A Step By Step Facebook Group Guide For Businesses


Facebook is a social media tool which is the latest in the world and the most widely used by people in their everyday lives. For a small business, if you want to market to people in the real world it can be a good idea for you to make a Facebook page for people to follow and engage with. As well as a page, a group can be a great way to engage with people on a more personal level and there are lots of ways you can do this. Today we are going to take a look at how you can make a Facebook group step by step for your small business.

1. Add Group

On the home page of Facebook, you will see a tab which says Add Group. This is the first thing you need to click when making your own community on the social channel.

2. Create Group

Click create group and you will be take to page which gives you some options on how to make your group, what type of group you are and more information.

3. Name Your Group

The hardest part of making a Facebook group is trying to decide what to name your facebook group. If you are a company or brand this should be relatively simple and you can name your group after this, but if you want something more personal, you’ll need to think of a catchy name which people will want to engage with. Make sure it is easy to search and it is a memorable name so people will find it.

4. Add Members

Before you finish creating your group you’ll be asked to add at least member to the group. It is probably easier if you add yourself or someone you know in this stage and then you can start adding more members once you are done making the group.

5. Choose Privacy

Do you want an open group for any customer to join? Or would you prefer a closed group where people have to apply to be part of your team? This depends on the aim of your group and you need to make sure you choose what is right for you.

6. Add Rules

Next, you will need to add rules to the page just in case there are certain regulations for what people can post. For example if it is a student forum where people can share advice, you can make sure that no foul language is used and no one shares cheats or test sheets with other students. Rules help to clarify the value of the group and what you want to achieve.

7. Add Your Cover Image

Now it’s time to slap your creative stamp on the group with a cover image. The image should be 1640 x 856 pixels for your group and you want to make something which is pleasing to the eye but also which gets to the point. Take a look at some similar pages to you and see what sort of cover images they use.

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