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Amazing Technology You Have To See To Believe

I’ve published posts about this Exponential Technology before, when I first saw it used for President Obama’s inauguration, but recently, Ray Keefe of Successful Endeavours sent me another twist on this concept that will have you both excited and worried about what Big Brother is up to.

Incredible High Resolution Photo Imaging Technology

Once you’ve looked at the two previous blog posts, take a look at this GIGAPAN Perspective of President Obama’s Inauguration.

Now, zoom in on the crowd at a baseball match… and now check out the crowd on the beach.

Scary and exciting isn’t it?

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President Obama Makes History And So Does Technology

First, what a fantastic day for the US and the world. Congratulations President Obama! This is a moment to be treasured and captured in a special way – unless you’ve been watching it on LIVE TV, you just won’t believe this new ‘tool’ that will blow your mind!

… It’s called PhotoSynth from Microsoft. Go to http://www.cnn.com/themoment and be amazed both by the technology and ‘THE MOMENT’.

Psst! The download is quick and easy!