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Technology – A liberator or enslaver?

I recently came across this image that even though it speaks for itself, it begs asking yourself the question:

Does technology liberate you or enslave you?

Dog Leash

I remember back in 1988 when I wanted to have a so-called cellular phone, which at the time was more of a battery with a handset attached to it. It cost a fortune back then and all it did was make and receive phone calls!

Uniden PhoneMy partner at the time was not a fan of cellular phones, so when I sat down with him to “negotiate” buying one, his response surprised me. He explained he didn’t want one because he would never get any peace.

I was launching a new business and had to be at the office all the time to make sure everything was running as it should – UNLESS I had a phone so the team could just call me, I was a slave to the business.

This was further emphasised to me while having dinner with my parents who (still) don’t like mobile phones.

I met my parents for dinner at a local restaurant with cellular (battery) in hand and was met with the “if you bring that thing in here, you have to turn it off…” To which I responded, “the only reason I can be here is because I have this with me. IF I am needed, my team will call and I will take the call outside, otherwise I can”t have dinner with you because I need to remain ‘available’.”

We had a great dinner and we were not interrupted with a call.

Since then I have always remained AWARE that technology is designed to SERVE us – not ENSLAVE us.

I wish more people understood the difference.

My partner and parents sure did/do!




Catch the next wave!

As a business coach, I mentor my clients to develop what is called “deep knowledge”. In this day and age of information overload, it’s important to go beyond the superficial. That is easier said than done, which is why most people (1) don’t have a clue what I’m talking about and (2) if they do, they don’t do anything about it.

The video below is one of the many examples of tools I use for my most elite clients, my Platinum Program Members. I give them specific instructions to follow to expand their awareness and understand of what is going on in the world and how to adapt to it to remain one step ahead of their competition and more importantly, their clients’ expectations. Enjoy the video and do the best you can. If you would like me to coach, advise or mentor you, contact me. I’d be happy to expand your sphere of influence and introduce you Boundless Opportunity Thinkingā„¢ that will Unleash The Exponential Potentialā„¢ that is right there in front of you, under your nose, ready to be leveraged to your benefit and advantage.


Google Chrome

Today’s post has two purposes. First is to let you know that Google has a new browser called Google Chrome and secondly that if you want to communicate effectively using YouTube videos, check this series that will leave you mesmerised. YouTube is without a doubt revolutionising Internet Marketing, but it’s still up to human beings to be creative and imaginative.