The Killer Kopywriting System

The Killer Kopywriting System includes 6 Komponents:

Komponent #1: Killer Kopywriting Workshop

Komponent #1: Killer Kopywriting WorkshopIf you want to learn the secret skill of exponential Killer Kopywriting that quickly & easily produces attention-grabbing, riveting and cash-producing emails, letters and ads, then you need to immediately get your hands on the freshly updated, profit-reinforced exponential super pack – The Killer Kopywriting System.

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Komponent #2: Killer Konversations Workshop

Komponent #2: Killer Konversations™ WorkshopThis fully interactive workshop starts days before you step into the workshop room with Pre Program Preparation™ that requires you to submit ACTUAL ads, e-mails, direct mail, brochures or pamphlets you intend to use for peer review by other workshop participants.

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Komponent #3: Killer Keywords Google MasterClass

Komponent #3: Killer Keywords Google MasterClassA 1-page AdWords campaign flowchart that tells you exactly how to build your campaigns step-by-step and what it needs to "look like" for maximum performance

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Komponent #4: Killer Kopywriting Kase Kritique

Komponent #4 Killer Kopywriting Kase KritiqueThis component is as exponential as it gets. Several times a year, a ‘Kall For Kases is issued to all Platinum Program Members. Each Member registers to participate in the process, voluntarily.

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Komponent #5: Killer Kopywriting Kases Binder

Komponent #5 Killer Kopywriting Kases BinderEvery once in a while, you come across fantastic ads, landing pages, direct mail pieces and other great ideas for your marketing and sales. Copywriters have been using the concept of a ‘Swipe File’ that we’ve branded as Killer Kopywriting Kases.

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Komponent #6: Kopywriting Kue Kards

Komponent #6 Kopywriting Kue KardsThis is one of the most valuable Komponents of the Killer Kopywriting System. It’s a collection of 58 cards that identify the words, phrases and statements that will appeal to each different suspect, prospect and client profiles.

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Komponent #1:
Killer Kopywriting Workshop

Turn apathetic prospects into HOT, addicted buyers who are desperate to put money into your account and read every word you scribble down on paper, from start to finish as if there was no tomorrow!

Killer Kopywriting SystemIf you want to learn the secret skills of exponential Killer Kopywriting™ that quickly & easily produces attention-grabbing, riveting and cash-producing emails, letters and ads, then you need to get your hands on the freshly updated, profit-reinforced exponential super pack – The Killer Kopywriting System Now.

I am going to flush your mind with every trick I know to help you turbo-charge more suspects and prospects to action, engorge your business with a stampede of fresh, hot money-in-hand prospects willing � NO � demanding to paying you top dollar for your product… without making a single cold call!

It’s the ‘unfair advantage’ you’ve been looking for… where the world is your oyster!

It’s your ULTIMATE tool to get new leads into your business or shop.

  • Even if you’ve never written a word of sales copy in your life…
  • Even if you think you totally 'suck' as a writer…
  • Even if your mind goes blank every time you try to write one word …

Imagine finally possessing the ability to automatically and easily come up with the precise word that convinces your suspect or prospect to take action or BUY NOW…

Do you ever wonder about the magic behind Killer Kopywriting that special flavour of writing that makes you hungry for more?

It has NOTHING to do with your business or the quality of service you provide.

It has everything to do with your ability to cast ‘magical spells’ in print…

…And I’m going to show you how to do it, systematically time after time –

It isn’t brain surgery.

But it’s not common sense either since most emails, most letters and most ads are plain boring, humdrum and ahem…some even.. ahem.. totally ‘suck’... (Sorry to be so blunt, but you know it’s true!)

But here’s the thing. Every time your sales copy doesn’t strike a chord of total excitement with your prospects and clients, it gets chucked into the proverbial bin wasting your time, effort and hard-earned money.

Just because you don’t know how to write Killer Kopy...

That’s why you need the Killer Kopywriting System
NOW to immediately stop the profit leak in your business.

Drip, drip, drip…

Every minute, hour and day you don’t use Killer Kopywriting it is costing you money. Money that is going down the drain. Money that could be flowing IN instead of OUT of your bank account.

Oh there goes $100...

Darn it, with it went another $20 bill...

Let me be totally upfront and DIRECT. There’s no time to waste since it’s costing you money as we speak!

The Killer Kopywriting System is not just another collection of cool copywriting tricks amassed for you in one painfully-huge 3kg folder that would take you weeks or months to just sift through.

The Killer Kopywriting System is everything you need to double your sales, triple your profits and work LESS in your business THIS YEAR!

You’ll be able to EXECUTE these strategies IMMEDIATELY in your business.

You’ll get laser-focused on RESULTS – not distracted by a lot of cool and fun stuff to learn.
I’m not saying you’re not going to have fun – you will, but your business is about making money isn’t it?

What you’re about to discover will get you excited, very excited.

I hope you’re sitting down.

The stuff I’ve included in the The Killer Kopywriting System is the unfair advantage that even the MOST seasoned copywriters don’t fully understand.

From time to time, they stumble across these strategies by accident, but I am going to show you how to write Killer Kopy consistently, on demand, SYSTEMATICALLY.

Here Are Just Some of the Profit-Producing Secrets
You'll Learn With This Intensive,
'Roll-up-your-sleeves' System:

  • How to get more qualified prospects EVERY SINGLE TIME you lick a stamp and send a letter or click to send an email
  • How to write creatively, going for the jugular each and every time to generate greater attention, responses and SALES
  • How to build a treasure-trove of great headlines, calls to action and copy elements that will make writing Killer Kopy™ even easier – so easy that even a fifth grader could do it!
  • How to scientifically TEST headlines, copy and calls to action using Marc’s 3 x 3 Multiple Mailing Momentum Matrix™
  • Tips, tricks, techniques and proven, paint-by-numbers copywriting FORMULAS used by the most experienced, expensive copywriters in the world to eliminate guesswork, waste and frustration that instantly smash writer's block to smithereens!
  • How to spend $1 on marketing and get $2… $3… $4… and $5 in return
  • If you're not keen to do the copywriting yourself, it's still CRITICAL you know 'good copy from bad'… so you can effectively manage outsourced copywriters
  • The 5 mistakes to avoid when you select, manage and leverage contractors for research, copywriting, editing and plain 'ole writin'…
  • How to structure a multi-stage marketing campaign to build MOMENTUM for explosive results with Marc’s 3 x 3 Multiple Mailing Momentum Matrix
  • How to avoid the 3 most common mistakes people make trying to write 'advertising copy’ themselves
  • Tweak your next newspaper ad so it pulls in 10 times more profit than what it costs you to run it!
  • The pros and cons of using images and graphics - what to do and what to absolutely avoid.
  • How to grab your reader's attention from the ‘get-go’ and lead him or her step-by-step through your Pathways To Profits
  • Avoid the #1 problem all new copywriters have when they sit down in front of their computer to write
  • The 4 things you must do before you begin writing a single word
  • The 2 things you must have in mind every step of the way to ensure your readers sit up and take notice
  • The 3 strategies you must weave into your copy so the story resonates with your audience there and then and your picture becomes crystal clear
  • Most importantly – How to create a systematic and repeatable process to be inspired each and every time you need to write. Even though this is a creative process, it can be systemised.
  • There are 5 other keys to the vault that are too precious to reveal publicly right now…

In fact, I will reveal my TOP 17 secret strategies I’ve used consistently to become The Exponential Growth Strategist. You could pick any ONE of these powerful tools, strategies and techniques today and start making money in your business TODAY.

If you’re looking to write irresistible copy that has your readers begging to give you their money, pounding down your door, look no further:

MY SECRET TOP 17 Tried & Tested
Exponential Killer Kopywriting Tools, Tips
and Techniques to Transform You Into a
Killer Kopywriter --- in LESS THAN TWO DAYS!

Killer KopywritingSECRET #1

Profitable Prospect Profiling

You need to stop screaming at people who aren’t listening. By leveraging client profiles, you will substantially reduce your marketing spend while increasing conversion and attraction of desired clients. Using proven exponential marketing concepts will instantly transform your communications. Some prospects are dangerous and toxic to your bottom-line and not worth chasing. With this tool you will attract the clients you want who will be happy to pay you what you deserve. This simple 1 hr process will reduce your waste, errors, redundancy and/or advertising inefficiency between 10-20% with minimal effort. That will translate into thousands of dollars in savings! Savings that you will make each and every year...

Killer Kopywriting SECRET #2

Dr Dussault's Demographic Descriptors

Dr Dussault's Demographic DescriptorsEvery company has multiple types of clients, prospects and suspects; they all speak a different ‘language’. In less than 5 minutes, this tool will help you identify the style to use with the people you want to influence, so they listen and respect everything you say. You’ll see how to adapt your communications to the language, tone and event ‘accent’ of your marketplace. This strategy alone will DOUBLE the effectiveness of your ads, e-mails and marketing. Without this tool you risk wasting up to 50% of your opportunities by saying the WRONG thing, the WRONG way to the WRONG person… Owch!

Killer Kopywriting SECRET #3

Marc's 3X3 Massive
Momentum Mailing Matrix

A systematic and strategic approach to testing, fine-tuning, executing and repeating successful mailing campaigns that create and BUILD momentum to explode your bottom line results. This is not for the faint-hearted or ‘grass-hopper’ marketers who jump from one great idea to the next. This is an advanced, exponential approach to determine, analyse and understand, with meticulous and careful testing, the kind of communications that produce Multiple Rivers of Revenue™ within your business. You can SYSTEMATICALLY and REPEATEDLY produce profitable results over and over and over and over and over...

Killer Kopywriting SECRET #4

Marc's Marketing Milestone Matrix

This comprises an A3 size, 12-month milestone matrix with 4 quarterly checkpoints to keep you focused, driven and on track to produce REAL RESULTS. Using this tool means you will know exactly the month-to-month progress you’re making and what fine-tuning you must do to avoid disappointment at the end of the year. It’s your accountability officer who always tells you the truth. It’s as simple and easy to use as it is powerful.

Killer Kopywriting SECRET #5

The Doctor’s Anatomy of An E-mail

This is a simple 13-step framework for writing riveting, attention-grabbing emails that get read and acted upon. By isolating, identifying and DISSECTING each key element, you will finally understand the magic behind writing emails that work.Without this tool, you have no way of diganosing the profit cancers that are slowly killing your marketing campaigns.

Killer Kopywriting SECRET #6

12 Point Killer Kopywriting Checklist

You shouldn’t NEVER rely on intuition when writing copy - it’s just too easy to miss a critical point or a key element that could make ALL the difference. The difference between a profit or a loss. A client and a lost opportunity. A company-making project and a ‘Oh so close, but no cigar’...

Pilots all have a checklist and we, as passengers, EXPECT them to follow EACH step EACH time they fly – a Killer Kopywriter™ does the same. EACH and EVERY time. That’s why it’s called a SYSTEM!

Killer Kopywriting SECRET #7

Selling Snowballs To Eskimos

Selling Snowballs to EskimosThis summary article explains the 6 strategies of persuasion you MUST use to dismantle your competition’s arsenal. It’s one of the key foundational principles of Killer Kopywriting™ that spills the secrets of constructing killer, irresistible offers to make people beg you to take their money – literally! Best of all, it will show you how to do it time after time as if by magic. Having a great product/superb service is simply not enough in today’s cut-throat competitive arena. Without this skill, you are literally stabbing in the dark each time you sit down to write copy. WITH this skill, you are a MASTER CRAFTSPERSON who can create a masterpiece ‘on demand’. A masterpiece that your prospects will ‘bid’ for at the highest price possible...

Killer Kopywriting SECRET #8

Tipping The Scales in Your Favour

Tipping The Scales In Your FavourHow would you like to create MOMENTUM, a SWARM of suspects and prospects who DEMAND to know more about your products and/or services and BUY from you.

This momentum strategy is the cornerstone of moving a market towards you. Just like the merry-go-round you played on in grade school, ONCE you get it turning – spinning profits gets easier and easier. Best of all, you can SYSTEMATICALLY re-create the results in MULTIPLE marketplaces… If you know how to tip the scales in your favour. Otherwise they are tipped in your 'competitors' favour! Ouch!

Killer Kopywriting SECRET #9

Real Life ‘Before And After’ Examples

The best way to learn is by example. With these real-life examples, you’ll see BOTH the before and after versions, comments and suggestions right in front of your eyes. You’ll instantly recognise patterns, connections and appreciate, on a deeper subconscious level, how to develop Killer Kopy by modelling the masters. This secret alone will prevent you from making the massive mistakes most people make when writing copy. This secret alone is worth the price of the entire system. The variety of examples, the detail of commentary are absolutely priceless. They have NEVER BEFORE BEEN SHARED with a non-VIP and non –Platinum Member audience...

Killer Kopywriting™ SECRET #11

Creating An Exponential ‘Swipe File’

All top calibre copywriters call upon a collection of tested and proven ads and sales letters to keep their razor sharp edge. They call it their ‘Swipe File’. Ideas, ads they ‘Swipe’ as they come across them. Having a swipe file slashes the painstaking drudgery and frustration when trying to come up with the Killer Kombination™ of concept, message, ad, call to action that will push the right buttons with the right audience at the right time. A sample collection has been collected to get you started and motivated to continue to build your very own swipe file we call Killer Kopywriting Kases™ so you don’t have to start from scratch!

Killer Kopywriting SECRET #12

List Of Copywriting Books And References

There are hundreds of books on copywriting some are good, others are a complete waste of time. This concise list of the best books on direct marketing and copywriting ever written has been created just for you. Whether you’re an advanced/aspiring copywriter or just a bottom-line focused entrepreneur this is the short cut list that you MUST get your hands on to perfect your craft.

Killer Kopywriting SECRET #13

A Slice And Dice Example

A complete sales letter is sliced, diced, dissected and analysed in painstaking detail by The Exponential Growth Strategist – Dr Marc Dussault. His process shows you the mistakes and blunders you must avoid if you want your sales copy to be read from start to finish and acted upon. In this actual example, you get to look behind closed door to see the Dr’s scalpel at work like NEVER BEFORE. Only Platinum Program Members get to see this ‘autopsy level’ of expert dissection and analysis.

Killer Kopywriting SECRET #14

The 4 Keys To Success For Writing
Killer Kopy™ (Audio Program)

It is infinitely easier to hit a target when you know what you’re aiming for. Killer Kopywriting requires a SYSTEMATIC approach that can be a very intimidating for the novice, but then quickly becomes second-nature for the Killer Kopywriter when the SYSTEMS key essential components are reduced to their bare essentials.

Killer Kopywriting SECRET #15

Finding Your Voice To Write
Killer Kopy (Audio Program)

One of the most effective ways to become persuasive in your marketplace is to use copywriting and marketing material that is consistent and congruent with your image, your persona. In this short audio program you’ll learn how to develop a compelling voice that’s congruent with your personality and style. You’ll learn to naturally and effortlessly attract people who will admire your authenticity and style like never before. Once you ‘find your voice’, your whispers will resonate like THUNDER!

Secret ComponentKiller Kopywriting SECRET #16

This secret is so powerful that I can’t even tell you what it is. When you SEE it, you’ll be gobsmacked. You’ll wonder how you ever wrote ANYTHING without it. You’ll be perplexed, impressed and amazed at its elegance, simplicity and dynamic interactivity. It’s one of the MANY secrets that will be revealed when you purchase the Killer Kopywriting System

Killer Kopywriting SECRET #17

The Power Of Numbers (Audio Program)

This 3 and a half minute audio segment highlights one of the many aspects of the power of words, in this case – numbers. What they represent, what they mean and how you can use that for greater effect, influence and persuasion.

Can you see why The Killer Kopywriting System could make you almost unbeatable?

Doesn’t that excite you just a little bit?

If you’re a bottom-line focused entrepreneur or a driven aspiring/seasoned copywriter, looking for tried & tested quality short-cuts to give you an instant competitive advantage – you’ve found it!

Eskae Jeweller

A One-Day, FULL Killer Kopywriting Immersion with some of Australia’s Most Ambitious, Profit-Hungry Entrepreneurs to TRAIN You To Become A Master of These Devastatingly Precise Kopywriting Weapons of Mass Prosperity...

This one-day workshop is PRICELESS.

You see, these tools are so advanced, powerful and exponential that you just can’t go over them on your own. You need an experienced guide by your side to help you adopt and adapt the techniques to your own unique situation. The system is unlike anything else you have tried in your business before. So naturally I need to show you a few tricks of the trade so that you actually, ‘get it’ and apply them in YOUR business ON THE DAY.

That’s right, ON the day.

We take your training wheels off BEFORE you step into the workshop. We do that with our Pre Program Preparation - commonly called homework!

You remember homework – Way back ‘when’...

That’s why, when you attend the full-day, full-on, hands-on workshop, you’ll MasterMind with other super-achievers, form profitable relationships, pick other people’s lucrative brains… But most importantly, you’ll come out beaming with exponential ideas you can turn hidden opportunities sitting right there under your nose into cold, hard cash instantly!

Can you imagine what it would do to your bottom line if your prospects and clients understood the benefits of your products or services as well as you do?

You know they would buy more.

You know they would buy more often.

You know they would give you more referrals.

You know they would be happier, satisfied and less ‘trouble’ to deal with.

The Killer Kopywriting System will teach you the skills you need to "crawl inside" your prospects' minds and:

  • gain their undivided attention
  • build interest in what you have to say
  • hammer home the reasons why they need to act on your offer now
  • get them to take action and buy now

Imagine if a few little changes could attract double or triple the amount of leads you currently get. How much would that be worth to your bottom line?

$1,000 per month? $5,000 per month?... $25,000/month?

Imagine solving your financial problems in ONE DAY and focusing on something different, like booking a holiday instead of worrying about paying the bills…

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your hard-earned money on something that rewards you rather than losing money every day on ineffective marketing?

If you're already spending money on ads, direct mail, websites or email marketing, your new-found Killer Kopywriting™ skills will have an immediate bottom line impact by boosting the Return on Investment on every promotion you run.

Here's what I mean:

Your costs remain the same... *

  • You spend exactly the same on advertising
  • You spend exactly the same on printing
  • You spend exactly the same maintaining your website
  • You spend exactly the same on overheads

...but your sales skyrocket and...

  • you enjoy increased response rates, which translates into more revenue per dollar spent on marketing.
  • you reach more people with your message, your brand, your identity and your positioning
  • you effectively get people to self-select so you waste less time with tyre-kickers and concentrate only on those prospects who are sincerely interested in what you have to offer
  • you shorten the sales cycle by triggering actions toward the purchase (we call that optimising your Pathways To Profits), or if you're really good at this, you increase the frequency AND size of purchase – what we call a DOUBLE WHAMMY for your bank account!
  • Best of all, you’ll always know what Your Next Best Step is. The single ONE thing that will give you the BEST result – NOW. No more missteps. No more tripping over your own feet. No more being sideswiped by your competitors!

* Of course we’ll teach you at least 5 super secret saving strategies to get stuff done for pennies on the dollar.

All the wasted time, energy and frustration that you used to spend putting together written promotions can now be spent delivering value to your clients and converting them into raving fans who’ll gladly refer more clients to you at no cost to you!

This STRICTLY limited by-invitation-only
workshop always gets filled to capacity –

The Killer Kopywriting Workshop is an exclusive event where you and other highly-motivated entrepreneurs will make lasting and measurable improvements in your ability to attract, convert and retain clients using the art and SCIENCE of the written word.

What would it be worth to you, your business and ultimately your lifestyle if all your written communications produced 10, 20 or even 50 percent greater response? Or if tweaking a few long-standing promotions created an IMMEDIATE boost in cash-through-the-door? It's actually not hard to do, once you know how AND HAVE A PROVEN SYSTEM.

The Killer Kopywriting System is a one-off investment that will start to pay dividends today, tomorrow, next week and the week after that… for years and years to come.

A ONE TIME Investment that pays off for a lifetime of profits!

Killer Kopywriting Workshop Participants Benefit From
2 Extra Bonuses + 1 Secret Ingredient

Killer Bonus #1: How To Leverage An Article

How to leverage an article using 15 Exponential Marketing strategies that will propel your profits like never before. Each one of the fifteen strategies is easy to deploy, multiplying your Kopywriting investment – over and over and over and over again – systematically and repeatedly. Until you get tired of making too much money too easily… (Yeah, I didn’t think so!)

Pre Program PreparationKiller Bonus #2: Pre Program Preparation

When you sign up after reading this, you’ll be sent the Pre Program Preparation to give you the Next Best Steps™ to jump start the optimisation of your Pathways To Profits. You’ll get the first one within 60 seconds of signing up.

Each lesson will be automatically delivered to your inbox to guarantee that when the master appears, the student will be ready.

“Wax on, wax off.” - The Master in The Karate Kid movie

Secret ComponentSuper Secret Special Ingredient

This ingredient is so valuable that it is not documented anywhere. It will ONLY be revealed on the day to participants!

Decide now, without hesitation to invest in The Killer Kopywriting System.

Someone may already be sitting in your chair.

It may be your competitor.

Ouch! That's gotta hurt!

Sorry about that…

You're spending time, money and energy promoting your business anyway - doesn't it make total sense to turn those trickling "streams" of revenue into gushing torrential Rivers of Revenue™?

Just one last thing – go to bed early the night before. At the Workshop, we're going to take the gloves off like never before, pushing peoples' buttons, EXPLODING constricted mindsets and reframing previously held misconceptions – You'll want to be fully rested or you'll get left behind within minutes and miss all the real fun and games!

When you sign up now, I will send you hand-picked bonuses to reward you for making the decision you know you want to make. The decision you can’t afford not to make BECAUSE you know it’s costing you money and more importantly, TIME.

I know that unless I give you a REASON to decide right now, life will get in the way. I know, I’ve been there, just like you – running around putting out fires like there’s no tomorrow.
That’s right – there is NO TOMORROW, because tomorrow never comes.

You have to make your decision TODAY.

As my gift for the decision you’ve just made, I will send you special bonuses that will take all the risk out of the decision for you BEFORE you even attend the Workshop even though we have a no-questions-asked-we’ll-give-you-a-100%-refund-if-you-are-not-totally-and-absolutely-convinced-this-will-work-for-you-in-your-business guarantee.

I will send the first of the bonuses within the next 2 minutes.

The BONUSES are NOT the reason to sign up – you NEED to sign up because you NEED to stop wasting your money and time on ineffective marketing.

The BONUSES are dessert you get to eat BEFORE the main meal.

Eskae Jeweller

Komponent #2: Part One - Killer Konversations Workshop

Killer Konversations™ Workshop

This fully interactive workshop starts days before you step into the workshop room with Pre Program Preparation that requires you submit ACTUAL ads, e-mails, direct mail, brochures or pamphlets you intend to use for peer review by other workshop participants.

Each participant must give feedback based on Killer Kopywriting principles which means that you’ll receive 10, 20 or even 30 variations of feedback on each of your 3 submissions.

This exponential twist alone is worth the price of admission, but this is only the beginning of this workshop!

During the all-day event, each item submitted is analysed, dissected and criticised by Killer Kopywriting master � Dr Marc Dussault. The critique is not only focused on the words used, but the conversation that is being initiated, developed and undertaken with suspects, prospects and clients within your Pathways To Profits.

Pre Program PreparationOften, you are having the wrong conversation with the wrong person, at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.

Killer Konversations is about:

  • Initiating a conversation with people who want to hear what you have to say.
  • Engaging the recipient of the initiation into a dialogue to progress to the next phase of the conversation, be it information, education, clarification or transactional (sales) considerations.
  • Allowing the recipient the opportunity to self-select as a suspect, prospect or client willingly and knowingly into a variety of pathways suited to his or her predispositions and tastes.
  • Enabling interaction and exchanges between the recipient and you or your staff in more efficient and effective ways that are both more profitable for you but also more entertaining and enjoyable for the recipients.
  • Optimising the transactions with recipients in a planned, systematic yet personalised manner that can be monitored while creating greater rapport and interaction with them.

If you don’t learn these skills, you risk:

  • Figuratively SCREAMING at people who don’t want to and will never buy from you.
  • Losing most of the sales you’ve primed that your competitors pick up quickly and easily because you’ve done all the heavy lifting… with no reward for you!
  • Wasting countless hours with time-wasting tyre kickers that either don’t end up buying or worse buy and then cost you a fortune to handle with their never-ending questions and requests!
  • Investing more and more money in human resource staffing to make even less profit BECAUSE your marketing, pre and after sales costs are prohibitively expensive.
  • Losing face and your reputation by not meeting an ever-more diverse and demanding client base that has you scrambling and burns you out.

Killer Konversations is the exponential marketing Twist of the Kube you’ve come to expect from the The Exponential Growth Strategist � Dr Marc Dussault.

This revolutionary workshop goes way beyond the words and into the hearts and minds of your audience so you can become the conductor for your orchestra of products and services and present it as a symphony that is music to your suspects, prospect and clients’ ears.

This workshop ensures that you create a performance that will not only produce standing ovations, but requests for encore performances that are necessary for any strong business to thrive.

Much, much more than a “how to write great sales copy workshop”, this utterly unique approach introduces you to Pathways To Profits and Management By Metrics, the cornerstone concepts of Exponential Marketing Strategies that produce exemplary results that defy logic and will have your competitors scratching their heads, oblivious to your secret almost magical appeal.

The streams of consciousness offered LIVE and INTERACTIVELY within the workshop are notorious and priceless for its recipients, an added bonus that sometimes gets captured on film.

Engineering Firm Gets 239
Applicants To Fill Position!

Hi Marc

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the recent Seek ad that you edited for me. The results were amazing!!

  • 14,430 Viewed the Summary of the ad on SEEK
  • 1,136 Viewed the full ad
  • 239 applied for the position

Plus as you know, we had people go through our new website page you set up. Historically, we had less than 100 apply for a position like this. So you can imagine how THRILLED we are!

Warm Regards,

Jocelyn Donovan

Komponent #2: Part Two – Kreating Killer Kampaigns Workshop

This is a must-attend component of the Killer Kopywriting System simply because without a systemised approach to deployment, even the very best copy will fall on deaf ears unless…

… unless there is a proven, tried and tested methodology to ensure every cent of your marketing dollar converts to new leads or more sales.

In this day and age of information overload combined with the ever-growing number of NEW media channels (websites, blogs, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Linked In, etc.) it’s no wonder it’s getting harder and harder for small businesses to get any message through the ‘cacophony of chaos’.

Simply put, without Killer Kampaigns, most SME businesses cross their fingers with a ‘hit and miss’ approach to direct mail campaigns, traditional media advertisements (newspapers and local flyers) and other marketing initiatives.

On average, most small businesses waste up to 64%
of their marketing with little or no result to show for it

During this 3-hour hands-on workshop, you will learn:

  • The #1 mistake most inexperienced businesses make with their marketing campaigns.
  • How to design your next campaign to practically GUARANTEE more than 100% ROI.
  • The 3 things you must do to avoid sending out a total ‘dud’.
  • Tips from multi-million dollar direct mail experts you can use for campaigns that cost less than $500!
  • How to double a campaign’s result with this one simple strategy.

Still sitting on the fence? Not sure if this is for you? Here are some recent Killer Kampaign results:

  • 16 inactive clients re-activated with ONE direct mail letter, pumping $6,000 of cash into the business in 30 days. (Previous attempt yielded 0 responses).
  • Another simple low-cost ($45) campaign generated $1,245 in 3 days… Ka-Ching!
  • A FREE online strategy increases website visits by 350% and nets $12,000 within the first month and an additional $4,400 the next month.
  • Another SIMILAR FREE Internet strategy produces 7 new leads and $3,200 in cash sales within one week.
  • A simple promotion doubles sales on the quietest day of the week, turns a $10 cost into a $600 net profit with less than 10 minutes of effort.

But as so many business owners recognise, marketing is not just about sales and profits. Often, it’s about reinforcing your brand and positioning within your industry or marketplace. Imagine…

  • Having top-quality prospective employees requesting to work for you – that means you always have a security blanket if a staff member leaves.
  • Receiving unsolicited requests from prospects that want to buy from you. Yes, you read that correctly. I mean it - people literally contacting you from out of the blue requesting quotes and proposals with no intention of asking for competitive bids because you’re the only one they want to work with.
  • Turning off your expensive Google Adwords™ campaigns because your organic traffic surpasses your Pay Per Click results. Psst! This means your NEW leads are absolutely FREE!
  • Getting interviewed on TV or the radio to become your industry’s spokesperson - the person that everyone wants expert advice from and can charge a reasonable premium for… You can do the maths of what that can mean to your bottom line!

A unique first-time-ever opportunity to learn how to make the most of your marketing budget even if it’s only a few hundred dollars.

Consultant Nets A 100% Increase In New
Leads PLUS 335% More Webinar
Attendees With Her First Killer Kampaign™!
Karen Bonanno

“When my database had 157 prospects, I had 42 registrations and 17 people attend my webinar.

Using what I learned at the Killer Kopywriting Workshop, I placed a ‘hot topics’ opt-in on the registration page and my new campaign increased my database to 322 with 109 registrations and 57 attending my webinar!

All it took was creating a good landing page and including relevant parts of it in my email – thanks Marc!”

Karen Bonanno
Consultant Eskae Jeweller

Komponent #3: Killer Keywords Google MasterClass

Komponent #3: Killer Keywords Google MasterClass

  • A 1-page AdWords campaign flowchart that tells you exactly how to build your campaigns step-by-step and what it needs to "look like" for maximum performance
  • Proven ad-writing secrets that will skyrocket your Click Through Rates (CTR) and conversions (changes as little as one punctuation mark can make a surprisingly big difference...)
  • Real case studies and metrics revealed!
  • Why filling your ads with BENEFITS might be the quickest way to go broke... IF you choose the wrong kind of benefits
  • One smart tool that tells you how to interpret the results of ad tests (Psst! Without this tool, you are flying blind and will do what most advertisers do... run LOWER-performing ads instead of your BEST ones.)
  • How to generate huge, laser-targeted keyword lists so you can get MORE clicks for a lot LESS
  • The simple (paint-by-numbers) guide to the different types of TRACKING available -- how to set it up and make sense of the results without the use of a dictionary or thesaurus!
  • Why the VAST majority of AdWords advertisers are pumping BILLIONS of dollars into Google's Bank account through sheer ignorance (and how you can give Google a "pay cut" without compromising your results)
  • The difference between the SEARCH and CONTENT networks -- and when to use each one
  • Why you should be very careful when relying on Google's "helpful hints" when optimising your account
  • The truth about QUALITY SCORE -- the little-understood metric that can kill your results without you even knowing it
  • How to turn an "average" or marginal AdWords account into a predictable cash money-making machine in less than 30 days
  • Avoid the 10 ways inexperienced advertisers flush their money down the toilet

Komponent #4: Killer Kopywriting Kase Kritique

Komponent #4 Killer Kopywriting Kase Kritique

This component is as exponential as it gets. Several times a year, a ‘Kall For Kases is issued to all Platinum Program Members. Each Member registers to participate in the process, voluntarily.

Let’s say there are 10 participants.

  1. You Select 3 Kases you want to have Kritiqued.
  2. You make 10 copies of each Kase.
  3. You submit 3 Killer Kopywriting samples we call Kases printed in 10 copies each, in other words, 10 sets of 3 are sent to us, a total of 30 copies.
  4. We regroup all the submissions so that every participant gets 1 copy of all 30 Kases to Kritique.
  5. The 30 different Kases from the 10 participants are sent to each participant for them to be Kritiqued.
  6. You as a participant, Kritique all 30 Kases and then return them to us.
  7. We re-group all the Kases in reverse so that all the Kritiques for your Kases are sent to you.
  8. You receive 30 DIFFERENT Kritiques of your 3 Kases, in other words 10 different Kritiques for each Kase so that you end up with approximately 100 separate and different suggestions, amendments, modifications and improvements based on Killer Kopywriting principles to make your next promotion, advertisement, direct mail piece or landing page a phenomenal success.
  9. You hear the cash register… Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching!

Talk about totally and utterly EXPONENTIAL!

Komponent #4 Killer Kopywriting Kase Kritique™

Komponent #5: Killer Kopywriting Kases Binder

Komponent #5 Killer Kopywriting Kases Binder

Every once in a while, you come across fantastic ads, landing pages, direct mail pieces and other great ideas for your marketing and sales. Copywriters have been using the concept of a ‘Swipe File’ that we’ve branded as Killer Kopywriting Kases.

The binder is specifically designed to help you store and retrieve a variety of great marketing and sales samples and examples.

Throughout your tenure in the Platinum Program, Exponential Programs as well as other Platinum Members will be sending you Kases that are relevant to you.

The basic premise of this binder is to STOP reinventing the wheel. Taking a great idea someone else has created and making it your own with an exponential twist or adaption just makes sense and is much more productive and efficient � and yes it’s exponential.

This binder is special in its design with permanent see-through plastic pockets to ensure that elements of your priceless collection never go ‘walkabout’…

As you can see from these Komponents of the Killer Kopywriting System take this skill to a whole new level. This holistic and all-encompassing approach is vitally important to achieve the results you want in your business or website.

BEWARE of other programs and products that only deal with one Komponent of Killer Kopywriting - we know that to achieve extra-ordinary results, a global approach is optimal giving you the best results with the least amount of effort and lowest cost.

Komponent #6: Killer Kopywriting Kue Kards

Komponent #6 Killer Kopywriting Kue Kards

This is one of the most valuable Komponents of the Killer Kopywriting System. It’s a collection of 58 cards that identify the words, phrases and statements that will appeal to each different suspect, prospect and client profiles.

Each Kue Kard has a detailed description of the profile so you can quickly and easily determine if it’s appropriate for your particular target audience. It also includes individual Keywords to use, short statements as Key Komments and additional, longer Killer Kontent phrases and sentences.

Each Kue Kard is printed back-to-back with an opposing profile, making the ‘short list’ selection of profile parameters super easy. For example someone is either Proactive or Reactive, so these are printed opposite each other.

One of the most valuable features of the Kue Kards is that space has been purposefully made available in each section so that as you acquire and expand your vocabulary and syntax, you can add your own words and phrases to each relevant card, so that it grows and evolves with you over time.

To top it all off, each profile includes Killer Kampaign suggestions to optimise your marketing time and budget for that particular profile.

With the Killer Kopywriting Kue Kards in hand, you can write copy that will resonate with your audience, moving them to action improving your communications, increasing your conversions and building closer rapport than ever before.

The beauty of this system is that it’s not a one-size-fits all cookie cutter, rather a template to make your business copywriting faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

We all know that it’s hard to start writing staring at a blank page. That’s why these Kue Kards are so precious. All you need is a concept, theme or idea. Then, you simply take out the Kue Kards and select (only) the ones you know apply to your target audience.

With all the suggestions on the Kue Kards, the ideas will start to flow fuelling your inspiration effortlessly eliminating any chance of getting writer’s block!

This collection is 20 years in the making. I wanted to create this  product ever since I launched my first direct mail campaign back in the early 1990’s. I knew then that there must be a better way to avoid starting from scratch each and every time copy needs to be written.

This is it! The better way to write copy that sells.

  • Copy that motivates people to action.
  • Copy that inspires people to connect with you.
  • Copy that builds rapport and a sense of community and belonging.
  • Copy that improves your response rates.
  • Copy that allows you to tell your story effectively and persuasively.

If you plan to write more than 10 emails, brochures and/or pamphlets in the next 12 months, you simply can’t afford to ‘go it alone’ without your own Killer Kopywriting Kue Kards.

I would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution of Daniel Lizurek, of Fast Profits, a graduate of the Killer Kopywriting Workshop and professional copywriter who assisted me with this exhaustive undertaking.

I also want to thank a handful of my clients who helped proof read the very first edition of the Kue Kards.

The Killer Kopywriting System is about having fun (again) running your business, doing out-of-the-ordinary things (but not over-the-top) that create extra-ordinary results (yeah!) with the least amount of effort (phew!) and lowest cost (Ka-Ching!).

If that appeals to you, you’re open to consider the possibility.

The possibility that this stuff actually could work for you.

The possibility that you could have your cake and eat it too.

The possibility that you get control of your destiny once and for all.

The possibility that this is the turning point you’ve been wanting.

The possibility that you’re good enough, worthy enough… of “more”.

The possibility that it can and will become reality… right now.