Why Ads Aren’t Giving You What You Want

Advertisements play a huge role in any online marketing strategy. They take up a huge amount of your budget, too, if you’re like most other businesses. You don’t want your money going to waste, so to find that your ads aren’t landing as well as they should can be a heavy blow. But it’s one that can be very informative. It gives you a good incentive as to where you’re going wrong.


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You don’t have an objective

If you don’t have objectives behind your marketing plan and your adverts in particular, then what are you complaining about? You’re not seeing what you want because you don’t know what you want. Figure out what your objectives are and use that to inform your advertisement. If you want to sell a product, hone it down to that product. If you want more clicks on your site, then make sure the advertisements are aimed at why your site is of interest. For instance, think about content on the site that is particularly persuasive to the audience.

You didn’t put the customer first

The keyword in the last point is ‘persuasive’. You are trying to persuade the potential visitor or customer before anything else. The advert, whether it’s text, video, or message, has to convey one thing only. What is the value of following it? What does it do for the person who clicks it? Adverts that only serve as a signpost for a business or a branding exercise aren’t going to have much relevance to the people who see them. So, they’re not going to get very many clicks.

You never learn

You have an objective and you have a focus on the person you want to click the ad. It’s still not a sure thing, of course. Marketing is always going to be trial and error to some degree. So long as you’re correcting those errors, that’s what matters. For instance, using PPC tools like those on Clicteq can help you automatically remove ads that aren’t working to focus on those that do. Analytics tools also make it a lot easier to see which combinations of keyword, content, and landing page work best. Keep evolving the approach.

You use bad quality links

The right tools mentioned above should help you avoid this, too. We’re talking about the kind of issues in the examples named at Search Engine Land. Generic pages on the other end of a click, landing pages that don’t work, broken URLs. You can automate all of these out of your PPC advertisements. But if you’re using video or image advertisements, then you’re wasting money. A bad quality link might have people landing on a page that doesn’t exist or a page that isn’t specific to the ad they clicked, so they just close the page again. Always test the veracity and the relevance of a link before you launch ads using them.

Mastering the art of advertising online, regardless of what platform you use, can be a long process if you ignore the tips above. While you do that, you’re spending more and more on ineffective messages. Make the changes you need to make and make them now.

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