How to Devise an Agile Marketing Strategy

If you are running a start-up company, you might be trying to get your business off the ground with limited resources. This means that even if you want to promote your product to the best of your ability, you might want to forego a traditional marketing strategy for an agile marketing approach instead. While traditional marketing means that you have a plan and stick to it, agile marketing allows you to work in stages—testing different ideas before quickly going back and changing or adjusting your strategy.

There are many advantages of agile marketing—from allowing you to move quickly to be able to understand the ways in which customer desires can change, even from day-to-day. If this strategy is of interest to your team, it is worth reading the guide below for some inspiration.

Use Customer Relationship Management Software

Agile marketing is all about the customer. It’s not about devising a plan and sticking to it; it’s about understanding what the customer wants, monitoring how they respond to your plans and then adjusting them in real-time. To make sure that this is a success, it is absolutely essential that you install CRM software. This allows you to input customer reactions and to share them with different members of your team. This is combined with sophisticated analytics that allow you to see and analyze the data of your company. To be as successful as possible, it’s worth also investing in marketing planning software.

Use a Scrum Approach

Business management might seem straightforward on the surface, but the best companies in the world actually use a variety of different guiding philosophies in order to make sure that they are a success. One of the most famous approaches when it comes to agile marketing is a Scrum approach. It uses both an interactive and incremental approach, where the customer is always put first. It is also about being constantly communicative and transparent with their needs. By having this approach within your team, you will be able to put the customer at the center of your plan. To help you plan, make sure that you download’s marketing plan template to assist you with all your needs.

Have Daily Stand-Up Meetings

Taken from a similar philosophy to scrum management is the idea of daily stand-up meetings. What they both have in common is the idea of continuous improvement, rooted in the Japanese concept of Kaizen. Daily stand-up meetings—called a stand-up because they should only last five to ten minutes, made much easier by the fact that nobody can sit down—can allow you to cover the topics of the day, what’s working and what’s not, and any problems employees are having with their work.

The trick with these meetings is to make sure that they start and end all at the same time—which you can put in a marketing management software plan—and that they only cover the essential topics. This is because you don’t want meetings to run on without having actionable items on the agenda.

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