What are the differences between CDs and DVDs?

yesterday’s post was about error messages, today’s is also from Bigpond, this one explains the differences between CDs and DVDs… Very useful to know!

What are the differences between CDs and DVDs?

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You’ll also note there are NO apostrophes in CDs and DVDs… Check with Grammar Girl – this is one of my pet peeves… People who put apostrophes where they don’t belong!

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  • You watch a DVD and you listen to CDs… simple no biggy.

    Thanks for the heads up Marc, i really had to think about that one in case I look foolish nah you wouldn’t do that would you????

    Thanks again.

  • DONE Marc ! I facebooked your post – 31 friends.

    I also found salesguy on grammargirl…so this post is very valuable to me. BTW thanks for a previous post, I ordered Brian Tracy self made millionaire last week @ $39

    Ciao for now,

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