YouTube Tip: 1 percent

People keep asking me how they can be more successful, make more money and it’s right there in front of them… and best of all, it’s easy…

All they have to do is STOP trying to get the MASSIVE breakthrough and stick to getting 1 percent improvement day in, day out.

That’s what I do and people are AMAZED at my results, but they are simple and easy to implement.

Take this ONE strategy I’m using to get my views to over 400 views/day on youTube… It’s a strategy I only share with my Members, but it shows you what can be done in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES…

Yes, less than 5 minutes and the views/day increase by 30, 40 even 100 on some days…

The point is not to give away this PRICELESS strategy that anyone can use for FREE, but to remind you that 1 percent per day, even for clients who pay us $97/month for their Silver Momentum Membership can get MASSIVE value as it compounds day after day, after day…

But this is not about selling you into a Membership, just showing you first-hand how it’s done, quickly and easily!

Onward and upward!


I’ll take 1 percent improvement per day any day of the week… LITERALLY.

Actually, I do that EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, even when I am on leave/vacation because I know the value of continuous and never ending improvement and the value of COMPOUNDING = EFFORTLESS.

That’s the key – EFFORTLESS and my only message for today.

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