How to Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Brand

Social Media TreeWhile most organisations acknowledge having a social media presence is almost non-negotiable in the modern, connected world; not everyone fully understands how to incorporate it into the marketing mix with proven return on investment.

The social media realms can be difficult to navigate – it’s still a relatively new industry that is continually undergoing rapid growth and developments. What worked six months ago may have changed; or a brand may find itself with a strong following but low conversions.

Below are some ways you can get the most out of your social media activities.

Consider Hiring A Digital Strategist

For social media marketing activities to be effective, they should be carried out as part of an integrated marketing and communications plan and this is where hiring professionals, even if only in the initial implementation stages, can really help to maximise return on investment. A full service agency like Simple can ensure that an organisation’s social media presence supports overall goals and objectives and help to present a professional and results driven solution.

Choose Which Platforms To Be Active On And Commit To Them

Unless a brand has the resources to hire a social media team, choosing one or two key social media applications to focus attention on is often more effective than trying to have a presence on all of them. Go with what you know and where you know your customers and target audience are. It is really important that if a brand is going to use social media, they do so regularly and consistently. Only updating sporadically can impact the reach of social media posts and failing to check the profiles regularly may mean that a genuine customer enquiry has gone wanting.

Have Goals and Objectives

It’s nearly impossible to measure results and return on investment if social media activity is carried out haphazardly without purpose. Be wary of relying on numbers of followers and likes as a measure – while a business doing social media well should see genuine fan engagement and audience growth, it is better to have 500 passionate and interested supporters than 50,000 who aren’t interested. While competitions and promotions can be effective ways to build audiences, make sure that they are carried out in a targeted and calculated away to appeal to the people who want to do business with the brand.

Be Social

Social media is not the place to broadcast one-sided sales messages – the focus should be on building relationships and conversations that lead to trust and confidence in the brand. Interact with followers, encourage conversation and acknowledge their comments. Also seek to build rapport with like-minded brands and businesses. While casual communication is encouraged on social media platforms, ensure there is still a level of professionalism in all posts and responses.

Social media marketing can be an effective communications channel for brands when it is done well, and done with purpose. Embracing the fact that it is not like any other marketing medium can go a long way to ensuring that brand activities on social media platforms are effective.

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