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Google Instant is not new, but it is having a dramatic influence on how people search….

As you can see when you use Google, the search results change dynamically AS YOU TYPE. The suggestions DO influence what people will type in – this is having a dramatic effect on Google Adwords

Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours sent this Google Warning article link to me several months ago. I shared this with my clients giving them hints and suggestions, but those are beyond the scope of a blog post.

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  • Great article, thanks Marc and Ray.

    This is just the beginning for Google who are hell bent on reclaiming their world dominance back from Facebook.

    Now with Google Instant and Google Places a business needs to on their toes. People can now write reviews for any business, good or bad, and without having them verified they can be positioned right along side their businesses listing on Google. Now that is scary.

    One very bad review was written and put on Google Places for one my clients. Their business nearly died until we helped them.

    We organised their happy clients to add ‘good’ reviews and we added photos and blog posts. This created a huge increase in their business. Good lesson to learn… The old rules remain…

    “Good news whispers. Bad news screams”– Dr Marc Dussault

    Here is an example of a great Google Places page and soon I will have some case studies for small business on my site at

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