Why Blogging Is Good For Business

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Blogging can be a great form of marketing for your business. Here are some of the biggest benefits of starting a blog on your company website.

Showcase your expertise

One of the most obvious reasons for starting a blog is that it gives you a chance to demonstrate yourself as an expert in your field. You could use blogging as a chance to help solve problems that your customers often face. For instance, a plumbing company may use a blog to offer basic DIY advice (such as ‘how to unblock a toilet’) or help identify problems (such as ‘5 signs you have an internal leak’). This will build trust in your company by showing that you know your stuff.

Improve your search rankings

Blogging can also be good for your search engine rankings. It can encourage you to keep posting new content on your site, which in turn can boost your rankings. You can also use blog posts as a means of inserting keywords and internal links to improve your SEO. There are many other tactics beyond blogging that can improve your rankings – you may want to hire search engine optimization services for this. However, blogging could help to serve as a bit of DIY SEO on top.

Build new doors to your website

A blog could be a way of attracting new types of visitors to your website. For instance, a sports fashion company may decide to write a blog post on ‘10 reasons to take up running’. Somebody who is thinking about taking up running may stumble across this post. While visiting the post on your website, they may then get curious and check out some of your products – and potentially become a new customer. Obviously, you should try to keep posts relevant to your brand to improve the chance of conversion and to keep a brand identity – publishing a post on ‘10 reasons to renovate your kitchen’ on a sports leisure site is unlikely to generate many leads as the two have no connection.

Fuel your social media marketing

Blogging can also give you extra content to share on social media. This could help to make your social media content feel more dynamic. Such content may get shared by followers and could help to gain you further exposure. It could even be a way of encouraging previous customers to revisit your site.

Encourage cross-promotion

Blogging can also be a great opportunity for cross-promotion. This is when two companies help to promote one another, helping each one to generate new customers. When it comes to blogging, this could involve writing a post in which you promote another company – in return, they can write a post on their site which promotes your company. You could even post guest content on each other’s blogs. Cross-promotion is most effective when you partner up with a company within the same nice, but not a direct competitor. For instance, a car dealership and a local car insurance company may decide to cross-promote.

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