4 Ways Covid Has Transformed Marketing for Small Businesses

There is no denying that the world changed upon the emergence of the Covid-19 virus. Sadly, both small businesses and more prominent, more established companies felt the brunt of worldwide lockdown measures. Every part of life and business was affected, and now, nearly 2 years later, the way we work has been fundamentally altered.

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This post looks at 4 ways Covid-19 changed marketing and what small businesses need to be doing to survive in a post-Covid world.

Increase in Digital Advertising

One of the most significant impacts of Covid-19 was the spike in digital advertising. As a result, many small businesses are now turning to social media and search engine optimization (SEO) to reach their target markets. Some even mention implementing augmented reality and virtual reality for more personalized marketing campaigns.

Digital advertising is no longer an option but a necessity for any company that wants to stay competitive in today’s marketplace and keep up with consumer demands and expectations. The benefits of digital advertising include the ability to target specific audiences, cost-effectiveness, and personalization. For example, you can use social media to promote your business by posting ads on targeted pages or groups frequented by people who could be potential customers for your products or services. SEO can also help position your company as a top search result when users enter relevant keywords into search engines like Google.

More Social Media Promotion

The use of social media in marketing increased dramatically after Covid-19. It’s estimated that there is over $144 billion spent on digital advertising every year, which is a staggering figure when you think how much this would have been before Covid-19.

Digital marketing has changed the way we live our lives in many ways, but one of the most notable changes is how it has altered the way people operate their businesses. Social media platforms are now used extensively by companies to promote themselves, highlights their work or show off their latest blog post. Ask a facebook ads agency to support your social media activity.

By using social media platforms effectively, small businesses can gain exposure and increase profits with little or no cost at all. Utilizing this tool saves money and time that could be used elsewhere for more creative endeavours.

Digital Events

With Covid-19 came the idea of live streaming and social media interaction during events.

Live streaming is no longer an option for businesses looking to expand their reach and interact with customers and potential customers during events. It’s now a must! There are many ways that companies can use this technology to their advantage:

  • Live stream your event for those who couldn’t make it in person
  • Allow attendees to share what’s happening at the event through live-streaming so visitors can see what’s going on
  • Use live streaming as a way to do product demos or other presentations
  • Share customer testimonials, pictures, videos, etc., through live streaming so visitors can see how much fun people are having at your event
Increased Video Marketing

Small businesses, in particular, will find that video marketing is an effective way to get their message out there. It is one of the fastest-growing mediums out there. Video marketing gives you the chance to take your business to another level by creating a personal connection with your audience. You can also use videos for training, so employees are well-versed in specific skills.

Videos are popular because they are easy to digest and can be watched at any time, on any device. They create a powerful message that is memorable and leaves viewers wanting more. The best part? Creating these videos doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Many software programs allow you to create professional-quality videos quickly and affordably easily.

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