Do You Have Too Much Tech For Small Business?

Many nowadays will frame technology as the solution to all woes in the modern workplace. It provides workers the tools to complete projects more efficiently, to communicate more effectively, and can automate whole processes so you need never think about it too much. However, more tech isn’t always the answer. Without careful planning, your greatest assets can also become your greatest liabilities.

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Know your security scope

With every new piece of hardware, every new program, and every new network you introduce into the business, you also introduce a new risk. Any software that connects online is, for instance, a potential gateway for someone to intrude your system and steal your data. Make sure that you’re investing in the very best digital security measures, be it anti-malware software, firewalls, or a policy that ensures everyone bringing a home device to the office, such as laptops or tablets, follows strict company protocol on how those devices are used and secured.

Have a team who can deal with the hiccups

Tech may eliminate human error, but that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. It can slow down, it can suffer from errors, it can even lead to downtime. Having an IT team that’s on hand to respond to such issues, and prevent them from happening in future, is key. Finding good IT staffing can be difficult, so take the time to identify reliable recruitment agencies and outsourced services you can reach out to when your need is immediate and dire. Otherwise, you’re going to have your team scratching their heads trying to figure out systems that they’re not trained to.

Make sure you have a backup

A good workflow running on tech means relying on several assets. This can include hardware, software, and net connection. Having a backup for all of these things is important. For instance, allowing your team to bring their own devices to the office can get around any problems caused by a piece of hardware not working. Using Cloud software and storage can help them do the same work they would do on office devices, and having a backup internet connection means that even losing your network doesn’t result in too much down time.

Find tools that can do more than one job at a time

One of the issues of having too much software is that your team’s jobs can become increasingly complex, especially if you have specific standards on how different jobs are supposed to be done. To that end, instead of installing a bunch of different programs, each suited to a different task, try to find suites or software that can multitask. For instance, the Office 365 package can help take care of word document, spreadsheet, and presentation needs all in one.

If you want to incorporate new hardware or software into the business to help you meet specific goals then by all means, go ahead. Just make sure that you’re building the infrastructure to support it, or you can find it slowing you down more than anything.

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