Internet Freelancer Management Tip

Today’s blog post is a tip that can save you countless hours managing remote contractors via the Internet if you use freelancers via online sources like It’s one of the many tips and techniques I teach my most elite clients at events such as Internet Millionaire Marketing, which by the way is now available as a Home Study DVD Program…

Internet Freelancer Management Tip

Use Google’s new Google Docs functionality to SHARE DOCUMENTS with your freelancers and contractors. Once you’re registered, it’s self evident how it works. I teach my clients how to optimise this incredible tool, but as a blog subscriber I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

If you want to learn how to maximise the use of Internet Marketing Tools and Techniques like these so you can minimise the time you spend trying to make money on the Internet, take a look at our programs and events – I can tell you one thing…

The top 5% of the people who do make money on the Internet do something the others don’t.

First they INVEST in themselves realising that a  $27, $47 or $97 investment pays for itself INSTANTLY with 1, 2 or 3 detailed instructions like how to use a Google Doc and the pitfalls to avoid when dealing with freelancers…

Join the top 5% and start to make more than the other 95% combined who are still struggling and reinforcing the adage that the Internet is the EASIEST thing that is HARD TO DO.

Anything is HARD to do when you don’t have the click-by-click paint-by-numbers instructions… Get them now – and acquire Internet Mastery!

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