Take your Next Best Steps™ using the latest, ‘cut-to-the-chasemindset-shifting exponential strategies to turbo-charge your profits, re-invent your career, get in control of your life and start building the ULTIMATE future you want and deserve - in less than 4-short-days!  

Dear super-achiever:

If you want to think big and kick ass in life and in business then you need to check out the latest tools, strategies and short-cuts that will be shared behind-closed-doors at the upcoming Advanced Business Mastery event.

You’ll discover the key organising principles reinforced with peak-performance secrets which have helped some of Empowernet’s speakers and coaches create more than $300 million in revenue and capital gain value for themselves and their partners.

In just 4 short, power-packed days, you’ll discover more ideas on how to increase your take-home income than you’ve learnt in the last 10 years COMBINED!.

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The next Advanced Business Mastery event will be held in Sydney from the 10th to the 13th of May, 2010.

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“Imagine finally finding all the missing pieces
to turbo-charge your profits in your
current business or to build a
brand new online/off line profit channel…”

If you’re tired of merely being busy, and producing nothing near your true potential or are currently working for a ‘psychotic’ boss you need to come and see what we do at the Advanced Business Mastery, it will blow your socks off!

It’s your ULTIMATE licence to print $money$ on demand.

  • Even if you’ve never run/managed a business in your life…
  • Even if you think you couldn’t sell a bottle of water to a group of thirsty tourists in the middle of a desert…
  • Even if the cash-flow in your business has hit rock-bottom…

Are you a champion, enthusiast
or an amateur entrepreneur?

In life, as in business there are some hard-rules you need to follow. If you want to produce exponential results consistently, you must have the guts to face the facts look at your ‘compass’ then adjust accordingly to reach your ultimate destination.

Someone once said, “You can’t reach a target you can’t see.” You need to DECIDE how high you want to raise the bar for yourself. Do you want to be a champion, enthusiast or an amateur entrepreneur? Your answer to this question will determine what future/life you create for yourself in the next 5 years, 10 years and beyond.

“Show me the people you spend time with
TODAY and I’ll show you the future
you’re going to attract tomorrow…”

The difference between where you are TODAY and where you could/should be by now is a matter of a few simple distinctions or connections you can’t see – YET

It’s the GAP that gets bigger and bigger for most people.

Most people are farther from their goals TODAY than they were YESTERDAY. The question is, what are you doing today to live a better life tomorrow? Are the people you spend most of the time with, living the life of your dreams? Are they the ROLE MODELS who can help you be more successful?

Because the truth is that you become like the people you spend most of the time with.

That’s the truth. You must face the facts before you can take Your Next Best Step™ and close the gap to make up for lost time.

That’s why you must reserve your seat at the upcoming Advanced Business Mastery event. Simply because you’ll meet, MasterMind and collaborate with people who are living your dream life RIGHT NOW. While many of your ‘friends’ are full of EXCUSES, these people are consistently producing exponential results RIGHT NOW, day-in, day-out.

“Come and check-out the ‘secret-weapons’
successful entrepreneurs are using TODAY
to reach BOLD goals that ‘paint’
most people GREEN with envy…”

If you’re still not where you should be by know, it’s probably because you don’t leverage the concept of the MasterMind to your personal advantage.

Nearly every great achievement or massive fortune in history has been the product of a team of minds united in achieving the same, pre-defined goal. The American Declaration of Independence was the result of a MasterMind group, so was man's first powered flight, as well as man's first flight into space and subsequently the moon.

The MasterMind principle is simply stated as "No two minds ever come together without creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind".

You see, the MEGA RICH understand the importance of regular, on-going MasterMind immersion and so they spend time with other sharp minds on a regular basis. No man has done it alone; think of Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson. These successful giants are living examples that if you want to reach extraordinary results, you must pick other people’s brains. People who are smarter than you and more experienced. People who are where you WANT to be and HAVE been where you are right now. It makes sense when you think about it.

They can teach you a few street-smart tips, tricks and techniques, just the way you can teach your little boy or girl how to ride a bike. The point is that we all learn by EXAMPLE. Whose example are you currently trying to imitate?

Less than 50 fortunate, profit-hungry and ambitious super-achievers will ‘draw’ the exact BLUEPRINT they need to move in leaps and bounds in 2010 – are YOU going to be one of them?

You can’t do it all on your own, otherwise you’d already be successful. If it hasn’t happened in the past 10-15 years, what are your chances it’s going to happen anytime soon? Right now, you’re racing against the clock and it’s time to start winning. There is no more time to lose.

If you want to leave a legacy for yourself, one that your family would be proud to talk about… one that would motivate others to a higher level of achievement and action… You need to become a leader in your field and in your industry. Since your competitors are tough, profitable, formidable players how can you expect to win against them empty-handed?

From a loss to an $80,000 surplus in 2 weeks

Are you hell-bent on taking the Next Best Steps™ in your business or personal life and achieve your financial goals in the shortest time possible, with the least amount of cost and effort…?

Two simple words could change your destiny forever. Just two. They are the reason why some are belting out success after success and others stuck in what I call the Vortex Of Mediocrity™.

You’ll never move past your current ‘sticky point’ unless it becomes a MUST for you to do so. Most people would ‘like’ to be successful, it’s something they would ‘like’ to do. Everybody wants to be successful. Everybody wants to do something meaningful with their life, but only a FEW achieve anything remarkable or meaningful.

You’ll never live the life you dream about unless you move beyond your current mindset.

“The thinking that got us to where we are is not the thinking that will get us to where we want to be.”
Albert Einstein

You see if you study closely all the super-rich, you’ll discover that for those people success has become a MUST. There was no other way and so, by The Law of Attraction, they have ultimately attracted what they focused on consistently.

If you’re THIS determined to take control of your life and destiny, you must reserve your seat at the upcoming Advanced Business Mastery event. You’ll discover strategies, tools and short-cuts from people who are successful TODAY.

“You either live a life of revolution by design or evolution by default.”
Dr Marc Dussault

You’ll learn all the ‘missing pieces’ you need to take charge of your business, your life and destiny. How can I/we be SO sure?

Simply because by reading THIS far, you’ve proven that you must be a high-achiever at heart.

What I also know is that the people you will get a chance to MasterMind with at the Advanced Business Mastery for 4 SOLID days, are super-achievers who have figured out what you obviously haven’t – NO OFFENSE INTENDED.

You will learn about the most devastatingly precise strategies to double your sales, triple your profits and shave off the hours you slave in the entrepreneurial ‘jail’ day in, day out. If you’re not in business, we’ll show you how to short-cut the learning curve and find a real money-maker in an industry you feel comfortable with.

Imagine tapping into the key success strategies of twenty-two thousand companies in over 640 industries and how they can help YOU in your business and YOUR career path…

Just one single exponential distinction could
get you on the fast track to your profit goals
past your current limiting ‘sticky point’
and help you make 2010 your best year ever!

Just one single distinction is the difference between an amateur and a pro squash player.

Just one single distinction is the difference between a street artist and a master painter.

Just one single distinction is the difference between a two-bit operator and a world-class entrepreneur.

Distinctions are those nuggets of wisdom that can make or break the success of a campaign, initiative or project. A distinction can unlock the windfall profits that are just waiting to pour out of your business and into your pocket or bank account. A distinction may be right there in front of you, under your nose. You can't smell it, feel it or see it. But it's there. Just waiting for you...

Belinda, a Melbourne-based Platinum Member used ONE distinction that made her $6,000 in 6 Days and then another to make an ADDITIONAL $10,000.

Caroline on the Sunshine Coast CUT her market budget by $600 and got a result that was 22 TIMES better from ONE SINGLE IDEA that in her own words didn’t even do it correctly!

Gavin, another Melbournian, turned $300 of Google Adwords into $17,000 practically overnight!

Isn’t it time someone wrote a testimonial like this ABOUT YOU?

Every time you’re stuck or hit that proverbial wall in your business or life, all you need is just one, single distinction (the right nudge) to keep making quantum leaps again. It could be just one power-packed sentence, but many times it’s just a few, carefully chosen words which, like the secret PIN code to your bank account, can unleash an avalanche of cash ON DEMAND.

Distinctions of success can only be extracted from those who are already successful. You car mechanic has no clue how to give you a good hair-cut… Your local baker cannot fix your car!

Doesn’t it make simple common sense to look for success among the rare few individuals who are living it, day-in, day-out RIGHT NOW?

That’s why you need to be at the Advanced Business Mastery event.

It will give you the chance to MasterMind with other super-achievers and help you stay focused and accountable so that you achieve your dreams in the shortest time possible.

“The reason WHY most people never reach
their absolute true potential…”

Keep in mind that most people never achieve their dreams. Simply because, they don’t emulate and collaborate with other super-achievers – people who attract success like a magnet.

You can’t achieve your dreams by occasionally thinking about your goals OR inconsistently doing what needs to be done OR depend on luck. Life doesn’t work that way.

“The life that gets in the way is not the life you want to be living.”
Dr Marc Dussault

You need to hold yourself to a higher standard or else risk slipping back into the abyss that’s filled with excuse-making failures that once had a mighty dream that somehow never turned into reality. You must shape, build and create your dreams and do whatever it takes so YOU don’t become a statistic.

To get to your destination in the shortest time possible, you need to check out what the MEGA SUCCESSFUL do that you don’t.

 “Your ‘SECRET WEAPON’ to bullet-proof
your business and future-proof with
profit-reinforcing strategies that work

As your market becomes more and more sophisticated, your competitors marginalise your advantage and the selling costs of transacting a purchase constantly go up --- You need to amass as many collaborative thinking partners (MasterMind) to explode your sense of possibility to stratospheric levels. The MasterMind is an ideal environment for fresh, profit-churning ideas to be born, deciphered, elegantly articulated and implemented.

It’s not to say that you wouldn’t figure out how to become successful all by yourself. But as you struggle looking for the right path, others who are not necessarily smarter than you are living the life you can only dream about right now.

YOUR MINDSET - the reason ‘WHY’ you’re still not where you should/could be by NOW

The reason WHY most people never reach their absolute best potential…

…They don’t emulate or study wealthy people, they emulate and mix with others who are in the same financial trouble as they are.

This simple distinction could save you many years, thousands of dollars and much pain, frustration and worry… when you really think about it and are totally honest with yourself.

Many under-performing business owners have a limiting mindset that keeps them stuck. They think there is nothing they can’t do and NOTHING they can’t figure out by themselves. They want to learn everything alone hoping it’s going to save them some money.

That’s poverty thinking that, if not removed, in time will throw you into the abyss of helpless stagnation. It’s called being penny-wise and pound foolish.

Let me be totally upfront and DIRECT. There’s no time to waste since it’s costing you money as we speak!

Every minute, hour and day you don’t use the secrets of the MEGA RICH is costing you money. Money that is going down the drain. Money that could be flowing INTO instead of OUT of your bank account.

The Advanced Business Mastery event is not a 4-day lecture or listening how others got mega-rich, though occasionally you’ll hear a personal story that’ll inspire you. It’s non-stop delivery of the secrets, strategies, short-cuts and tools they use regularly, TODAY to make hundreds of thousands of dollars BOTH online and offline.

The Advanced Business Mastery event is everything you need to double your sales, triple your profits and work LESS in your business in 2010!

In less than four days, you’ll be able to EXECUTE these strategies IMMEDIATELY in your business or understand what type of business you should start immediately to rake in maximum profits.

It’s the kind of stuff you can never discover by reading a book… or by downloading free e-books from the Internet or posting questions on online forums and seeking advice from other lost individuals who are just wasting your time and confusing you.

You MUST have FOCUS and clarity to succeed. Unfortunately, under-performing people cannot help you, just the way they can’t help themselves.

Imagine if a few little changes could attract double or triple the amount of leads you currently get. How much would that be worth to your bottom line?

$1,000 per month? $5,000 per month?... $25,000/month?

What if you could get hundreds of new prospects to show up at your door for FREE? What if that prospecting channel PAID you instead of YOU investing ‘hoping’ to make money down the line?

Imagine solving your financial problems in ONE DAY and focusing on something different, like booking a holiday instead of worrying about paying the bills…

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your hard-earned money on something that rewards you rather than losing money every day on ineffective marketing or promotions?

What would it be worth to you, your business and ultimately your lifestyle if all your written communications produced 10, 20 or even 50 percent greater response? Or if tweaking a few long-standing promotions created an IMMEDIATE boost in cash-through-the-door? It's actually not hard to do, once you know how AND HAVE A SYSTEM.

The Advanced Business Mastery is a one-off investment that will start to pay dividends today, tomorrow, next week and the week after that… for years and years to come.

A FOUR DAY Investment that pays off
for a lifetime of profits!

One last point. This is a Platinum Member Event – your ability to pay does not mean you can attend. We will confirm your eligibility BEFORE we accept any payment. Should you be accepted, 100% of The Advanced Business Mastery event fee will be credited toward your Platinum Membership should you wish to apply for Membership and be accepted.

There is NO Payment Plan for this event – it’s a full up-front payment with NO GUARANTEE. That’s how powerful it is. The Platinum Program has guarantees, but this event as part of the Program does not come with ANY GUARANTEE.

So there you have it – a VERY, VERY high bar has been set. Are you keen enough to jump that high? If not, this event is NOT for you. Only High Jumpers wanted!

“You either keep raising the bar or others will constantly lower it for you.”
 Dr Marc Dussault