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Grooming The Internet

I’m not sure where this came from, but I thought it was cute enough to share with you. It’s what business blogging is all about… … When you find something worth sharing, please forward it on to me so I can then leverage it for our readers!


Why do farm tractors have large rear wheels?

Have you ever wondered why old farm tractors have super big rear wheels and tiny little ones at the front? The same can be said about “what’s the point of having a business blog?” You might not be a farmer and might not care why the rear wheels of an old tractor need to be […]


Business Blogging In 2011

Even though small businesses in Australia lag in Internet adoption with most small businesses either not having a website established or not having a fully integrated, functional website, in contrast, Australian consumers are quite techno-savvy. According to recent research, 37% of Australians use smart phones and is predicted to be 50% by the end of […]