4 Best Emerging Trends to Give Your Business an Edge

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Recently, markets and industries have undergone monumental and dynamic changes. This includes omnichannel marketing, adoption of analytics, and uber targeting. And when the COVID-19 pandemic happened, it acted as an intensifier and accelerant. 

The markets are volatile, and the future of businesses is uncertain. But there are emerging trends that can scale your business to the global market. 

They include: 


E-commerce has been great, but the coronavirus pandemic accelerated its growth. In May 2020, global e-commerce sales reached a high of $82.5 billion, a 77% increase from 2019. E-commerce has lower running costs since you don’t pay for a physical store. 

E-commerce sites offer more promotions and discounts, making the price of commodities lower than traditional brick-and-mortar store prices. Consumers can easily order goods from the comfort of their homes.  

As a business owner, going online eliminates the need to employ more staff members. Marketing your business using social media platforms and Google Ads is much cost-effective than the offline advertisement. 

Selling online gives you access to customer data, which is inaccessible through traditional stores. You can get the client’s name, phone number, email address, demographic data, and consumer behavior. 

The internet opens your business to different niche audiences worldwide. This will boost your sales and increase revenue. Selling online means your business is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, throughout the year. 

Automation ensures the sale process is constantly flowing and clients can buy at any time, any day. 

Tap Into Blockchain 

In most cases, blockchain is associated with Bitcoin. Undeniably, Bitcoin introduced the world to blockchain technology. However, this is just one of the blockchain applications.

Blockchain technology has various applications, such as banking, mining, education, entertainment, and automotive.  There are also blockchain solutions to improve logistics and transport. With blockchain technology, the data cannot be deleted or altered. 

Blockchain can disrupt the existing business models and drive operational efficiencies. 

Contactless Payment Options

The social implications of Covid-19 limit in-person contacts. This has led to widespread contactless payment options. To put it in simple perspective, cashless payments have increased since the pandemic started. 

This mode of payment is faster and convenient than traditional cash transactions. Speedier transactions keep consumers happy, which may make them buy more. Going cashless will reduce hefty queues, especially during peak times. 

Mobile and contactless payments are convenient for clients. It eliminates the need for clients to find ATMs or head to bank halls for cash withdrawal. 

Remote Work on the Rise 

Both large and small businesses have shifted from a 9-5 pm working routine to a full-time remote work arrangement. Depending on your business, you can consider the remote work option. It’s convenient, cost-effective, and easy to operate. 

Remote work adoption comes with flexibility, which increases the morale of employees. With lower operating costs, the business will realize more revenue. 

The Bottom Line

The adoption of the best technology will give your business an edge in a competitive world. Newer concepts, technologies, and personalized approaches are meant to build better and solid relationships with clients. These trends enable businesses to focus on giving employees more flexibility and empowerment. 

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