The Website Exponential Hot Seat™

Over 20 years of meticulous study, observation and modelling, Dr Dussault has honed the craft of the HotSeat adding his own flair to the process with the “yes, but no” declaration and the phenomenon of “Twisting the Kube™” to get Kaleidoscopic Killer Kombinations™ that produce mind-twisting value out of thin air so quickly that you don’t want to blink in case you miss it!

An Exponential Website Exponential HotSeat™ is like a ‘firewalk’ for your website, by someone who knows the right path and will be respectful but ruthless in the pursuit of the key distinctions that will make all the difference. It can be startling, ego-shattering, embarrassing, even humiliating having everything you’ve been doing for months (maybe years!) completely ripped apart and dissected right in front of you! But then all the pieces of the puzzle are masterfully re-assembled and crafted into elegant, beautiful and massively powerful strategies right in front of your very eyes.

A HotSeat™ is the fastest way to learn the most valuable [priceless] lessons in minutes instead of weeks, months or years. You can’t come out of a HotSeat™ the same person you went in. It’s that massively powerful.

Hot Seat
Hot Seat

“Hot Seat Participant Engineers His Success Plan”

Gavin AltusHi, this is Gavin Altus from Engineering Education Australia.  Two days ago I was sitting in the Hotseat at Dr Marc Dussault’s Business Building Bootcamp. It was simply an amazing experience. In fact what a gift to be 1 of the 3 of us sitting there in front of the room, as Marc fired away with questions, digging deep into my business and pulling out the detail and information that was needed to establish exactly what was holding us back. 

Talk about breakthroughs!  It all happens within an hour and it is very intense; it’s exponential, and if you play full on you will get an absolute maximum result because only Marc can draw that information out within that solid block utilizing the ideas from everybody in the room. 

Yes, you do feel a bit vulnerable at the front but as Marc says, if you are developing the exponential mindset and you play full on, and led by the master himself, we certainly had our breakthrough. Now with clarity and confidence we’ll be able to implement that for massive results back in the business.

I thank you Marc, and I thank everybody that contributed.  And certainly if you get the opportunity to experience this, it’s better than you will ever imagine.  Thank you.

Gavin Altus
Engineering Education Australia

“Hot Seat Participant Transforms Himself And Therefore His Company”

Michael O’BrienHi, I’m Michael O’Brien from Epago Group; that’s E-p-a-g-o.  I was fortunate enough to attend the Bootcamp and in a way blessed to be a participant in the Hotseat.  And I don’t know what you’re doing now but just stop what you’re doing and please listen because if you’re serious about your business, serious about your life, and serious about your family and impact that a session like this can have on it, please, please look at participating.

And if you really want to know what your business is, or what business you’re in, why you’re in business, be challenged on what you offer, and get to the root of what’s the key best thing that you need to do now, or the next best thing you need to do now, by God, just whatever you do get in the Hotseat.

Yep, like me you’ll probably be embarrassed and you’ll be a bit scared.  I didn’t sleep that well the night before.  In the morning I got up before the Bootcamp, it was like the morning of a Grand Final; you’re pacing around the room, you’ve got butterflies and you think, God what have I bloody well done here by sticking my hand up?  But at the end of the day you look yourself in the mirror, if you’ve got any doubts look yourself in the mirror and say, Michael, or whoever you might be, who is holding my business back?  And the answer is… you know, staring you straight back in the face.

So I went through the experience; it was for an hour, some of you might go through a 2 hour session, and all I can say is, grow the balls and put your head up and buddy have a crack at it, because I found it was a business changing session but also a very humbling experience for me personally.  When you look out in the room and you look around, all these people want to do is help you develop, grow and get better at your business.

So as I said, it was at the end of the session it was a very humbling experience to know that there’s all these other people out there have gone through or are going through the same sort of things as you but at the end of the day their focused intent and putting up a lot of ideas can actually help you improve your business so it certainly has the ‘wow’ factor. 

And if I can just leave you with one thing, if you have any doubts at all about having a crack at this, as I said at the start if you’re serious about business and the impact that your business and the positive impact that your business can have on your life, your outlook and especially your family, can I be as blunt in saying, get off your ass whoever you are and goddamn get into that bloody Hotseat.  You’ll never regret it.


Michael O’Brien
Epago Group