Are you weighing the pros and cons of doing an MBA or the Platinum Program?

Or are you an MBA wondering if you have anything new to learn from the Platinum Program?

First and foremost, the Platinum Program Guarantees You’ll Make $3 For Every $1 You Invest Within Twelve to 24 Months – If You Qualify

First, let me state my bias upfront. I have an MBA and the equivalent of two PhDs – in entrepreneurship and ecommerce. I need you to know that before you read what I am about to say. I didn’t become financially independent at age 42 because of my MBA and PhDs… Read on if you want to hear it like it really is…

From Lehman Brothers, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns and AIG, the so-called Management Gurus in their ivory towers with their multi-million dollar inflated incomes, prestigious management degrees and extensive experience never saw it coming. These Masters of Disaster failed to put their finger on the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and now have their fingerprints forever imprinted on the annals of history and the largest financial fiasco ever witnessed in modern times.

In fact graduate MBAs are emerging haunted by a tag that brands them as Mediocre But Arrogant, Mighty Big Attitude, or Me Before Anyone and Management By Accident. Masters of the Business Apocalypse probably is more appropriate in an economy that spiraled totally out of control.

Mediocrity at an inflated cost

The Global Financial Crisis is a stunning and sobering testimony to the failure of leadership along the management hierarchy, but more importantly of the education provided by business schools.

Wouldn’t you agree that the business institutions that charge thousands churn out business leaders might feel some remorse at having failed? Not in the least! It’s business as usual, with the very same people trying to rein in the horse and fix the problem when the horse has already bolted out of the barn.

On the other hand take a look at some outstanding successes. Entrepreneurs who have etched their names in the history books, from Bill Gates of Microsoft, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google to Richard Branson,  Michael Dell and Lakshmi Mittal. There’s not an MBA between them.

Yet the management factories continue to proliferate, and business schools generate healthy returns. Approximately 500,000 people worldwide graduate annually with Masters Of Business Administration. Around 150,000 of those graduating in the United States go on to create their own management teams within global businesses.

The thought that’s probably running in your mind right now is “As an entrepreneur or business owner is business education just a waste of time? Will it actually damage the economic health of my business?

Imagine for a moment what would happen if doctors or lawyers wreaked such havoc in their professions. Medical and Law schools would have to overhaul their entire curriculum.

So why are the management factories sitting pretty?

Despite the economic downturn, applications to business schools continue to pour in. What are the applicants thinking? Gazing into the future it’s evident that MBAs are unlikely to be in such high demand. Forking out over $40,000 for a two-year MBA to acquire knowledge that is out of sync with the realities of modern business… the recovery process will be long and hard.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are now viewing the MBA degree with an increasing level of skepticism. They now question the value of a business degree that has led supposedly brilliant elite professionals, trained in every aspect of management, to cause such a devastating effect on the economy.

The catastrophic failure to deliver

Here’s why a management degree fails to deliver. It’s simple really. The curriculum of a university management degree does not train anyone how to think and act exponentially. Surprising, considering everything they teach you about business ‘functions’. You gain the confidence of expressing yourself with alacrity in meetings where people jabber on about ROIs and Product Life Cycles. And of course you will be able to create and justify a ten-year business projection without breaking a sweat. Often with disastrous results.

A Master’s degree in management gives you a complex set of procedures to approach and define a problem… but provides few practical tools for the solution. This is why some extraordinarily successful businessmen like Bill Gates and Richard Branson never bothered to go through the paces of a formal business education.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are increasingly frustrated by management institutions that use fees, bonuses and exorbitant salaries to extract value from the economy without providing any real, tangible value in return.

Most business schools have leadership programs where they teach ideas, not real life strategies. How can business school professors who have no experience in growing a business groom students to run businesses? Imparting theoretical knowledge intellectually is easy; showing students how it’s done is the true clincher! Entrepreneurs and business owners need coaching and tools to turn concepts into actionable results.

Look, don’t get me wrong – I have 5 university degrees – some have called post-graduate study as intellectual self-gratification (I don’t want to use the m-word!) and I have to admit they are not far off the mark.

The academic system teaches you how to reason, analyse and understand complex concepts and ideas, but what it fails to do miserably is turn that into an actionable plan that you can actually implement and deploy in your business / career.

Compare an MBA to our Business Mastery Platinum Program that is like an electrical apprenticeship or a car repair course that actually teaches you to fix an electrical fault or repair a car. Providing you with a user manual of exponential strategies that you can begin to apply immediately to out-perform and out-sell the competition.

This is where the Business Mastery Platimum Program delivers immense value. The program has been designed to get your brain cells hopping about in an espresso-like caffeinated induced state as you begin implementing strategies from the very first day to blow the competition away and race up the profit charts.

A Sunk Cost of $40,000 or a Guaranteed 300% Return?

The challenge most entrepreneurs and business owners face is to grow individuals with an emphasis on values, emotional intelligence and ethical behavior in business. Academic Management programs are theory-oriented in nature and use the traditional tools of conceptual learning that fail to address the crux of developing leaders – HOW TO SOLVE PROBLEMS practically, pragmatically and economically.

So, how you can get the maximum benefit out of every dollar you invest? The

Business Mastery Platinum Program has been designed to guarantee results in your business. This is a program that lifts, shifts and challenges your thinking, beyond the ordinary. Your mind will push through barriers to effective thinking and venture into areas you did not even know existed.

You will be able to implement solutions that leave your competitors awestruck. Solutions that produce results whatever the state of the economy. The program will arm you with an arsenal of strategies for every conceivable business situation that can be implemented with the least amount of effort to help you emerge unscathed and victorious in your quest to dominate your marketplace – whatever it might be, local, regional, national or even global.

A formal business degree may provide you a few out-of-date tools to track your business results, but the Business Mastery Platinum Program is years (or even decades) ahead equipping you with cutting-edge tools (that change every few weeks and months) to focus on your bottom-line results with the precision of a laser beam. You will discover strategies to replace what isn’t working with cashflow-positive alternatives in minutes and hours rather than days, weeks or months.

Investing in the Business Mastery Paltinum Program gives you hands-on education that provides you with water-tight solutions irrespective of your niche, beyond the life of your business BECAUSE it focuses and expands YOUR capabilities, skills and aptitudes as a business person or entrepreneur.

So, whatever business you are in you’ll be able to tap into your resources like a magician picking an ace from a deck of cards each and every time. You’ll be able to ride out every twist, turn and dip in the market with the ease of a champion horseman breaking a wild bucking bronco.

The Business Mastery Platinum Program offers you value far beyond your investment. You will discover:

  • How to rewire your brain so that you begin thinking outside the square while keeping your feet solidly planted on the ground of commercial reality.
  • The art of working “on your business”, extracting yourself from the daily grind and seeking new avenues for growth.
  • Techniques to eliminate technical, strategic or marketing challenges that have caused your business growth to skid to a halt.
  • Closed door strategies and techniques not available in any business course that will give you the secret edge to compete as an entrepreneurial champion at the highest elite level.
  • The power of MasterMind Groups and how to tap into the resources of successful business owners to unleash Exponential Potential™ and Profitability in your business effortlessly.
  • The step-by-step process to massively leverage the power of the Internet using specific exponential growth strategies to explode the growth of your business beyond your comprehension.

… and much, much more.

But that’s not why you should select this over and MBA or following an MBA.

For every $1 you invest in the Business Mastery Platinum Program, we guarantee a $3 return. This is a whopping 300% return on your investment. Which university degree would ever think about safeguarding your investment by offering you a guarantee?

That’s why the Business Mastery Platinum Program wins hands down. In fact almost 1 in 4 Platinum Members have MBAs!

Decades of frustration or results within days?

How would you like to invest your money? Option 1. Sink over $40,000 in a business degree that gives you the prestige, but adds to your debts that promises nothing in return.

Or option 2. Invest in a program that guarantees a 300% return?

Imagine what your business will look like in a few years from now… or even a few months as you achieve quick wins in succession. Without the stress of hit and miss strategies that are well frankly a shot in the dark.

The Exponential Growth Strategies you will discover in the Business Mastery Paltinum Program have become legendary helping to grow more than 2,000 businesses in over 200 industries globally.

This is the only business course that reveals logical, viable and long-term strategies to out-smart, out-perform and out-strategize your competition with the least amount of effort GUARANTEEING THE RESULTS.

The content of the Business Mastery Platinum Program has been formulated to model decades of phenomenal success achieved by industry giants. Strategies that you as a bottom-line focused entrepreneur, can emulate and compress into days without the stress of going it alone.

Invest now or repent at leisure

In a business environment that’s ruthlessly competitive and spoils customers for choice, focusing on the bottom-line requires implementing strategies that will help you outmaneuver and outlast the competition.

When you implement the techniques you will uncover in the Business Mastery Platinum Program you will realise that the scales have tipped in your favour lifting your company way above the competition. You will dominate the market and your competitors will start to play by your rules. Can you image what that will feel like?

It’s time to fast-forward into the future and visualize your success. As the leader in your niche, you will think back to this very day, when you had the courage to make a decision and invest in your future. The day you started on your new Pathways To Profits™ as you determine your Next Best Step™ within the Parthenons Of Possibility™.

The Rivers Of Revenue™ (streams are just too small) lie before you. Invest now and unlock the gates to exponentially building your business, your career and your life as a business champion.

Please understand that I am a big supporter of traditional education – to learn how to learn, but when it comes to making a lot of money, establish a stunning career and having the lifestyle of a multi-millionaire – academia just doesn’t cut it.

I have told people with sincere honesty and integrity that I have made more money from my first 3-day Business Building Bootcamp with the legendary Jay Abraham that I have from my 2-year Executive MBA Program.

I probably never would have done my MBA had I attended the Bootcamp first, but I can’t go back and undo that.

If you want to do an MBA for intellectual stimulation and the ego reward of having the MBA after your name, fine. If you think for a second that will make you a millionaire – think again. Join the Business Mastery Platinum Program and you’ll be in a club of other millionaires and multi-millionaires now that’s a peer group that will hold you to a higher standard!