A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Cyber Security

Being a business owner these days is no easy job. While the market may be challenging and small businesses struggle to make a profit, there are all of the safety issues to consider as well. When you’re the owner of a small business who has an office as well as a few remote workers on your team, there’s suddenly a lot more to think about than the dangers of a burglary.

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Criminals may reach out through your computer, these days, getting ahold of your business details no matter where you are. Here is a neat guide to how you can up your cybersecurity game, and train your employees to stay safe online even when they’re working from home.

Give your team the tools

The problem with cybersecurity is that you, as a business owner, have very little control over their online habits. While your office computers may have all the required safety features, it’s not as easy to tell if your employees treat their personal computers to the same.

It poses a threat to their own online security, of course, but cybercriminals may very well get ahold of your details when they continue their work at home – particularly if they skimp on the antivirus when getting a new computer.

Put cyber safety on the agenda, once and for all, by providing your team with a seminar once or twice a year. The best way to make the information sink in is by hiring an expert to give them the talk, so invest a little now to ensure the safety of your business in the future.

Have a long look at this article, by the way, for a few of the best security solutions for small businesses and present them to your employees when you know what you’re dealing with.

Teach them to spot attempts at phishing

When you want your business to stay safe at all times, you need to address the fact some people have no idea what an attempt at phishing looks like. They may even click that suspicious-looking link in the email without giving it much thought at all; teaching them how to spot it is almost as important as investing in proper commercial security alarm systems these days.

After the first seminar, challenge them with a mock-attempt or two to see if they got anything out of it – and make a note of the people who are falling behind.

It may be that some of your employees are better at this whole Internet-thing than others – especially if you have different generations on your team. Let one or two of your super users guide the rest of them to a better understanding of what phishing looks like, and keep challenging them with a few mock-attempts until everyone is onboard.

Cybersecurity is no joke at all, and the safest way to keep the criminal at bay is to put your employees on the frontline. Give them the tools and knowledge to defend your business, and you’ll be able to feel a lot safer.

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