The 6 Analytics Tools Every Business Should Be Using

Whatever the nature of your business, I’m guessing you have a website. Whether you’re using content marketing to define and promote your brand to give your business a unique voice, or whether you’re an online retailer for who lives and dies by their ecommerce. There’s no denying that every business should have a website. It’s an invaluable tool, but as with any tool… It’s only ever as effective as the way you use it.


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If you’re not using analytics to identify who’s visiting your website, what products they’re buying or what pages they’re viewing then you’re letting valuable information slip through your fingers. Analytics are invaluable, especially if combined with an automated marketing platform like Visual Visitor which can identify which companies visitors are coming from, what products they’re interested in and even their contact information making them an invaluable form of lead generation.

Here are some essential analytics tools to help you to measure the effectiveness of your online presence and get the most out of your website:

Social Metrics


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Facebook Insights- It’s free and it’s built in, so you’re off to a great start. You can use it to measure your post reach and see who is responding to your posts with likes and shares. You can also see data on how your page is performing over a given time period and how many visitors are engaging with your links and content. You can use this information to increase your reach and learn more about the people engaging with you.

Twitter Analytics- Again, this is free to use, even if you’re not advertising through Twitter. It enables you to learn more about who your followers are, where they’re from and which topics they are interested in. It also measures engagement in terms of likes and retweets to help you identify which are your most popular tweets, polls and campaigns.


Moz- Knowing your search engine rankings can be laborious and confusing but Moz provides an easy to use system for tracking and improving your rankings as well as your competitors’. You can track keywords, find out who your competitors are… and they’ll even give you a free listing score.

SEMRush- Another useful tool for knowing your competition and comparing your SEO performance with theirs. Based on your listings and optimization it will provide you with analysis and suggestions for improving your ranking.

User behavior

Crazy egg- This is great if you’re having a UX audit or just want to know more about how users navigate your site. Its comprehensive and accessible visual interface allows you to identify what users are doing on the page, what they are and aren’t clicking and even their mouse movements. It’s a great way of optimizing your site’s layout, design and UX.

Google analytics- It’s the go-to analytics tool for many businesses, and with good reason. It tracks web traffic, keyword data and provides you with regular reports on visitor stats and conversion rates to help you identify where and how you may be losing visitors. And the best part? It’s completely free!

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