How To Increase Affiliate Sales

If you have a product that you want people to sell, you need to give them affiliate tools – like these from the Alkaline CookBook… It’s a fantastic book that I highly recommend, but the reason I am showing you this is for the Internet Strategy value – these are GREAT tools that you can learn from.

Affiliate Marketing Tool #1

The Hyperlinked Product Image

The Alkaline Cook Book

Alkaline Cook Book

Alkaline your body the fast and easy way, with Dr Annie Guillet’s Step by Step Alkaline Cook Book.

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Affiliate Marketing Tool #2

The Advertising Banner

Affiliate Marketing Tool #3

Text Ads

Then there is the traditional e-mail link like this one,

That you hypelink into KEYWORD RICH TEXT like… Recover Twice As Fast From Strenuous Exercise By Eating An Alkaline Meal.

The more tools you give your affiliates, the more they will be able to sell for you! It’s a win-win investment!

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