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Even Though Everyone Loves Free Content,
There Is A Need For Premium Content At An Affordable Price

Let me tell you the story of how I got to this point.

It all started in 2008 when I started blogging. It was all new and exciting. Off I went creating extensive blog posts so people could get a ‘test drive’ of what Exponential Mindset Thinking™ is all about.Premium Blog Content, Business Growth Ideas, Business Coaching

4 years and more than 3,000 pages of content later, I now have 7 blogs with more than 50% of the content generated from readers and subscribers from dozens of countries across the globe.

In as much as the (free) blog posts are great, there are many opportunities for me to share even more (valuable) information with you.

  • Quick tips on costly mistakes to avoid.
  • Case studies and examples of the concept covered in the blog post that puts it into a practical and relevant context.
  • Links and other contact information that can help you apply the FREE information a little more quickly and easily in your business or career.
  • Templates, checklists and other useful tools to shortcut and insure a successful implementation.
  • Detailed step-by-step video and/or audio instruction so you know exactly what to do, in the proper sequence.

This premium content is in addition to the FREE content as a 100% optional value-add at less than $1/item.

With the bonuses included when you sign up as well as the special “Premium Content Member ONLY” promotions and specials, when all is said and done it’s expected that it will end up being free, but with your added commitment and engagement to the process.

This new Premium Content for Members ONLY is entirely optional

If you don’t feel it’s worth it, you can stop at any time. But you won’t know what you’re missing unless you get to look ‘under-the-covers’ so-to-speak.

New Premium Content will be offered from time to time on the Exponential Programs Business, Internet and Professional Coaching and Mentoring blogs in ADDITION to the free content that will continue uninterrupted.

Regular FREE Blog Content Will Continue “Business As Usual”

If you would like to subscribe to the Premium Content Member ONLY service, simply follow the instructions on the form, using either credit card or Paypal. Your credit card will show “Media Pass” as the biller, not Exponential Programs since Media Pass is the company handling the Premium Content Membership System.

I’ve been working with the staff at Media Pass for a couple of weeks now and I’m confident that their system will be dependable and they will continue to help and solve any problem that may come up. If you have any problems, contact us immediately.

Business Coaching, Business Coach, Business Mentoring, Business Mentor

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