Tips To Boost Your Customer Service Ratings

Did you know that over 90% of consumers now check online reviews before making a purchase or contacting a business? If you run a company and you’re looking to boost your customer service ratings, this guide is packed with ingenious ideas. 

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Manage expectations

One of the main reasons customers mark businesses down is because they fail to match the client’s expectations. When you provide a service for customers or you sell products, it’s beneficial to manage expectations and to ensure that you communicate clearly and make promises you know you can deliver on. If you are offering next-day delivery, personalization or an emergency 24-hour call out service, for example, make sure you have the means to follow through. If you run out of stock, you don’t have the necessary logistics contracts in place to provide rapid delivery, or you don’t have sufficient staff to tend to urgent requests, there is a risk of letting customers down. Always aim to exceed customer expectations. 

Work with reliable suppliers and outsourcing partners

Many businesses depend on other companies or suppliers and distributors to provide the best possible service for their clients. Whether you run a cafe, a store, an organic farm, a construction business or a healthcare practice, it’s essential to make sure that you choose reputable, reliable suppliers and partners. From food products and gas oil to medical supplies and building materials, it’s crucial to have a stable, dependable supply chain in place. If you plan to outsource, it’s also essential to research agencies and companies thoroughly and to take your time to find the most suitable partners. You want partnerships to enhance your reputation and improve the service you provide. 

Use feedback

Customer feedback carries a lot of weight in 2021. Positive reviews can help you attract new customers but both good and bad comments can help you improve your business, address issues and make your brand more appealing to customers. Use feedback, listen to ideas and try to tackle any problems or complaints that arise promptly. Read comments and invite your customers to offer suggestions. This can provide a valuable insight into what your customers want and how they think you could take your business to the next level. 

Engage and communicate

Technology affords incredible opportunities for businesses to engage and interact with customers. As a business owner, you can build strong relationships, improve lead conversion rates and boost client retention through communication and customer support. Use personalized emails, social media and your website to get to know your clients, to share news and updates and to collect ideas and feedback. Ensure that your customers can contact you if they have questions or concerns, and provide a responsive service. Live chat is an excellent addition to your website and social media instant messaging can also facilitate open communication outside of normal working hours.  

Customer service is essential in an age where people are more likely to share reviews and recommendations than ever before. To boost your ratings, take these tips on board today. 

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