Persuasive Presentation Principles

This workshop will introduce the concepts of persuasion and influence developed by a hand-picked selection of masters including, but not limited to Dr Robert Cialdini, Herb Cohen and Gerry Spence with the focus on using persuasion and influence skills within the arena of public speaking.

As you’ve come to expect from Exponential Programs, this is not a simplistic ‘how to speak’ seminar. The all-new content will explore seminal works and their role in crafting your next presentation as a masterpiece of persuasiveness and influential candour that will mesmerise your audience.

The facets to be covered in this workshop include:

  • Basic persuasion and influence skills for the novice public speaker to get comfortable on stage.
  • Establishing the foundations for compelling and engaging storytelling well beyond the standard recommendations you’d find elsewhere.
  • Why negotiation skills are important in public speaking especially when multiple stakeholders will be in the audience.
  • How the recency effect, escalation behaviour and reciprocity can affect your audience’s receptiveness and engagement to your message.
  • A potpourri of examples will be sprinkled throughout the presentation as an example of the use of humour and light-hearted content with dramatic real examples that hammer home the need to acquire these public speaking skills.
  • A special section on “__________” will be the twist you don’t expect that will bring this subject home for you in the legendary ‘exponential tradition’ of our events.
  • An interactive exercise has been devised to contradict and test your presuppositions about the need for agreement and removal of dissention.
  • A summary comparison of the FIRST DRAFT of the Powerpoint slides used for this seminar will be shown as a precursor to the “Turbocharging Your PowerPoint Presentations” workshop.

This workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to become more persuasive and influential in their job, career, personal relationship, in sales or as a public speaker.

A reading list will accompany the course content, but no Pre Program Preparation™ is required. This workshop is all-inclusive in its design and delivery.