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Social Media Losing Shoppers

As you must know by now, I am not a fan of Social Media Marketing. I think it’s a monumental waste of time, money and effort. I haven’t held back on this view and it’s simply because it doesn’t make any financial sense for small business to waste countless hours and in some case thousands of dollars on strategies that don’t work.

The research is just starting to come in that fewer shoppers are flocking to social media websites in search of deals and coupons, according to a study released Thursday by the National Retail Federation in the United States.

The number of consumers who reported following retailers on the likes of Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest fell to 51 percent from 58 percent  last year, according to the 2012 Social and Mobile Commerce Study.

I am not saying social media is dead, all I’m saying is that more and more businesses are realising that the inevitable point of diminishing returns is here.

As a small business, you have limited resources and cash. You want to make the most of it. Social media marketing is not where you should be spending it – that’s all I’m saying.

Want to know where you should invest your hard earned money to get your biggest bang for your buck?

Come invest 3 days with me at the Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp and you’ll learn how small businesses – just like yours are dominating their market places, growing when others are contracting and laying off staff.


Blogging For Small Business Interview

I was interviewed by Ludwina Dautovic for Red Tent Radio yesterday and I have to admit it was one of the most fun interviews I’ve done in a long time. We got started and before we knew it, the 40 minutes were up! We talked about blogging for small business owners. The interview will be released as a podcast in a few weeks, but before it comes out, I thought I’d take this opportunity to remind you that we’re staging a 4-hour Masterclass called “How to convert your online browsers to buyers” in Sydney and Melbourne on April 11th and 18th respectively.


CLICK THE HYPERLINK to download the Blogging For Small Business
Interview With Ludwina Dautovic on Red Tent Radio!

If you missed our exceptionally popular workshop “Business Blogging For Sales Lead Generation“, you’re in luck – it’s now available as a 4-hour webinar you can stream to your computer. A webinar is great because you can stop, pause and rewind to make sure you don’t miss any important details.

Ludwina and I discussed WHY small business people need to blog,
what NOT to do and HOW to get started quickly and easily

As you’d expect, I have a very different take on most marketing strategies – one of them is I am not a fan of Social Media… I don’t adhere to the common propaganda that’s proliferating “out there” that you need to be on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to hear an honest viewpoint that will benefit your bottom line and save you from wasting countless hours, make sure you keep an eye out for the interview – I will blog about it when it comes out and you’ll be able to download it for free.

But, by that time, you’ll realise you should have attended my 4-hour Masterclass called “How to convert your online browsers to buyers” in Sydney and Melbourne on April 11th and 18th respectively.

So you know what to do – take the time now to have a look at the event page and keep in mind it comes with a 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee. If at the end of the 4 hours, you haven’t received at least 2 or 3 times the cost of admission, we’ll refund you and remove you from our mailing list. That’s how confident we are of the immense value we’ll be revealing.

Here’s one of the concepts Ludwina and I touched on during the interview – it’s called the Miser Mentality. With a Miser Mentality, the focus is on the cost of something rather than the value or potential. A prime example is someone who drives 15 to 20 minutes to save a few cents on petrol. They have no appreciation for their TIME VALUE. A Miser can only see the COST (petrol saving) – not the BENEFIT (paying a little more, but saving time).

The strategies I will reveal at the next DIY Internet Marketing Masterclass can increase your website traffic anywhere from 15% to as much as 200%, depending on what you’ve done and how well you’ve done it. But here’s the thing – anyone who has a product or service that is worth at least $300 would get a benefit of $3,000 to $5,000 from the strategies I will reveal as a MINIMUM STARTING POINT.

So if the question was:

Would you pay $300 to get $3,000 in sales
in the next 12 months?

The answer should be YES! but the problem is that with a Miser Mentality there is a filter, a bias, a distortion that comes into play – that PREVENTS the POSSIBILITY from being even considered.

It might be thought, in a fleeting moment, but not seriously assessed or considered at its full (potential) value. Therein lies one of the key differences between the abundantly wealthy people who seek and focus on potential opportunities whereas misers miss those opportunities NOT because they aren’t there, but because they can’t see them.

Miser, Lack, Scotoma, Fear Of Loss, In the psychological literature it’s called a Scotoma. The best example is looking for the salt when the salt shaker is right there in front of you…

I will address some of these inhibitors to success at the upcoming Exponential Extravaganza in May and June, but before that event takes place, the Internet DIY 4 hour Masterclass takes place.

Can you see the dilemma EVERYONE FACES – you know you want the benefits, results and rewards… But you have to consider and BELIEVE it’s possible. Quite the tug of war isn’t it?

I know. I struggled with it more than 30 years ago. I don’t remember what the trigger or catalyst was, but at some point I decided that the Miser Mentality can’t work – so I gave Boundless Opportunity Thinking a try. Once adopted, I transformed it into my own Exponential Mindset Thinking and the rest as they say is history…

So what “history” will you create for yourself in 2012, 2013, 2014 and beyond…?


Business Blogging For Sales Lead Generation

I have an event coming up called Business Blogging For Sales Lead Generation that will reveal how quick, easy and fun strategies can help you improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and acquire new leads for free by blogging.

Here is an example using an Infographic. Karen Bonanno posted an interesting infographic (shown below) on what happens on the Internet in 60 seconds on her School Management Library Blog.

Along with these amazing stats:

  • Search engine Google serves more that 694,445 queries
  • 6,600+ pictures are uploaded on Flickr
  • 600 videos are uploaded on YouTube videos, amounting to 25+ hours of content
  • 695,000 status updates, 79,364 wall posts and 510,040 comments are published on Social Networking site Facebook
  • 70 New domains are registered
  • 168,000,000+ emails are sent
  • 320 new accounts and 98,000 tweets are generated on Social Networking site Twitter
  • iPhone applications are downloaded more than13,000 times
  • 20,000 new posts are published on Micro-blogging platform tumbler
  • Popular web browser FireFox is downloaded more than 1700 times
  • Popular blogging platform WordPress is downloaded more than 50 times
  • WordPress Plugins aredownloaded more than 125 times
  • 100 accounts are created on professional networking site LinkedIn
  • 40 new Questions are asked on
  • 100+ questions are asked on
  • 1 new article is published on Associated Content, the world’s largest source of community-created content
  • 1 new definition is added on
  • 1,200 new ads are created on Craigslist
  • 370,000+ minutes of voice calls done by Skype users
  • 13,000+ hours of music streaming is done by personalized Internet radio provider Pandora
  • 1,600+ reads are made on Scribd, the largest social reading publishing company

This blog post alone has 6 embedded strategies to help Karen and me attract new sales leads.

If you want to know what they are and how other business owners are leveraging their blogs to generate free sales leads, you’ll have to attend the Business Blogging For Sales Lead Generation event!


Some 1% improvement is NOT worth doing

As a business coach to entrepreneurs and business people who want to increase sales and expand their businesses, I advocate the 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine. It’s a concept that is covered on Day 3 of my Bootcamp events when we cover the concepts of Pathways To Profits™ and determining your Next Best Step™. With Internet strategies there are so many things to do, the most important question is “what should I focus on?”

That is the “million dollar question”.

At my upcoming Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp, I will, for the last time, reveal how to do this for non-Platinum Program Members. The process takes a few hours to learn, but once mastered, you will always do the right thing, at the right time for the right reason/outcome.

It’s a simple, easy-to-learn methodology that I’ve developed to re-create success for over 2,000 businesses across 200 industries over the past 20 years. In fact, the strategies are so effective that I now GUARANTEE RESULTS when you attend the Bootcamp as a VIP Ticket holder.

As a business coach I don’t just reveal strategies, techniques and tactics that work, I advise and mentor my clients to learn to do it themselves. That is why I am The Exponential Growth Strategist and not “just a business coach“.

The saying “teach a man how to fish and he’ll feed himself for a lifetime” is true with business coaching, but most coaches don’t have the competency to teach, they consult and create a dependency with their clients to ensure they need them so their personal income is “secured”. I don’t do that. I make sure I teach people how to think exponentially leveraging a MasterMind Group of the most ambitious entrepreneurs around.

Why is this important? Because success on the Internet is about doing what works. Finding that out is a process. If you want to know how my clients do it, contact us and we’ll reveal the secrets to you, but you should know that this upcoming Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp is the last one I’m doing. That means in 2011, you’ll have to be a Platinum Program Member to learn these strategies.

I’m going ‘upmarket’ with my most valuable information and strategies. I will still have introductory seminars and workshops, but the most powerful will be reserved exclusively for those willing to pay for it. Their reward will be that I GUARANTEE RESULTS. I would think you’d agree that’s not just fair, that makes good business sense.

That’s the whole point, it’s win-win.. Ka-Ching!


Social Networking Explained

At our upcoming (and last ever) Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp, we’re going to go well beyond explaining Social Networking as shown in the video below. We’re going to cover the risks and pitfalls of getting sucked into the Vortex Of Mediocrity where countless hours are wasted by people who fundamentally don’t have a life and therefore have no cash to spend. That being said it doesn’t mean it can’t be leveraged – it surely can, but not in the way the Internet Spruikers want you to think. Internet Spruikers want to sell you systems and solutions so they can make a fortune.

What we do for our clients is cut through all the CR_ _ to uncover what works. Like the $25, 15-minute strategy that increased a jeweller’s web traffic by 25% within a week. These are real results for real brick and mortar businesses. The strategies are so good and easy to implement, that we now guarantee them… That’s right, when you become a VIP Bootcamp ticket holder, we GUARANTEE you’ll make at least $30,000 in the next 12 months. That’s putting our money where our mouth is.


Clicks Into Cash

In November, we’re staging the last Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Melbourne. As I explained at my recent Exponential Extravaganza events, I am getting out of the “Internet Marketing” space letting the Internet spruikers and promoters do their thing at their multi-speaker salesfest events. That does not mean I’m abandoning Exponential Internet Marketing strategies, in fact for our Platinum Program Members, we’re even more aggressive with our strategies than ever before. It’s why we can and do GUARANTEE 300% RETURNS.

The Bootcamp includes Pre Program Preparation™ as well as Post Program Planning™ to ensure you get the most out of the event – in fact we even GUARANTEE the results from the Bootcamp if you purchase a VIP Ticket!

The video below explains what the Bootcamp Experience is like.

This year’s Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp Dates
are 26-27-28 November 2010 in Melbourne

Learn Exponential Internet Marketing Strategies that turn clicks into cash 24 hours/day 7 days/week.

Strategies like this YouTube Video that provides Search Engine Optimisation rankings for FREE, within minutes…

Stop losing at the Internet game – 95% of the people on the Internet don’t make money… The champions, the top 5% make more than the other 95% combined…

Wanna be an Internet Champion? Attend the Bootcamp – WE’LL GUARANTEE You’ll Make $30,000 in the next 12 months!


Google And The Internet Are Controlling Our Minds

There is a great article on CNN’s website that summarises Nicholas Carr’s new book called “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains“. It reflects what I see in business people and entrepreneurs every day. People struggling to cope with more and more information, lacking the cognitive and reasoning skills to handle it. In this day and age, deep knowledge is increasingly important when technology and Internet allows us to be intellectually lazy and superficial. This is exacerbated with social networking where people spend countless hours with like-minded people, further narrowing their breadth of exposure to (the lack of) differing viewpoints and perspectives.

This is one of the foundational principles I teach my clients as a business coach, advisor and mentor. I challenge people to think, evaluate and analyse problems and situations differently. My process, methodology and framework will be presented at my upcoming event “Etch-A-Sketch Thinking In The iPad Age“. If you want to learn how to learn, think and reason in this quickly changing world, attend the event. The strategies are so good, I actually back them up with a $5,000 results-based guarantee.

This blog does a great job introducing you to ideas and concepts, but it’s superficial, just an overview. That’s the problem today. People wrongly consider information as intelligence and knowledge. Information is just bits and bytes of data. Intellect and knowledge is the ability to do something with that information.

It’s what engineers do when they problem solve.

It’s what lawyers do when they interpret the law.

It’s what physicians do when they diagnose illness.

It takes time, skill and a PROCESS.

Otherwise you’re just “surfing the web” thinking you can build your own house, defend your own case and cure your disease.

That’s the problem in a nutshell.

The solution is right between your ears. The question is will you do anything about it?


“You never get a second chance…” or do you?

We’ve all heard the expression “You never get a second chance to make a first impression…” It’s a powerful dictum. So much so that it resonates the reality that second chances are indeed rare. That’s why the FINAL ENCORE PERFORMANCE of The Exponential Extravaganza is so special. What’s even more special are the Internet-based announcements I’ve revealed at the event. For example, I am going to stop all my Internet Marketing Events with the 2010 Internet Marketing Bootcamp being the last one I ever stage.

Yep, that’s right. I am leaving the spruiker infested waters that are overflowing with the Internet get rich quick schemers who want to turn you into the next information product millionaire making money in your underpants or while you sleep!

I am totally over it – not the Internet – the spruiker speakers.

I just can’t be even remotely associated with that kind of misrepresentation and amoral behaviour.


I am going full steam ahead with the strategies that the top 5% of businesses use to make the most of their online sales channels, generating profits and revenues that out-perform the other 95% combined.

That means doing things that no-one else is doing. I call it being antimimeticisomorphic. Doing out-of-the-ordinary things that create extra-ordinary results.

Out of the ordinary things like NOT doing any more Internet Marketing events – keeping all the Exponential Strategies SECRET for my most elite Platinum Program Members – real businesses who leverage the Internet to get real people to buy from them.

So there you have it – ONE of the reasons you want to attend The Exponential Extravaganza – to learn some of the strategies that will soon no longer be available… Unless you step up to the Platinum Membership level, which of course is always an option, but one that would be easier for you to make if you had an overview of what’s involved… That’s what The FINAL ENCORE of The Exponential Extravaganza is all about – the last chance to get the overview of what it means to have an “Exponential Mindset”, creating results that baffle onlookers…

I mean c’mon, how can:

  • A tradie launch his firs twebsite, become a world-class blogger in less than a year, get on National TV because of it and increase sales 25% while competitors are downsizing?
  • A consumer-based service company in a small town compete against a NATIONAL competitor with a $250,000 NATIONAL ad budget with a measly $20,000 web strategy?
  • A start up be turning every $1 in Google Adwords into $50 of sales within the first 3 months of getting started?
  • Another startup be creating a fully virtual company out of thin air, matching a $100 million/year competitor blow-for-blow with twice the sales conversion ratio and less than 1/10th the staff?
  • A consultant who was building a business no-one would ever buy into a virtual sales system that generates 4 times the sales and could be sold for upwards of $500,000 in less than 24 months?
  • A technical service based company that would have gone to the wall if it had not been for the Internet Strategies deployed in the nick of time, now those strategies are landing BIG corporate contracts his tiny competitors can’t even bid on!?!?!

All of these entrepreneurs and businesses got a second chance with the Internet.

Your second chance is to attend The Exponential Extravaganza – especially if you have not seen me speak in the last 2 years. What we’re doing now on the Internet has progressed so much that you might fall off your chair when I reveal some of the things we’ve been doing.

But this is it – the FINAL ENCORE and only in Sydney. Do whatever it takes to get there.


Making Money While You Sleep… Bul_ _ _ _ _!

I thought I’d get this off my chest.. One of the things I HATE about my industry are all the charlatans and spruikers out there flogging Internet Marketing Programs that don’t work. “become the next eBay millionaire…”, “Information product millionaire…”, “make money while you sleep”…

You get the picture.

Spruikers – when they smell an opportunity – they jump on it like flies on _ _ _ _!

That’s the problem with the Internet – it IS Exponential, but only 5% of us make any money with it. The other 95% don’t. The 95% are chasing a dream, the rainbow with the pot of Gold that never materialises.

That’s one of the many reasons I no longer speak at FREE public multi-speaker events. The manipulative sales tactics used are horrendous and frankly disgust me. I remember the last time I stood on the same stage as some of these people – I had to go to my hotel room that night and take a long shower, that’s how slimy it felt. YUCCH!

I stepped off the stage and vowed to never do it again.

And I haven’t. That was almost 2 years ago.

I now focus uniquely on my clients – who pay $50,000 to $100,000+ to learn strategies that work. My strategies are so powerful that I GUARANTEE RESULTS

You’ll never hear those two words together on the multi-speaker stage!

You’ll hear money back guarantee shouted from stage – good thing too because often, more than half the orders in the back of the room are refunded!

So when I did step off the multi-speaker stage , there were quite a few of my own suspects and prospects who intended to come see me… eventually.

Well, that time is now. OR NEVER.

I am not planning any other events like the Exponential Extravaganza.

Frankly, it’s just too much trouble for what it’s worth. I’m financially independent and don’t have to do this hard anymore.

I’m opting for more direct approaches with WINNERS and HIGH ACHIEVERS who will find me via my multiple Pathways To Profits™.

So that’s what the situation is – I decided to give you, as my blog reader and/or subscriber, one last chance to come and test drive Exponential Mindset Strategies – at my cost.

Then that’s it. The FREE ride is over.

In fact, it may be over before it even starts. We are selling Premium Seats to the Exponential Extravaganza and if they fill up the room, there won’t be any FREE SEATS available – so you have a decision to make – reserve a FREE seat and hope there are seats available, or book in for $97 and make sure you get in.

How would you like to SELL OUT a FREE EVENT?!?!?

Come to the Exponential Extravaganza and I’ll show you how it’s done and how you can use the same strategies in YOUR BUSINESS or for your CAREER.


Why you should attend the Exponential Extravaganza

INTERNET MARKETERS: If you’re FRUSTRATED spending rather than making money on the Internet, you’re not alone. The fact is only 5% of people on the Internet make money, in fact they make more than the other 95% combined. The top 5% have figured out how to do it with strategies that you can use, right now.

The Internet is the easiest thing that’s hard to do – Unless you know WHAT and HOW to do what works! Come learn the time-tested, proven techniques, tips, tactics, skills and strategies the top 5% use that you can customise and optimise on your website IMMEDIATELY. Be forewarned – these are NOT get rich quick in your underpants tactics – they work for plumbers, retailers and dentists.

You should attend the Exponential Extravaganza also IF…

  • If you’re in a job you don’t really like, you’ll be shown easy-to-use strategies to determine whether or not you should quit your job and/or change your career.
  • If you kind of like your job, but think you should get paid more, I will reveal 3 strategies you can use to get that raise or promotion you want.
  • If you’re stressed out at work, I’ll show you 2 reasons why that happens with antidotes that you can take to relieve stress the next time it pops up!
  • If you’re struggling financially, at the Exponential Extravaganza, I am going to reveal, for the first time in a FREE event (I share this with my top Platinum Members) how to start a business with no money down AND an $100,000 investment portfolio with less than $5,000.

The strategies to be revealed are NOT get rich quick schemes (MLM). They are based on what the super rich are doing right now to build and protect their wealth.

    With all that said and done – go ahead and book into the Exponential Extravaganza. Bring your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend with you. If you have ADULT children, bring them along as well as long as they’re adults – sorry, this event is not appropriate for children. If you have friendly colleagues you get along with, suggest they attend as well.

    I hope you’ll attend this one-off event. It would be a real shame for you to miss out, after all it’s the ONLY time I am doing this for FREE.

    Brisbane Saturday 5 June

    Melbourne Saturday 19 June

    Sydney Saturday 26 June


    Internet Bootcamp Day #3

    Wow, what an event it’s been – 24 hours over 2 days and people still want more. That’s because most events just give you information, the Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp is different because it leverages the Business Building Blueprint™ that I designed that helps people find the Next Best Step™ as they determine the Pathways To Profit™ in their business, which in this case is ONLINE via their website and/or blog.

    What people are doing right now if you are reading this when this was published, is witnessing a mini website makeover or Exponential Internet HotSeat™ where I literally go online and in 30 minutes go through all the Exponential Strategies the owner of the site can implement to improve his/her online results. We’ve got 4 companies that have lined up and paid for the privilege of this process that is both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.

    Often the pain comes from learning the mistakes made – the money flushed down the toilet whereas the exhilaration comes from realising THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

    With 4 mini website makeovers, each participant gets to learn both the process and the strategies that then apply to them and their website and/or blog!

    It’s massively valuable and totally and utterly exponential.

    Of course a lot of people think we stop there , but being exponential – we always take things ONE STEP FURTHER.

    This time, we’re staging a Google Adwords MasterClass where we reveal all the tips, tricks and techniques to get approximately TWICE the SALES for HALF THE COST of what most people can produce with their Google Adwords Campaigns. This alone is worth the price of admission.

    For example, I’ll explain the top 10 reasons most people overpay for their Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns and how to substantially reduce the cost WHILE increasing the conversions.

    More importantly, I’ll reveal why you should STOP your Google Adword campaign if you’re spending less than $1,000/month.

    I know you wanted to be here, but you didn’t make it – the next time – MAKE THE TIME.

    Between now and then thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars will have slipped through your fingers either in lost sales or in costs that you could have avoided.

    Next time, MAKE the time to attend.

    There are people dumber than you who are out-performing you on the Internet right now.

    That’s gotta hurt to hear me say that – the ONLY reason they can out-perform you and that means MAKE more money than you and/or SPEND LESS than you is because they KNOW HOW.

    They might be dumber than you, but the one thing that makes them successful is that they made the time to attend.

    That doesn’t sound too dumb to me, but then again they’re me clients and I actually think they’re brilliant – taking the little they’ve got and making the MOST of it.

    Then there are the millionaires of the group – well, they are a species on their own. Always looking for the extra edge – that’s a blog post for another day.


    Internet Bootcamp Day #2

    Today is the second day of the Inaugural Annual Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp event, held in Melbourne at the Marriott Hotel. I already said we missed you in yesterday’s post, today, you should be missing us because you’re missing out.

    Yesterday went until 9 PM , with the Unique Selling Proposition Workshop that is like having a client magnet so that people who want and need your product and services find you and those you don’t want to waste your time with are repelled by it – saving you time, money and expense that you can invest in the clients YOU WANT!

    Today’s content is about getting other people to grow your online business empire for FREE – one of the marketing myths I will deal with is that affiliate programs don’t work and social media is revolutionising online communications, but not the way most people think it is.

    That alone will shock some people, which is great because you can only get EXTRA-ORDINARY RESULTS by doing things that are OUT-OF-THE-ORDINARY…

    That’s why this Bootcamp is Exponential and not just another event. I cover stuff no one else knows about. I use REAL CASE STUDIES – NOT about people making MILLIONS on the Internet because YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BE THE NEXT INTERNET MILLIONAIRE.

    I know that, and the sooner you realise that, the better.

    My clients don’t want to try to make MILLIONS on the Internet in their underpants.

    My clients understand it takes time, money and effort to build a business empire and YES you can make money 24/7/365 WHILE you sleep, but not by trying to become the next Information Product wannabe success story…

    What I teach at the Bootcamp is practical stuff anyone – INCLUDING you can apply – usually for FREE – but always at a fraction of the alternative – but here’s the best bit.

    You can do it without hiring an IT geek or nerd!

    Imagine that – building an online empire with NO STAFF. Say it with me…


    So that’s what we’re talking about all day and night because we’re going straight to 9 PM again tonight. No breaks EXCEPT for lunch and dinner.

    This is an intense-take-no-prisoners=we-want-to-learn-as-much-as-possible event like no other.

    And it gets better – Day 3 is tomorrow – what could we possibly do NEXT?

    That’s a hint!


    Internet Bootcamp Day #1

    Today is the first and therefore Inaugural Annual Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp event, held in Melbourne at the Marriott Hotel. If you aren’t in the room, we’re actually missing you. That’s because the concept of the event, based on the classic Exponential Business Building Bootcamp fine tuned and refined over the years takes the Internet to a whole new level. This is NOT a salesfest that many promoters call ‘Bootcamps’ with never-ending sales pitches from stage.

    This is a 100% value-packed 3 days, 36 hours where I will present more than 1,200 slides, show 3 mini ‘movies’ and speak over a quarter million words as I present the content and deal with over 200 questions from the participants!

    Now that’s a LOT of content!

    In fact, the average person takes over 50 pages of notes and gets so brain full that by the end of it all, they will never again be taken to the cleaners by whiz kid webmasters who don’t know what they’re doing.

    That’s one of the GREAT benefits of this Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp – not just learning WHAT YOU CAN DO, but no longer listening to the B.S. tech wizards who just want to fleece your bank account.

    The MORE you know , the less they can get away with their lies.

    I know that sounds biased and I am. There are just too many people out there who are leaving it up to ‘SEO and WEB specialists’ and just absolutely and totally being taken to the cleaners.

    But guess what? If you don’t know any better – you deserve it.

    If you don’t want to get fleeced, then you need to learn what works, what doesn’t and WHY.

    That’s what this Bootcamp is all about. I’m not trying to sell you into it, because it’s actually sold out and it’s too late for you anyway. It started when this blog post was published and sent to you. In fact, as you read this, I am introducing a new technology that will revolutionise how our clients Kommunicate with their Klients in what we Kall Killer Konversations™.

    We don’t just teach our clients what to do and NOT do, we also put them in contact with the latest technologies and partners who can do things better and usually at a lower cost than their competitors – but unless you’re in the room, you never get access to that information.

    That’s why we miss you.

    We know that as the day progresses and we show you how to get tons of traffic to your website – you’re going to feel just like this guy does….

    How To Get New Leads And Prospects

    This is the theme of Day 1 of the Bootcamp – getting website visitors to jump in your boat.

    Just imagine what it would be like to have THAT MANY people coming to your website?!?

    This is what the Bootcamp is like – ALL DAY LONG. Participants realising that this can and will happen to them and their websites.

    One client invested $1,000 and within 3 days had a site that last week produced 22 leads or $3,000 of PAID CONTRACTS that’s $12,000/month and over the past 7 months has produced more than $60,000 of SALES – want to hear the best part? This website totally sucks – any web designer will tell you that. But you know what? The owner of the site runs a BUSINESS that is focused on PROFITS not trying to win ‘graphic design awards’…

    If this is resonating with you – stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post on Day 2 of the Bootcamp!


    Next week – Internet Marketing Bootcamp Previews in Sydney and Melbourne

    I am in Melbourne on Monday night November 16 and back in Sydney on Tuesday night November 17  for the last series of previews for the 2009 Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp. Wondering if you should attend? Click the hyperlink to see the BONUS Google Adword MasterClass we’re staging. This is the a first-time ever reveal of how we create, deploy and test our Google Adwords campaigns… Consider it the secret to the vault!

    There is no other opportunity like this one to get started on the Internet – this 3-day Bootcamp is not a multi-speaker salesfest. It’s 100% value-packed with strategies, techniques and tips you can deploy on your website IMMEDIATELY. Click on the hyperlinks above to find out all the details.

    I guess I’m not in the mood today to try to convince you this is not one of those ”get rich quick in your underpants on the Internet” seminars…

    If that’s not obvious by now… enough said.


    YouTube Video Testimonials Uploaded This Weekend

    If you want to check out a few testimonials from the 2009 Exponential Business Building Bootcamp, you can see them at the Business Mastery Channel on YouTube. I’ve uploaded about 20 in all. You’ll start to see a LOT more YouTube videos from me and our clients. I’ll be explaining why this is such a powerful Internet Marketing Strategy at the 2009 Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Melbourne at the end of November. You don’t want to miss this once-a-year-only event… Preview events are coming up in Sydney and Melbourne… Click here to attend.


    YouTube hits 1 Billion Views/day

    This is BIG news – YouTube announced it has reached the 1 billion views/day. WOW! But what does that mean for you and your business? My videos and channel have been viewed by more than a quarter million people – because embedded videos don’t accumulate clicks anymore, it’s probably close to half a million views. I have more than 80 videos uploaded to YouTube, viewed by HUNDREDS of people a day.

    YouTube Video Marketing

    If you don’t want to get left behind, seriously consider attending our next Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Melbourne. I will reveal all the tips, tricks and techniques you need to leverage the Internet so you become one of the 5% who make more than the other 95% combined. Heck, if I can just get you to make more than you spend, you’d agree that would be worth the cost of admission…

    This blog has GREAT free tips, but let’s face it – I can’t and don’t reveal all in these blog posts.

    Come spend 3 days with me and other like-minded entrepreneurs – it’s a 3-day investment that will pay you for a lifetime. When I attended my first Bootcamp in 1996, it cost me $10,000 with travel, tuition and accomodation. In the next 10 years, I guesstimate that I made over $2.5 Million in additional sales, putting an extra $100,000/year in my pocket.

    An investment of 3 days did that – and it also led to me retiring from the rat race in 2005 at the age of 42.

    I know in hindsight it’s 20-20, but I want to give you 20-20 FORESIGHT…

    The edge to out-perform your competitors  AND STILL HAVE THE LIFESTYLE you want to be living.

    I am living proof.

    This week I am competing in the 2009 World Masters Games in Sydney – in squash.

    My exploits are on one of my 10 blogs… The Mindset Of A Champion Blog.

    Yes and yes.

    I am a world-ranked squash player (top 20 in the men’s 45-49 category) and I have 10 blogs.

    10 blogs – that I write or edit, publishing on average one blog post/day on 10 different topics…

    AND I have time to play squash.

    Want this lifestyle?

    One word.


    The Internet is the ONLY truly exponential business tool. If you don’t master it within the next 2-3 years, you’ll be obsolete. You still have a chance to get to the front and lead, but that opportunity is slipping by every day one of your competitors learns and does more than you do…

    Don’t get left behind – learn the most up-to-date strategies that work, that bring more people to your site and into your store or convert to online buyers attend our 3-day Exponential Internet Marketing Bootcamp in Melbourne at the end of November.


    Last Wealth Creation Workshop Is In Sydney Next Thursday 9 July

    I just wanted to let you know that the last Wealth Creation Workshop in advance of the 2009 Exponential Business Building Bootcamp takes place next Thursday night 9 July from 6:00-9:00 PM in Sydney. Click here or on the hyperlinks to register. This is the last chance to attend this 3-hour workshop this year. It’s FREE and has been the source of substantial breakthroughs for attendees… Why not join them now while it’s FREE?

    The reason this is important to you as an Internet Marketer is because the 95% of people who don’t make any money on the Internet don’t understand that they need an economic engine – A BUSINESS MODEL that makes money.

    They think that the Internet is a money-making machine when it’s not. Not anymore than the phone or fax was. In as much as the Internet is GREAT technology – that’s all it is.

    THE BUSINESS MODEL is where the money’s at – for the top 5% who make MORE than the other 95% COMBINED.

    The Internet is said to be the easiest thing that’s hard to do – that’s because people just don’t have an Exponential Wealth Creation Mindset – attend this 3-hour Wealth Creation Workshop to understand what this is all about. It’s the last time I do this Workshop for FREE.


    Why People Fail ‘On’ The Internet

    I just finished staging a 4-day event called Advanced Business Mastery. It was a full-on event with Australia’s most committed entrepreneurs. The amazing thing about it is that they ‘get something’ that most people don’t – especially people ‘on’ the Internet… They ‘get it’ because they spent 4 full days writing, drawing, sketching and mindmapping their Business Building Blueprint. That’s right – a BUSINESS BUILDING Blueprint.

    A Blueprint that encompasses every single element to create a business ’empire’ not unlike putting up a skyscraper.

    But here’s the thing they got that most Internet Marketers don’t.

    Continue reading ‘Why People Fail ‘On’ The Internet’


    FREE 3-hour Event in Sydney And Melbourne NEXT Week

    I don’t do many FREE events anymore – in this Bootcamp Preview Series I am including more than $497 in business building bonuses to prove to you that when you do out-of-the-ordinary things, you can create extra-ordinary results… This series has new content and an irresistible offer you won’t want to miss. If you’ve been thinking you should be getting better results for the effort you’ve been putting into your business, make the decision now to attend by clicking here to discover why a recession is the easiest time to grow a business!


    Make $100/Hour Cash Flipping Websites For Profit

    In the middle of a recession, $100/hour is not a bad income would you agree? That is what we will be PAYING our Virtual Real Estate Agents who will be Flipping Websites For Profit. I know you’re cynical. We’re in the middle of a recession and it sounds like hype. But don’t take my word for it – come to my presentation in Melbourne on Tuesday 12 May 6-9 PM and the following week in Sydney 19 May 6-9 PM.

    At this 3-hour the Investor Briefing, I am going to explain the concept of Flipping Websites For Profit. Go to the event page to get all the details, but befoe you do that, take 3 minutes to watch this YouTube video that explains what this is all about using a metaphor – FISH JUMPING INTO A BOAT… Literally!

    YouTube Video That Explains How Flipping Websites For Profit Works

    What we do is create the boat and get the fish to jump.

    Interesting concept isn’t it?

    It’s Exponential and you can benefit – WHEN you get with the Program – The Flipping Websites For Profit Program. Come to the Investor Briefing to find out what this is all about.

    Attend The Wealth Without Worries Investor Briefing To Discover How You Can Get NEW LEADS Into Your Business For FREE!

    Attend The Wealth Without Worries Investor Briefing To Discover How You Can Get NEW LEADS Into Your Business For FREE!

    Oh yeah, I mentioned that we are going to pay our Virtual Real Estate Agents $100/Hour Cash to Flip these sites… Wonder how we can do that?

    Simple – the sites are already pre-sold to Virtual Real Estate Investors.

    Say it with me… Ka-Ching!

    Come to the Investor Briefing – it take me 3 hours to present and answer all your questions.

    Imagine making $100/hour LEARNING how to create a $1,000/month

    passive income stream and then growing it to $100,000/year…

    Imagine it…

    But then DECIDE to attend because this program is LIMITED to a TOTAL of 25 Virtual Real Estate Agents and Investors and 2 positions are already gone BEFORE we even launch the program…

    Don’t get left out – attend the Briefing – it’s FREE, but what you learn will be PRICELESS.