Copywriting Mistake To Avoid: Headlines

Todays’ blog post is another copywriting mistake you want to avoid – making these headlines TOO complicated – stick to the BASICS – the headline is all about getting the reader to start reading the copy. For some reason, many people think they have to be long – they don’t – they have to be to the POINT.

The POINT is to create enough intrigue and interest for the reader  to want to keep reading – THAT’S IT, THAT’S ALL.

In our Killer Kopywriting Workshops, we focus on Kopywriting, Keywords and Konversations. We use actual case studies, examples and samples as well as create new copy LIVE and INTERACTIVELY in what I call streams of consciousness that can create magical outcomes – like the testimonial that just ‘happened’ instantaneously (click on the hyperlink to view the 2 minute video). Contact us to find out when the next workshop is scheduled – or purchase the Killer Kopywriting System online.

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  • Hello…
    Great blog… write small headings… wow, powerful stuff…
    oh yea and a bunch of leaders for sales of other products.

  • Everybody should watch the video at the link above. It’s the link with the link text that reads: streams of consciousness. It’s a classic and opens up interesting ideas about how you can write your copy and find the words to promote your products and services. This one tip alone could be the difference between a poor response and a great one the next time you run an ad, send an email, or shoot a direct mail piece off to your prospects.

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