Pandemic-Proof Your Business’ Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity remains a constant threat to businesses, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shed new light on cyber threats. As companies were forced to modify their operations swiftly in response to the coronavirus outbreak, hackers found new opportunities to gain access to in-house systems and servers. As a result, a significant number of businesses have been the victims of cyberattacks in recent months and many may still be unaware that they’ve been affected. 

As threats evolve and emerge, it’s vital that businesses implement new security protocols to combat them. This means staying up to date with the latest cyber threats and accessing advanced security measures to keep your data and systems secure. To get a head-start, take a look at these top tips to pandemic-proof your business’ cybersecurity now:

1. Identify Cloud Vulnerabilities

In response to the global pandemic, millions of businesses introduced remote working arrangements. To achieve this, a significant number of firms made hasty transitions to the cloud, often accelerating their planned transition phase to respond to environmental demands. Although cloud computing offers many business advantages, it’s vital that business owners recognize the vulnerabilities that are present. 

Providing effective security protocols are enacted, the cloud can be a secure place to host platforms and store data. However, businesses will need to decide which security measures are right for them and ensure that they’re introduced companywide. 

2. Offer Secure Digital Services

Increasing demand for online services and digital customer care is forcing businesses to consider new initiatives and experiences. Omnichannel customer service is increasingly popular as users expect a seamless, cross-device, and cross-platform experience, for example. 

Businesses will need to increase their range of digital services in order to meet the demands of their target audience, but they’ll need to do with cybersecurity in mind. By providing IT staff with training opportunities, such as the ITIL certification, or working with third-party, specialist IT service providers, companies can ensure that they’ve got the expertise required to develop effective cybersecurity strategies. In addition to this, companies will be able to implement new digital services in a way that complements their existing online presence. 

3. Educate Your Staff

Human error remains a major issue in relation to cybersecurity breaches and the increasing use of social engineering means that many firms remain vulnerable due to a lack of awareness amongst staff. Your employees are a critical line of defense when it comes to protecting your organization from cybersecurity threats, so don’t overlook the role they play. 

By educating staff about the different threats they’ll encounter and teaching them how to spot the signs of an imminent attack, you can ensure that they’re able to respond appropriately when a cyberattack looms. As a result, you can safeguard your systems and your data and mitigate an attack before it takes place.

Making Cybersecurity a Top Priority

Cybersecurity should always be a critical issue for businesses across all sectors. As we continue to adjust to a ‘new normal’ in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s vital that companies make cybersecurity a top priority. 

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