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Google Real Time Analytics

Real Time Analytics, Google Analytics, Analytics Real Time, Real Time Google AnalyticsIt was bound to happen… Real Time Google Analytics! If you’re an exponential Internet marketer who adheres to Management By Metrics™, this is BIG!

Just thought you should know!

Psst! Thanks to Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours for forwarding it to me in real time!


Google Instant

Google Instant is not new, but it is having a dramatic influence on how people search….

As you can see when you use Google, the search results change dynamically AS YOU TYPE. The suggestions DO influence what people will type in – this is having a dramatic effect on Google Adwords

Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours sent this Google Warning article link to me several months ago. I shared this with my clients giving them hints and suggestions, but those are beyond the scope of a blog post.

If you’d like ‘instant’ access to tip and tricks to make sure you avoid mistakes and are kept informed in ‘real time’ – contact us to join one of our many programs.


Google And The Internet Are Controlling Our Minds

There is a great article on CNN’s website that summarises Nicholas Carr’s new book called “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains“. It reflects what I see in business people and entrepreneurs every day. People struggling to cope with more and more information, lacking the cognitive and reasoning skills to handle it. In this day and age, deep knowledge is increasingly important when technology and Internet allows us to be intellectually lazy and superficial. This is exacerbated with social networking where people spend countless hours with like-minded people, further narrowing their breadth of exposure to (the lack of) differing viewpoints and perspectives.

This is one of the foundational principles I teach my clients as a business coach, advisor and mentor. I challenge people to think, evaluate and analyse problems and situations differently. My process, methodology and framework will be presented at my upcoming event “Etch-A-Sketch Thinking In The iPad Age“. If you want to learn how to learn, think and reason in this quickly changing world, attend the event. The strategies are so good, I actually back them up with a $5,000 results-based guarantee.

This blog does a great job introducing you to ideas and concepts, but it’s superficial, just an overview. That’s the problem today. People wrongly consider information as intelligence and knowledge. Information is just bits and bytes of data. Intellect and knowledge is the ability to do something with that information.

It’s what engineers do when they problem solve.

It’s what lawyers do when they interpret the law.

It’s what physicians do when they diagnose illness.

It takes time, skill and a PROCESS.

Otherwise you’re just “surfing the web” thinking you can build your own house, defend your own case and cure your disease.

That’s the problem in a nutshell.

The solution is right between your ears. The question is will you do anything about it?


Google Caffeine

With Google Caffeine, Google now analyzes the web in small portions and updates its search index on a continuous basis, globally. As they find new pages, or new information on existing pages, they can now add these straight to the index. That means you can find fresher information than ever before—no matter when or where it was published.

Google Caffeine

Google Caffeine

Google Caffeine allows the indexing of web pages on an enormous scale. In fact, every second Google Caffeine processes hundreds of thousands of pages in parallel. If this were a pile of paper it would grow three miles taller every second. Google Caffeine takes up nearly 100 million gigabytes of storage in one database and adds new information at a rate of hundreds of thousands of gigabytes per day. You would need 625,000 of the largest iPods to store that much information; if these were stacked end-to-end they would go for more than 40 miles.

That’s what happens when you drink too much caffeine – you get hyper!


Google gives OK for trademarks…

Trying to keep up with Google’s policy changes is getting harder and harder. Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours sent me this update that I thought you should be aware of – it concerns trademark use in Google Ads. We address these issues in detail with our clients, which is beyond the scope of this blog post, but I thought it timely and important for you to know about it. Information is power as they say. Of course what you do with that power is another story! When you come across news like this, please forward it to me by posting a comment on the blog. I make a point of making sure that ALL contributors are rewarded with a backlink, often more than one!


Google Searches Are Getting Longer

Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours came across new data that shows Google searches are getting longer and more specific. Attached are a few pointers on how you can adapt.

The data reveals that the percentage of clicks based on search term length is changing. Clicks made through searches over eight words grew by 8.3%, with searches over seven words growing by 5.3%.

In contrast, clicks made through searches using one word fell by 1.1%, with clicks made by searches over two words falling by 1.5%. Searches using three words remained flat.

The data isn’t surprising as the growth of the Internet as a business tool results in more users searching for more specific data, such as brands and product names.

Google reports that 20% of searches are absolutely brand new, meaning they have never been typed into the search engine before. Users are having to think about being more specific to get through jargon and get to what they really want.

This is important for you, as you must think about what keywords you can use in order to show up in as many searches as possible when your target market is looking to acquire your product or service.

One of the biggest trends ignored by small businesses is search-by-location. You must start to use keywords relating to your  location, as users are more and more searching for specific brands and products by suburb.

Not enough small businesses think about ranking for their suburb name, which is an extremely easy thing to rank for and people will use it in very specific searches. This is necessary even though Google is getting better with that sort of thing, with both maps as well as business listings.

At eight words, which is pretty high, think about the things people would be searching for and the combinations they would prefer…

That means you must consider what you think users will be searching for and that means not just what you think should be an appropriate keyword.

For example, Qantas probably use the keywords cheap flights, but they aren’t targeting cheap air fares. Similarly, you might want to use the words “cheap accommodation” but also consider most people won’t type that into Google, chances are they’ll type in “cheap hotels” or “cheap motel”.

As I’ve explained in previous blog posts, you must not get obsessed with adding as many keywords as possible, but instead should add the right types of keywords.

Google Adword strategies are beyond the scope of this blog post, I just wanted to highlight that BECAUSE searches are getting longer, you need to keep that in mind…

You can thank Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours for the initial source of information – by going to his site and having a look around – that’ll help his SEO!


Internet Freelancer Management Tip

Today’s blog post is a tip that can save you countless hours managing remote contractors via the Internet if you use freelancers via online sources like www.Guru.com. It’s one of the many tips and techniques I teach my most elite clients at events such as Internet Millionaire Marketing, which by the way is now available as a Home Study DVD Program…

Internet Freelancer Management Tip

Use Google’s new Google Docs functionality to SHARE DOCUMENTS with your freelancers and contractors. Once you’re registered, it’s self evident how it works. I teach my clients how to optimise this incredible tool, but as a blog subscriber I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

If you want to learn how to maximise the use of Internet Marketing Tools and Techniques like these so you can minimise the time you spend trying to make money on the Internet, take a look at our programs and events – I can tell you one thing…

The top 5% of the people who do make money on the Internet do something the others don’t.

First they INVEST in themselves realising that a  $27, $47 or $97 investment pays for itself INSTANTLY with 1, 2 or 3 detailed instructions like how to use a Google Doc and the pitfalls to avoid when dealing with freelancers…

Join the top 5% and start to make more than the other 95% combined who are still struggling and reinforcing the adage that the Internet is the EASIEST thing that is HARD TO DO.

Anything is HARD to do when you don’t have the click-by-click paint-by-numbers instructions… Get them now – and acquire Internet Mastery!


Two New Improvements To Google Results Pages

Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours sent me a blog post you need to read – I have been across these changes for some time, but it’s newsworthy and perfectly explained by Google itself on this official blog post. Click on the link below to see the next generation of search results that without a doubt will make search much more productive.

Click here to read about —> Two New Improvements To Google Results Pages.

If you wonder what the ULTIMATE solution would be – it’s a combination of Google and Clusty. Now THAT would be truly exponential!!! Searching AND clustering in ONE tool… WOW.

By the way, thanks Ray for finding and sending me this blog post!!!


How To Track Your E-mail Campaigns

Ever wonder if what you’re doing is working? With Google Analytics it’s simple and easy to track visitors to your site, but where did they come from? Why did they take action? What headline worked best? All of these questions can be answered with the following…

Email Tracking Tip

Continue reading ‘How To Track Your E-mail Campaigns’


Testimonials are only as good as the RESULTS

As an Exponential Marketing Strategist, I am often asked if testimonials are as powerful as people claim they are.

The answer is both yes and no.

Yes if they include RESULTS and no if they don’t.

If someone gives you a testimonial like “Marc is a great guy, he’s charismatic and really knows his stuff”. That’s really nice, but has limited value and influence even though it makes you feel really good.
However, if someone tells you something like this…

“Besides … I would like you & Marc to share in my happiness with the outcome I achieved from the … seminar I held with … Bank and NSW Dept of … I got 5 new clients (value $80,000) and 8 prospects (value $100,000).”

This is a much more powerful testimonial. As you’ve noticed, I took out the confidential information – because this is a REAL TESTIMONIAL. Even when information needs to be removed, it stills has MASSIVE impact.

The key is to first solicit the testimonials and then actually USE THEM. Most people don’t use them – they sit idle in someone’s filing cabinet or in an e-mail folder, never seeing the light of day.

So there you have it. Another 1% improvement that you can easily make today.

Onward and upward!


What’s it worth to you to get yourself on Page 1 of Google?

Type in 1 percent improvement in Google and you’ll see my YouTube video called “Make More Money With 1 Percent Improvements“.

It’s one page one… You can do the same with your products and services… But that’s a post for another day!


FREE Strategy To Get To The Top Of Google Rankings

Today’s Internet Marketing Strategy is an indirect strategy that COMBINED with others becomes exponential.

First, it’s important to accept that no SINGLE STRATEGY works in isolation.

Second, without MULTIPLE strategies an EXPONENTIAL outcome is unlikely.

Third, FREE strategies require regular maintenance and monitoring. Today’s is no exception.

I have written about LinkedIn before.

Linked In is a PROFESSIONAL networking site that now has more than 20 million subscribers.

Subscriptions are FREE.

That’s right FREE.

In the Internet Mastery Programs, we teach how you can get to MILLIONS OF CONNECTIONS, but that is not the topic for today.

Today’s strategy is about first getting ON Linked In and once you’ve done that and invited as many people as you can to connect with you, to ENDORSE the people you have been positively influenced by.

By doing so, you create a strong LINK to people who are well connected and as such have a HIGHER ‘ranking’ than you.

By doing this, you create a POSITIVE ATTRACTION effect that you know works from the DVD “the Secret”.

More importantly, this is ONE of the many FREE strategies that increases your rankings INDIRECTLY, but effectively.

On its own, it has little or NO VALUE/EFFECT.

Combined with several other strategies, it adds the 1% that can start to make ALL the difference.

This is another example of antimimeticisomorphic behaviour.

Doing out-of-the-ordinary things that producte extra-ordinary results and profits.

If you know me and want to endorse me, I will reciprocate if I know you.

If you read that last sentence again, you’ll realise that many people will not endorse me without the promise of a reciprocal endorsement…

Many = MOST = mimeticisomorphic people.

Not you – YOU understand the ANTI in antimimeticisomorphism.


YOU want the results others dream of…

YOU know what to do – endorse me if you know me…

View Marc Dussault's profile on LinkedIn

If you need an incentive to endorse me – I am connected to HALF the world’s Linked In subscribers.

Onward and upward!

This is an INDIRECT strategy that can start to make a BIG difference in your rankings and exposure on the Internet.

Most importantly though, it’s about what I call the Exponential Mindset.

Thinking this way BY DESIGN will make a difference.

Acting by DEFAULT will not.

Go on, endorse me if you know me, if not, endorse someone else who has helped you, inspired, coached or mentored you in some way.

See what STARTS to happen.

Best of all, it’s FREE!

More powerful and DIRECT strategies are taught in our Internet Mastery Program events such as the 3-day Bootcamp that is coming up in Sydney THIS August.

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