The Growing Cybersecurity Threat To Your Business (And What To Do About It)

Cybersecurity has long been an essential consideration for business managers and owners. But the nature of those threats has evolved considerably over the last decade or so. We’ve seen a fundamental shift in the incentives facing hackers, making it far more lucrative to develop techniques which can breach digital security.

So what’s going on? In the past, the majority of hackers were mean-spirited people who just wanted to cause chaos for the sake of it. Cybercriminals would develop nasty programs, mainly malware, that would sit on company computers and cause problems. Typical attacks would slow down business networks and computers, annoying workers. The most devastating attacks would erase entire hard drives and make the system inaccessible for days. It was all generally pretty unpleasant.

But there’s been a change. It’s not just about maliciously attacking company IT infrastructure for no reason anymore; it’s about getting hold of their valuable data and either selling it or holding it to ransom. This change has made the act of hacking far more lucrative. Criminals who can get hold of company data can potentially extract significant sums of money, making cybersecurity a growing issue. Ransomware attacks grew by more than 46 percent in 2017.

The following infographic shows the skills that your company needs to counter the threat of cybersecurity. It details the dangers that you face and the capabilities that your organization needs to counter them. It also includes essential information about training in case you haven’t yet developed the skills to counter emerging threats.

Infographic by University of Alabama Birmingham

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