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You can stop losing sales in less than 5 minutes

Today’s post is simple, straight to the point and IF you actually do this, you’ll stop losing sales IMMEDIATELY…

It’s answering and responding to your e-mails more quickly. This is one of my pet peeves and every year I SPEND AT LEAST $10,000 LESS in products and services BECAUSE the people I deal with don’t get back to me quickly enough.

That means that these suppliers LOSE AT LEAST $10,000 just from me – if there are 10 of us, that’s $100,000 lost, gone forever – never to be spent with those suppliers. The easiest $100,000 to make is to sell to EXISTING CLIENTS…

The constant delays undermine my confidence in them, reduces my expectations of their delivery capability and substantially distances them from me in a personal rapport perspective.

Don’t you FEEL closer to someone who responds quickly? I mean c’mon an online chat is ONLY intimate BECAUSE it’s instant…

I don’t want to say who these suppliers are because some of them know about this and are taking action to improve whereas others well, they just don’t get it, never will – I have given up on some of them and am now seeking a NEW source = they are going to lose me as a client.

So not only will some of them NOT sell more to me, they will lose the EXISTING sales they previously counted on – during the toughest economic times we’ve had – OWCH, that’s gotta hurt.

Most people make the SAME decision I am making, but unconsciously.

Think about that the next time you push off those e-mails to tomorrow, the day after or the day after that.

Time is MONEY and the more you push off your e-mails, the farther down your Pathways To Profits™ you push your income.

We all get a lot of e-mail (even spam), but there is NO excuse for not responding more quickly. If you want to gain time in your day, watch this video that will save you 1 hour per day GUARANTEED.