Google Goggles

This video speaks for itself – it’s very entertaining and demonstrates how to make information fun to learn.

Additional applications of augmented reality are quite fascinating.

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  • Hi Marc,

    pretty amazing stuff. Vernor Vinge wrote an interesting book called “Rainbows End” where he looked at what the Internet might become in 20 years time. He predicted not only the sort of augmented reality advantages like this but real time overlays of graphical information as we walked about using wearable computers. Goggles on steroids.

    The sort of light weight Flexible Electronics required for this is being developed now along with geature recognition systems that allow you to use it without having to speak, type, point or click. The level of Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development required to product this is still beyond us but the seeds of it are already present.

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  • OK, so I know you mostly wanted to show a good marketing technique here, but I have to say that I am downloading that app right this minute! Amazing. I guess that means you were right as this ad made me want to do it.

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