Phishing” (also known as “carding” or “spoofing”) refers to email that attempts to fraudulently acquire personal information from you, such as your account password or credit card information. On the surface, the email may appear to be from a legitimate company or individual, but it’s not. I came across this particular explanation of phishing that I thought was helpful and valuable enough to share with you.

There are so many people I know who don’t take necessary precautions to protect themselves – for example they don’t shred their personal documents. They just throw them in the trash… this is ESPECIALLY dangerous with apartment buildings. Let’s face it – if YOU were trying to steal people’s identities would you go through the trash to steal ONE person’s or 100, 200 or even 300 all in one go? Sure the pile would be BIGGER with 100, 200, 300, but so will be the payoff!

I am not a paranoid person, just cautious – on the Internet it’s just so much easier for people continents away to be malicious.

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  • Oz Cakes Peter Wilson

    Thanks for that information I did not even realize… So often, I get mail trying to find out my personal details. Phishing, I will take more notice and be more careful…

    Peter Wilson
    Oz Cakes

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