ATTENTION PROFESSIONALS: Leverage an otherwise back-breaking effort-based business or career into a seamless, value-filled relationship-building that will have you on the career fast-track getting promotions and job postings faster than you ever thought possible.

ATTENTION ENTREPRENEURS: Turn a cash strapped shoe string marketing budget and marginally profitable business into a cashflow cash cow that will put you and your business in the spotlight without alerting your competitors!

ATTENTION SPEAKERS: Sorry, I am not going to teach you how to turn a red-eye, jet-lagged, taxi-filled, divorce-threatening career mistake into a crowd roaring, multiple encore, standing ovation millionaire lifestyle that will make your successful friends jealous and your less accomplished peers green with envy. This event is NOT for wannabe public speakers. It’s for real business executives with real jobs and responsibilities.

Dear fellow super achiever,*

Dr Marc Dussault

Few people know that even though I am a polished, experienced professional speaker and presenter, I became a public speaker quite reluctantly... not because I wanted to get on stage and perform, but because I wanted to out-sell my colleagues and competitors with a fraction of the effort and cost.

But to put it bluntly – I always want to take the fastest and shortest way to make the most money with the least amount of effort.

When I started as a digital reprographics specialist (printer), I wanted to sell to more people in less time, for a fraction of the cost of other sales and marketing strategies. I embarked on a systematic quest to perfect the art of profitable prospecting which I now teach my most elite Platinum Members who pay me $49,995 to integrate this process in their Pathways To Profits™.

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Just in case you’re wondering where this skill set can lead you, I’ll reveal how:

  • I created a sales funnel of prospects that was 30 TIMES bigger than the company I worked for had ever seen in its 26-year history. Just in case you’re thinking these are  worthless leads – think again. The CONVERSION rate was within ONE DECIMAL POINT of the company’s global average. It meant that 3 of us in Australia out-performed all 90 of our colleagues in the other 19 countries COMBINED… That includes the USA, UK, Japan, France, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Italy…
  • I sold printing for 10 years WITHOUT A SALESPERSON even though my competitors had 2, 3 or MORE sales people on salary… Can you image the MARGINAL COST difference? Plus I did all of this WITHOUT them ever knowing what I was up to – that’s called Stealth Marketing!
  • I became employee of the month/year and won multiple sales awards time and time again to make twice or more than my peers. I call that running up the ladder of success two rungs at a time!

Gavin Buckett

The Professional Protege Program involves 4 components:

Component #1:

The Exponential Business Building Bootcamp

3-Day Intense 36-hour Event

Many speakers on the circuit spend countless hours in hotels, motels, lobbies, taxis and conventions centres barely covering their costs let alone their travel time, trapped in an endless cycle of trying to make a go of it.

If you are a business entrepreneur, this 3-day event will reveal how you can leverage this within your arsenal of marketing and sales weapons – especially if you are cash-strapped with a shoe-string budget and are time poor and can’t get to all your prospects.

Within the 3-day immersion, you will, if you're a career fast-tracker discover how to literally turbo-charge your career and become the 'go to person' that gets all the best postings, the biggest budgets and most responsibility, authority and of course prestige. Psst! You might even get the corner office with the view!

Dr Marc Dussault speaking at the 2007 Bootcamp

Component #2:

Unleash The Speaker Within 2-Day Intense 24-hour Event

Day One: From Spectator To Speaker – How to get out of your seat and walk up to and command the stage is a process that can be learned and mastered.

  • The Fundamentals – You’ll learn the essential practical skills to present and communicate in a way that commands attention and respect, and gets results - quickly and effectively including a complete checklist of speaking “do’s and don’ts”.
  • Speaking OptionsWhat sort of speaker do you want to be?  What’s your niche? What are the options available to you? What are the pros and cons of each? 
  • Speaking Spotlight Sessions – These practical sessions will get you to stand up and speak in front the group of people with confidence, power and without fear – even with very little preparation. Over the course of the 2 days, you’ll get to work on your presentation style and content to improve it.
  • Stage Fright – Nervous about speaking? Get over it! using this simple 4-step, state-changing technique which will ensure you use your voice as a powerful tool to sound conversational, yet authoritative, so your message gets taken seriously and acted upon.
  • Brand and Persona – ‘The  Look’ you create is more important than you realise and you only get ONE opportunity to make a first impression.  Learn how to use your look as an extension of your personal brand – your Persona.  Failure to consider this can mean an unsuccessful launch or unprofitable speaking career.

Day Two: From Speaker to Superstar – How to create an enigmatic persona that will create a groundswell of support and never-ending profitability

  • Stage Anchoring – This key technique that will take your average or mediocre communication skill level into the realm of becoming a masterful speaker and powerful presenter so you get your message across in a compelling and memorable way will set you apart from your competitors and colleagues.
  • State Management – Learn how the real deal ‘Rockstar’ performers get in the zone before they hit the stage – trust me, you can do it too! You’ll learn to hit the stage at level 40 out of 10 so you can ‘instantly’ command and lead the room,
  • The Powerful Opening & Memorable Close - how to master the art and magic of metaphors and storytelling to deliver unforgettable openings and closings that make people cling to every word you say, and do exactly what you ask.
  • Sensational Stories and Memorable Metaphors - Everybody wants to be a leader and the truth is in today’s market Leadership in all fields today requires you to be an outstanding story teller, whether you have an audience of 1 or 1000, you must be able to tell your story convincingly as well as use metaphors persuasively.
  • Professional Pre-eminence – Develop and project your own unique Persona that will set you apart from your competitors and colleagues, whilst developing your ‘authentic voice’, which is the hallmark of all organisational leaders and spectacular speakers.

This unique 2-day event is paramount if you want to exponentially leverage an otherwise back-breaking effort-based sales effort into a seamless, value-filled relationship-building profit stream that will have suspects and prospects coming to you like bees swarming the hive!

Component #3:

12 -Month Silver Business Mastery
Massive Momentum Membership™

Silver Internet Mastery Momentum Membership

The Silver Business Mastery Massive Momentum Membership™ combines all the necessary elements you need to get your speaking activities going and growing properly from day one. Weekly exercises will make sure you follow up and follow through on your curriculum throughout the year. 

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Component #4:

12 -Month Silver Internet Mastery
Massive Momentum Membership™

Silver Internet Mastery Momentum Membership

The Silver Internet Mastery Momentum Membership™ combines all the elements you need to build an automatic online cash-flow money-making system. Delivered electronically over 12 months, each element has been specifically chosen to leverage your speaking, transforming them into information products that can be sold 24/7/365 while you sleep.

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Plus These Additional Bonuses!

  • You’ll launch your first YouTube video at or following the Unleash The Speaker Within Event
  • You will receive Pre Program Preparation™ and Post Program Planning™ emails that include documents, lists and templates to make sure you have everything you need to Unleash The Speaker Within You.
  • You'll have a great time, meet other like-minded winners who are just as committed to their careers and businesses as you are.

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Join me at this incredible event that is GUARANTEED to make you sweat with trepidation as well as shiver with excitement!

It’s been said that many people fear public speaking more than DEATH… what they don’t know is that once you’ve not just tamed, but conquered that fear – your life changes on so many dimensions…

Contact us now to book into this exclusive program. Due to the interactive components of the program, participation in the Professional Protege is strictly limited a select group of people who want to take the next step in their professional development.

Call or e-mail us while this opportunity remains available. Your future audiences are looking forward to hearing you as you propel yourself and your results…

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Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault

Dr Marc Dussault


* If you’re not a super-achiever, this program is just not for you. I don’t mean any disrespect, but it’s not. If Exponential Marketing Strategies are steroids for your business or career, public speaking is pure profit adrenaline.

Just like in sport, there are countless spectators, many athletes who get on the field to play, but there are only a select few who become champions.

This program is for you is you’re one of the select few who wants to become a leader, a champion of business and regain control of your career if your are in the corporate world or get back in the driver’s seat of you financial destiny as an entrepreneur.

This program is for you if are bold and brave or feel the drive to step up and become more adventurous and stretch yourself to claim what’s been out of your reach until now…

This is not for you if you’re mild or timid.

You must, deep down in your gut, believe in yourself and know that with the proper training, assistance and guidance that you are up to becoming more than you are --- that self-belief is really the ONLY pre-requisite for the program.

The rest can be learned.