Would You Know What A Connected Vehicle Is? Automotive Future Thinking

We live in an era where we are constantly connected in some way. Thanks to the use of smartphone devices we can stay in touch with people via messaging, phone calls or even video and imagery. A connected vehicle is following the same line of thought. When this sort of productivity level is placed into the automotive sector, it enables us to be far more connected not just with each other, but with our vehicles. But what is a connected vehicle? What is it really all about? These questions are answered below and can hopefully explain some of the principles and logic behind it.

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What is a connected vehicle?

The first question we all want to know is what exactly is a connected vehicle? Put in its simplest terms a connected vehicle is something that uses mobile internet technology to control key functions remotely via any sort of device such as a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, or even a smart watch. Many manufacturers will have their own version of a connected vehicle, and some will offer more specifics and technology than others. But the principle remains the same. It enables you to stay connected. Some manufacturers will enable you to switch the car on remotely for up to fifteen minutes before you need to get in it. Some will read text messages received on your phone and enable you to verbally reply back. But essentially, not only does it carry out key functions, but it can also enable you to remain in touch with your vehicle at any one time.

How will things change?

When it comes to manufacturing, there will be a few different changes as each manufacturer will have their own connections with it. Things will be considered when it comes to manufacturing and automotive logistics will change because of these enhancements. Connected vehicles could also help to reduce insurance premiums, as you have far more control of the day to day activity of your vehicle, and even the status. Thanks to enhanced GPS tracking, if anything was to happen to the vehicle, the chances of recovery are far greater.

The online world is having an effect

Everything is digitally based these days. We go shopping online for food and clothing, we look at reviews online before heading anywhere or even making some of the bigger purchases. A connected vehicle could essentially enhance your digital works by being turned into a 4G hotspot. Connecting the car not only means that you have your smart device connected, but for things like your diary where you may have already inputted things such as address details, means your vehicle, ahead of time, could actually programme a route for you that avoids traffic and gets you there in time for your appointment or meeting.

Finally, a connected vehicle can be a great safety feature for the driver. The clever onboard system could help to alert you of any potential dangers or even help avoid them entirely by breaking for you. But, if the worst was to happen, some manufacturers have programmed vehicles to alert the local services to offer aid as soon as possible. Essentially, this action alone could be the difference between life and death. Pretty spectacular, wouldn’t you agree?

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