or so I thought...

I am and always will be an engineer.

The only difference is that now instead of building roads, bridges and buildings, I build businesses, careers and people.

I do that with a scientific, systemised approach that is actually – revolutionary.

Even though I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 3 minutes, I am not a genius or member of Mensa. I am not the dumbest person in the room, but I am not the smartest.

I do have something special – An Exponential Mindset™.

You can learn it – in an instant.


But you need to know the basics. That's what you'll learn in this session:

Tools, concepts and applications you'll learn about:

In short, you'll learn the fundamental building blocks of the Exponential Mindset™ thinking toolbox that you can apply in your business or career right away to make more of the skills you already possess as an engineer as well as learn some proven approaches that will be new to you.

    • I will open the session with a 6-minute video that will absolutely convince you there is no time like the present to adopt this mindset – if you don’t, you’ll recognise your days as a leader of any kind are numbered.
    • Followed by a live interactive exercise you’ll do in your seat that will remove any doubt that ‘this’ is well within your reach.
    • The Four Foundations of Exponential Mindset™ Thinking will be poured for you with the pile foundations supplied by none other than Albert Einstein!
    • Once you’ve had your breakthrough epiphany, I will map out the Four Steps to unleashing the potential that is within you, your career and business.
    • Then we'll go into examples, case studies and applications of the Exponential Mindset™ in action - ordinary Australians who have achieved exponential results for themselves, their companies and careers. EVERY SINGLE ONE will be related back to what this means to you as an engineering professional.

You'll also discover Key Thinking Tools such as:

    • The Business Building Blueprint™: Based on sound engineering principles, this is an invaluable tool for growing any business, in any industry. As shown, it’s a working drawing that the entrepreneur fills in, step-by-step, without the encumbrance of marketing, sales, financial or operational reports that no one ever reads. It’s ONE SHEET OF PAPER with all the information in ONE PLACE. This is the first time engineering principles have been applied like this to business building.
    • Management By Metrics™: how to capture and exploit the key numbers and KPIs that drive your results and profits.
    • Reversing For Results™: a unique twist on the reverse engineering principle you can use to monitor, gauge and optimise a business or career
    • Pathways To Profits™: This is really the Critical Path Method with an exponential twist to define each entrepreneur’s Next Best Step™.

I'll also share personal anecdotes and stories, such as how:

    • As a shy nerd with only one suit, I transitioned from a technical support specialist to the company’s top salesperson in less than 12 months.
    • I translated my technical prowess as an engineer into a six-figure income in less than 2 years without going back to school, acquiring the skills to launch my first business in my twenties, backed with $1,000,000 in capital with me investing a measly $10,000.
    • How I actually came up with that magical $10,000 with ONE project in less than 3 months. (Don’t forget, this was 20 years ago.)
    • I was able to become an ‘overnight’ technical expert in CAD, digital reprographics, electronic trading systems, enterprise and databases systems based on my Engineering training and education.
    • I am able to synthesize complex principles into simple bite-size pieces so literally anyone can make a quantum leap forward without formal higher education (even though I am a BIG supporter of education in all its forms!)
    • I can create rapport with any audience so you can use the exact same skills to establish relationships with multiple stakeholders in your business (management, staff, investors, shareholders, analysts, suppliers, etc.)
    • Technology adoption principles that I studied as a doctoral student are essential to get people to accept your point of view and support your initiatives with enthusiasm so you can cut through the bureaucratic red tape like a hot knife through butter.
    • Plus others that will inspire you to think ‘outside the square’, put you back in the proverbial sandbox when you were your most creative and boundless self.

To reiterate: although I will provide many examples of others who have achieved breakthroughs in their businesses and careers using this thinking toolbox, the focus will be 100% on how you can apply this knowledge to get the business and professional results YOU want faster and easier than you could without this knowledge.

Venues, dates and costs

There are limited seats in each city and the cost is only $297 per seat - well worth the investment to learn practical, proven tools that will accelerate your sales, business growth or career progress, starting the very next day.

Times Times

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Slide Rule Thinking

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Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault's Signature

Dr Marc Dussault
World’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


Spend 3 hours with me and the leaders of the Australian engineering profession who you know will jump at the chance to get ahead and stay ahead of the pack.

They know that next year’s theme for 2010 is Leadership in Engineering…

The last question is - will you be a leader or a follower?

Leaders or Followers

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