Ready To Build An App? Here Are Some Steps To Consider

Most businesses want an app. But not because they know what to do with one. But just because it sounds pretty cool to say ‘we have an app.’ But that can change if you put in some of the groundwork in order to firm up the idea and turn it into something achievable. If you have never built an app before it can be daunting. But, you could opt to work with a team like and know you’re in good hands.

In general, these are some of the things you should do before you call in the big guns.

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Goals & Problem Solving

Almost all products are designed and come to life because they are the means of solving a problem. The vacuum was a quicker way to sweep, and now all homes have one. Whatsapp was a free form of group communication – now it is an app on most phones. In both cases, they solved a problem for the consumer – but just very different kinds.

Depending on what your business is (or will be) you have the option to market your app to the public, or for B2B. Think carefully about the issues that face both markets and when doing your research, be sure that there is nothing like it already. If there is, and it is a successful app, consider that the company you have to do better than.


Sit down with some paper and begin to visualize what your app will look like to the user. This will take a few goes before you get something that you think will work. Get as much feedback as you can. It is an excellent idea to download some similar apps and make a note of what you do and don’t like. This will give you a great feel for how the user experience will be. When you are working with a company to build your app, you will get some excellent guidance as to what layout gets the most use.


You’re going to need to know what people enjoy using and how they will use the app. If you are creating something with minimal options, then you need to make sure that each of them is easy to access – the primary function of the app should be apparent. Quick tips:

  • Test other apps in the same market

  • Find some design inspiration – but careful, it’s not too close.

  • See what the technical aspects of the application will be – are they achievable?

  • How can you market and monetize it?

It is always worth remembering that very few ideas are ‘new,’ it’s more like old ideas are built on and improved over time.

Test, Test, and Test Again

When the app is being built, there will be many bugs and kinks that need to be ironed out before it is rolled out. Call in friends, family, and people who build apps (if you know any) to give you honest feedback about how it performed.

The goal here is to cement your ideas and get the app to the market – but don’t aim for an overnight release. Instead, aim for a high functioning release.

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