Professional Presentation Principles And Sales Strategies

STOP Wasting Your Time Chasing After
Prospects Who Don’t Want To Buy From You!

Learn the secret to finally understand how to showcase your products and services to attract all the clients you can handle like a magnet without breaking a sweat!

Dear high achiever,

Ever wonder how the top 20% of sales people outsell the other 80% by more than twice as much?

They know what they’re doing and do it systematically, producing consistent results day-in, day out.

If you weren’t born a salesman or woman and you aren’t doing anything about it, you’re stuck.

Sure, you’ve read a pile of books and listened to countless audio programs. You may think that the more you know the better you get, but, the truth is…

The more sales techniques you know the more
paralysed and the less effective you will be!

Sometimes too much of a good thing is well… too much! And when you’re constantly thinking of what sales ‘kung fu’ flip technique to use on your customer, your mind is not where it needs to be - building a relationship with your client.

That’s why you can’t depend on selling tricks and techniques if you want to be successful. You need something that you can use to your advantage without thinking about it -it needs to be automatic. That’s why you need to learn the right MINDSET and not more techniques.

Learning sales techniques is like trying to defend yourself with your right hand while holding a martial arts magazine in your left hand. I’ve seen it all too often, the transparent, insincere cookie-cutter approach that reeks of desperation.

That’s why you need to attend the upcoming Professional Presentation Principles And Sales Strategies Workshop where I will reveal how I was able to win multiple sales awards and rise to the top of sales teams with a lot less effort than my colleagues.

In sales, it’s not about how much you SELL,
it’s about how much clients BUY!

Read that headline again.

Most salespeople are so enamored with their techniques that they forget that the goal is not to show off, but to get clients to buy…

Here’s the thing…

Being a Top Salesperson doesn’t mean being pushy, brash or forceful. In fact, it’s all about getting people to WANT to buy from you rather than you trying to shove something down their throats.

I know you don’t like sleazy selling techniques. No one does. That’s why you should attend this session, to learn how to sell like a pro while forging long-lasting relationships and building client loyalty without using under-handed manipulative tactics.

“Instead of teaching you sales techniques that only
work sometimes…” You’ll discover the
SECRET MINDSET that works all the time!

Unlike any other traditional ‘sales seminar’ I will not be teaching you more closing techniques, objection busters or refried attitude-adjustment or positive thinking philosophies.

I will go way beyond the traditional sales techniques, phrases and formulas to reveal my sales secrets that not only puzzled my competitors, but also baffled many of my colleagues who put in a lot more hours than I did for a lesser result.

At the Professional Presentation Principles And Sales Strategies Workshop

I will show you how to do things your competitors won’t ever know you’re doing, which I call stealth selling. Otherwise what happens is they find out what you’re doing, copy you and you’re back at square one…

You’d be surprised that 90+% of salespeople do what everyone else is doing and yet they expect better results… Einstein defined this as insanity.

At this workshop,
I will reveal how you can:

  • STOP wasting time cold calling (which in my opinion is a total waste of time)
  • STOP attending all but the few select networking events that produce valuable leads
  • STOP killing yourself working ridiculous hours
  • STOP travelling needlessly yet maximise your face-to-face time with prospects
  • STOP wasting time with tyre-kickers who won’t buy from you
  • STOP wasting time and effort preparing needless proposals

So you can…

  • START to get suspect and prospects to come to you automatically instead of you chasing them
  • START Improving your conversions to as high as 100% (yes, 100%.)
  • START preparing properly to ensure you can systematically reproduce your successes over and over again
  • START living a better lifestyle by combining work and pleasure while increasing sales

An Exponential Mindset turns an average,
ordinary salesperson into a Top Gun ‘overnight’!

The best thing is that an exponential mindset will help you make more money, have more fun and feel good about how you sell to people. Imagine that… No pressure, no guilt.

This Professional Presentation Principles And Sales Strategies Workshop is a full day of non-stop real-life stories, examples and case studies revealing hundreds of tips, tricks and techniques that you will take away with you and can implement in your business or job the very next day.

Rather than learning some isolated techniques that work only some of the time… You’ll learn how the right mindset makes all the difference - transforming all your existing sales tips and techniques into a formidable arsenal of sales weapons to win more customers than ever before - With a lot less effort, time and stress.

The Professional Presentation Principles And Sales Strategies Workshop takes an Exponential Mindset approach to selling. It’s not a template or formula. It’s a way of thinking that once adopted, unleashes the Exponential Potential that is right there ready for the taking.

You’ve already acquired 80% of the skills you need to be a Top Salesperson - you just need the missing 20% that converts prospects to paying clients sooner and more often.

Exponential Mindset Thinking when applied to selling, becomes a defensible competitive advantage that once adopted, gives you the wisdom and confidence of a true Professional Salesperson - athletes call it game excellence (consistency) rather than playing an excellent game (once in a while).

With ‘game excellence’, you will be able to perform at your best each and every time, removing the hit-and-miss approach that punishes most salespeople, destroying their self confidence and creating the never-ending emotional roller coaster synonymous with poor salesmanship.

Learn advanced persuasion and sophisticated
influence skills that turn prospects into paying clients

This hands-on, interactive workshop will include advanced persuasion and sophisticated influence skills and techniques that apply equally to consumers as well as business clients from retail to complex multi-stage selling situations.

As the economy is making its slow recovery and things seem to be getting better, the one thing that won’t improve anytime soon is people’s scepticism. That’s good news for Professional Salespeople but bad news for everyone else who doesn’t understand how people buy in such cynical times.

Guess what?

Professional selling excellence doesn’t come with age or grey hair. It doesn’t come with experience ‘selling’. It only comes from learning the right mindset - An Exponential Mindset™.

People don’t care what qualifications or university degrees you’ve collected over the years. And truth is they don’t give a damn about you or your business until you learn how to showcase your expertise and position yourself properly so they start to care and want to know more about you, your products and services.

Imagine having a sales funnel full of prospects who want to know more about you, hear what you’re up to and want to know about your next product or service… Having them on pins and needles anxious and excited!

If you’re not directly involved in sales, you should still attend the Professional Presentation Principles And Sales Strategies Workshop. Everyone needs to learn selling skills... Parents need to sell their point of view to their kids, employees need to sell themselves to their superiors to move up the corporate ladder, support people need to sell themselves to their internal users whereas most executives deal with outside stakeholders who need to be sold on the company’s philosophy, standards and policies.

Selling can make your life so much easier that, honestly, you can’t afford not to teach yourself how to do it properly.

Like it or not, we are constantly selling, striving to be understood, acknowledged and accepted by others. The Professional Presentation Principles And Sales Strategies  Workshop will reveal how you can not only learn the skills of a top salesperson, but master them so you can improve your results immediately, as of your very next sale.

Remember that your potential customers have seen every trick in the book. Their defence mechanisms will kick in if they sense you’re up to something…

That’s why selling is the ultimate skill.

The Professional Presentation Principles And Sales Strategies Workshop will teach you how to finally become a sales professional without using deception or trickery.

In fact, authenticity, transparency and integrity are the foundation of an Exponential Mindset… Being truthful without smoke and mirrors.

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Invest just one day to learn the skill that will pay you for a lifetime!

Date / Time:

Saturday 3 May 2014

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
(registration from 9:30AM)

Venue: Convenient Sydney CBD Venue To be determined


Option #1: Attend only the morning session - $495

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

The fundamental building blocks of selling: This 3-hour session will reveal all the strategies and techniques that will help you effectively and efficiently sell your products or services without being pushy.

Even if you’re an experienced sales professional, revisiting some of the fundamentals with the ‘Exponential Mindset Twist’ you’ve come to expect will make a dramatic difference to your sales lead conversions.

The following will be covered in the morning session:

  • Profitable Prospect Profiling: Leveraging client profiles to substantially reduce marketing spend while increasing conversion and attraction of desired clients using exponential marketing concepts
  • The 4 steps to concluding a sale: How to avoid the most common mistakes sales people make
  • Stop selling and get more people to buy: Most salespeople try to create huge sales funnels, wasting countless hours ignoring a much more effective and efficient alternative all top sales people follow
  • One size does not fit all: Each salesperson, product/service and company requires a tailored approach to optimise sales. Finding your voice and developing a persona is key.
  • Sales Methodology Demystified: Without a sales methodology, you’re essentially ‘winging it’, throwing the dice, hoping things will work out. Professional salespeople systemise their approach and continuously refine it. I’ll reveal how you can apply Reversing For Results whilst you exercise Management By Metrics to grow your Pathways To Profits

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Option #2: Attend the whole day plus receive the Pre Program Preparation and Post Program Planning course materials - $995

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM The fundamental building blocks of selling
1 - 2 PM Catered lunch
2 - 6 PM Advanced Selling Strategies APPLIED
  • The morning session sets the stage for this session to be facilitated as an Exponential Mastermind Experience™ workshop.
  • This interactive workshop will include real case studies, scenarios and situations. Attendees will be invited to discuss their sales problems and challenges.

The format and content of this afternoon session requires that you complete the Pre Program Preparation exercises before attending the workshop.

When you register for the full day option, following the workshop, you will receive Post Program Planning to ensure you have everything you need to apply the strategies and techniques you’ll learn immediately.

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Bonus Session!

Persuasive Presentation Principles

This bonus session will introduce the concepts of persuasion and influence developed by a hand-picked selection of masters including, but not limited to Dr Robert Cialdini, Herb Cohen and Gerry Spence with the focus on using persuasion and influence skills within the arena of public speaking.

As you’ve come to expect from Exponential Programs, this content will explore seminal works and their role in crafting your next presentation as a masterpiece of persuasiveness and influential candour that will mesmerise your audience.

The facets to be covered in this bonus session include:

  • Basic persuasion and influence skills for the novice public speaker to get comfortable on stage.
  • Establishing the foundations for compelling and engaging storytelling well beyond the standard recommendations you'd find elsewhere.
  • Why negotiation skills are important in public speaking especially when multiple stakeholders will be in the audience.
  • How the recency effect, escalation behaviour and reciprocity can affect your audience's receptiveness and engagement to your message.
  • A potpourri of examples will be sprinkled throughout the presentation as an example of the use of humour and light-hearted content with dramatic real examples that hammer home the need to acquire these public speaking skills.
  • A special section on "__________" will be the twist you don't expect that will bring this subject home for you in the legendary 'exponential tradition' of our events.

Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault's Signature

Dr Marc Dussault
The Exponential Growth Strategist


Just to make the point crystal clear - These sales strategies are all about being effective and efficient so you STOP working ridiculous hours. I will reveal how I managed to grow sales 55 to 65% per year without a single work colleague or client knowing I was doing a post graduate law degree.

That alone should impress you, but on top of that, during that same year, I played squash every day I was in Sydney, winning my first state title in my first tournament.

I tell you this because it’s important for you to know that I have used these sales strategies to achieve outstanding work-life balance without compromising ultimate results.

That is one of the many myths I will be busting - You CAN have it all - but ONLY if you have the right mindset AND the strategies to make things happen effortlessly.

Register now - this event takes place only once a year. By this time NEXT year, you could have all the sales you ever wanted or you could be wishing you attended this year.

It’s your choice. Step up or step aside.