Announcing: Become A Corporate Rockstar!

"1-day event to show you how you can
use the art, science and skills of public speaking
to instantly start out-selling, out-performing
and out-marketing your colleagues and competitors."

This no holds-barred session will be hilarious, engaging and career-changing for you if you are either:

A corporate manager who wants to:

  • Get on the career fast-track to get promotions and pay rises faster than your colleagues.
  • Be offered the best postings, projects as well as the biggest budgets and teams to manage with the fattest paycheque in the company.
  • Overcome the fear of public speaking once and for all to be able to express your thoughts and expertise effortlessly and expertly in meetings, presentations and workshops.
  • Increase your visibility across your organisation with more stakeholders, both internal including the board and/or committees as well as external to the company such as suppliers and shareholders.
  • Improve your group facilitation and leadership skills so people look up to you with greater respect and even admiration.

If you’re an entrepreneur or sales/marketing professional who wants to:

Professional Speaker
  • Double your sales commissions in the next 12 months by becoming a more effective speaker when presenting yourself, product and company to prospects and clients.
  • Cut the sales cycle in half or less – especially in the case of a complex sales process such as professional services, (IT) software, business-to-business solutions, etc.
  • Double ‘payback and ROI’ on existing projects that are currently marginally profitable.
  • Create a much bigger sales funnel with less effort than you’re putting in right now. So that you have an on-going continuous stream of prospects who want to and can buy from you.
  • Increase conversions from tyre-kicking prospects to paying clients by as much as 50 to 100%.
  • Create, build and sustain value-based, long-term client relationships that bullet-proof your profits and recession-proof your business.

If you’re an engineer, lawyer or other technical professional who needs to:

  • Learn how to translate techno-babble and ‘geek speak’ into easy-to-understand English.
  • Be offered the leadership position for the next projects and contracts.
  • Develop persuasion and influence skills to get your message across without being manipulative or confrontational.
  • Increase your effectiveness in group discussions across specialties and/or with clients.
  • Improve your negotation skills so you get better outcomes by delivering projects or outcomes on time and on-budget

This interactive 1-day session will have you both enlightened and excited about what you're capable of.

I started offering because I’ve been inundated with requests from people who kept telling me “I’d love to be able to do what you do... It would help me in my career, sales as well as self-confidence... to be able to command the attention of an audience – even speaking to a small group of 5 to 10 people would be a breakthrough for me... Can’t you just give me a place to start... I know it would sure make a difference...!!!!”

I’ve staged this one-day session across the country and I have to say it often is the life-changing catalyst for someone who is technically proficient, but struggling to get his/her ideas across to colleagues and/or clients.

This is your chance – come join me for a full day and off the wall antics. You know my presentation style – it’s provocative, powerful and profitable.


Date / Time Venue
Tuesday 2nd October
10:00 AM til 5:00 PM
Registration from 9:30 AM
The Melbourne Marriott
Cnr Lonsdale & Exhibition Streets


Date / Time Venue
Saturday 6th October
10:00 AM til 5:00 PM
Registration from 9:30 AM
Fraser Suites
488 Kent Street

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Dr Marc Dussault

Dr Marc Dussault
Exponential Growth Strategist


If you have any intention of acquiring the art and science of public speaking - this is the ideal time to learn, the session is one full day to give you an all-encompassing overview.

For example, I will explain how I used public speaking to develop a prospecting sales funnel as an employee for a global IT software company that was 30 TIMES better than what my peers were doing. That meant the 3 of us here in Australian out-performed all of our 90 peers (in 19 other countries) COMBINED!

I will also detail how I used a simple presentation to convert $1,000 in up-front marketing costs into $45,000 in sales over the next 3 years - EVERY MONTH it was deployed.

If you’re a technical person, I’ll show you first-hand how to translate even the most complex and technical description into a simple-to-understand explanation that even a fifth grader would be able to repeat to his/her friend – without using a dictionary, thesaurus or calculator!

Don’t worry, you won’t be put on-the-spot. You’ll only picked out of the audience if you want to be. This workshop is about giving you a sense of how accessible public speaking can be without provocation – once you know the foundational principles involved, you’ll feel much more at ease and comfortable with the thought of standing up out of your spectator’s seat and being heard.

Click here to register - with only 12 seats in the room, I'm only looking to meet with people who are serious about getting out of the spectator seat and stepping up on stage - either literally or figuratively.