Video technology the next steps…

This blog is about introducing you to the latest and greatest stuff that’s out there, believe you me, this is “out there”. Watch and enjoy! Of course if you come across anything like this, please forward it on to me by leaving a comment on this blog.

2 Responses to “Video technology the next steps…”

  • Oz Cakes Peter Wilson

    Absolutly amazing, it just keeps getting better and better that is so neat and effective…

  • This is incredible. Is there no limit to what technology and mental smarts can achieve? I love the idea of a greater touch screen environment in personal computing. And I think we’ll see a lot more touch screen technology soon. Maybe even “no screen” technology where images, text, and videos are projected onto a wall in front of you. The screen size will be limited only by the size of the wall or surface in front of you. This will bring greater advances in projector technology and allow projector manufacturers to tap into the computer screen market.

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