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Seeing the forest for the trees or _____?

I use this metaphor to explain Internet Marketing Strategies all the time.

Forest For The Bears


How To Grow From 0 To 300 Subscribers In 90 Days

Today’s post is going another Twist Of The Kube that you will enjoy. Go click on the URL below to execute the first Twist. I promise you it’s going to surprise you how creative you can be to get people INVOLVED in a process that is win-win-win. Best of all, it’s FREE!

Click here to Twist The Kube. <———– CLICK HERE TO START TWISTING THE KUBE!!!!

If you are not familiar with this term, it’s based on my Marc-Ka-Ching Kube… Click the hyperlink to learn more about this fun business-building tool, but don’t get distracted – Twist The Kube first!

This is one of countless strategies we teach our clients in our Internet Mastery Programs… If you want to Twist The Kube and start to get extra-ordinary results, check out or programs and make the decision to join today.


Linked In: Gets you FREE traffic!

You might have read this in a recent e-mail, but it’s worthy of repetition here.

  • The easiest and quickest way to start getting MORE FREE TRAFFIC to your website is to link in to my LinkedIn network. Go to www.LinkedIn.com and invite me to join your network. By doing that, you will INSTANTLY get over 1 MILLION CONNECTIONS. Connections are people who will begin to be aware that you exist and that you have products and services to offer.
  • I just cut and pasted this from my LinkedIn.com profile today: Your profile has been viewed by 11 people in the last 12 days. In the last 2 days, you have appeared in search results 14 times.” Just so we’re clear, this is an average of 7 people/day x 365 days = +/- 2,500 people PER YEAR who are seeking information about me and what I have to offer. You can start to get this FREE PUBLICITY/EXPOSUREwithin the next 5 minutes. Do it now by clicking here.
  • By linking in to me on LinkedIn.com, you will get more than just people looking for you and your products, you’ll get improved search engine optimisation which means EVERYONE on the Internet will be able to find you more quickly and easily. When you do setup your profile, be as descriptive as possible, keep it up-to-date and maintain your activities current. We teach our clients how to optimised Linked In with a 4-part article series called “How to get from 0 to 7 Million Connections in 3 Days”. It’s a bonus when people sign up for our Silver Internet Mastery Momentum Membership. BUT I DON’T WANT TO SELL YOU ANYTHING TODAY – I want you to know that this stuff works and you can get started right now for FREE.

Today’s post is about realising that when you take action, you create momentum that takes on a life of it’s own… It’s almost like magic.

When Google and the other search engines get involved, you have their power working for you and that is truly exponential — and EXCITING don’t you think?

If you haven’t linked in to me yet, please do it now. Time is money and 2,500 people want to consider buying from you…

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


Sometimes I think I sound like a broken record, but so be it.

This stuff is really not that hard – you just have to ‘do stuff’.

I know there are only 168 hours in a week and that everyone’s pulling at you in a million directions. I get that, I really do.

I also get that an Exponential Mindset™ by definition necessitates LEVERAGE.

Using tools and techniques such as LinkedIn are massively exponential BECAUSE THEY ARE FREE which gives them INFINITE ROI (anything divided by 0 = infinity!)…

That is not just semantics. BUILDING an Internet empire on a shoe string budget is many peoples’ dream, but only a few ever reach the summit of profitability…

Go on and link in to me and see what happens!


Flipping websites: an easy way to create some extra cash

I know with the turbulent stock and financial markets people are getting sick to their stomachs.

I was reading an outstanding book last night called “The 100 Greatest Advertisements 1852-1958” by Julian Lewis Watkins and came across a classic ad on page 112, It’s an advertisement with a gentleman handing money to his wife with the headline “Here’s an extra $50, Grace – I’m making real money now.” The ad goes on to explain how the husband has taken night courses to get a promotion that pays him $50 more…

Today, I want to talk to you about how you can start small, with a $47 investment and convert that to a few hundred dollars per week of extra income. Times have changed – you need several HUNDRED dollars a week to make a dent in your finances!

The concept is called Flipping Websites Now, treating websites like Virtual Real Estate. The best part is that  anyone can do this WITHIN a few hours of watching the videos.

For $47 it’s priced to be a no-brainer.

It’s targeted to two markets:

  1. People who want to create an extra income stream, turning an evening or Saturday afternoon into $500 to $1,000 of revenue and
  2. Internet Marketers looking for that one distinction, idea or tool that can help them sell more products online.

Check out the site that explains how you can buy and sell websites for profit now.

In these turbulent times it’s going to be tough to make money on the stock and real estate markets.

For $47 it’s an investment worth making – if only to get 2 or 3 NEW ideas…

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


What I like about this system is that it’s a step-by-step video series that’s dead-easy to follow.

When I originally watched it, there were 3 things I didn’t know about that I have since ‘systemised’ with my money-making websites. That alone has put an extra $640 in my pocket that I was able to trace within the FIRST MONTH.

Even if you never flip a site, learning and understanding this concept is priceless. It exploits what you need to do with your site to get more people to visit it which is one of the most important Internet money-making skills that alludes most people.

I just thought I would share that with you today – this stock and financial market fiasco is not going away anytime soon – the average person needs a break.

This might just be it.


1% Improvement = Your Ultimate Goal or Outcome

1% Improvement – Google it and see what comes up!

Go to Google and type in “1% Improvement” using the quotes or click here.

Yep, that’s my YouTube video that’s in the #1 WORLDWIDE position. Do you know how much I PAID to get it there?!?!


That’s because it happened 1% at a time, just like the video explains…
Google “Exponential Growth Strategist” and see who comes up AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD WIDE RANKINGS…

So what’s the point?

I guess it’s as straight forward as aim to improve at least 1% each and every day and see what happens.

For example, you might not know that you can purchase .com.au domain names for $36.50 for 2 years. The reason I am telling you this is because a friend and client was feeling ripped off by a Melbourne company trying to sell him the SAME thing for $140…!

The 1% is that if he didn’t know, maybe you don’t either. It’s FREE for me to tell you and it’s priceless to you if you’re like me and own HUNDREDS of domain names!

You’re welcome.

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist


I can hear you all the way over here… It can’t be that simple and easy.

Guess what?!?!

It is. 1% per day COMPOUNDED = 3,778% in ONE YEAR.

You either IMPROVE at that rate or you GET WORSE at that rate.


Did you pick up a few of my 1% improvements?

If you clicked on any of the links and video – that’s ONE MORE CLICK FOR MY RANKINGS…

The fact that you are reading this is 1% improvement of THIS blog’s rankings…

It all adds up, 1% at a time.


Get MORE Traffic to your site or blog with NO EFFORT

It’s amazing how many people I run into, I give them advice and suggestions and 2, 3 or 4 months later we meet up again and they haven’t done a thing.

They make ‘it’ more complicated than it needs to be.

They need to STOP IT!

Watch this classic YouTube video that explains what I’m talking about and then I’ll give you the Exponential insight that produces REAL RESULTS FOR YOU WITH NO EFFORT.

Now that you’ve watched the video, two things have happened:

  1. You came or I sent you to this blog post which means my site is getting the traffic ‘credit’ for your visit. If I sent you the YouTube URL instead, you’d go straight to youTube and I would not benefit from the ‘traffic credit’ that I could have had.
  2. As you are on this blog, watching the video for more than 6 minutes, it means I am creating VALUE for you and Google and other search engines ‘know that’ therefore my ranking improves as do the words on my blog in RELEVANCE to other SIMILAR pages. That means I ‘bump off’ my competitors and sneak my way up the Google page, one click at a time.

The message of this blog post is two-fold. First – STOP doing the things that don’t serve you and second, start doing things that reward you incrementally and exponentially.

Onward and upward!
Dr Marc Dussault
The Exponential Growth Strategist


Less is more

This is going to be a short post, but quite powerful.

I have what I call the Dr’s Daily Distinctions that I send every day to our Platinum, VIP and Gold Momentum Members.

Within the distinctions are several exercises, challenges, tests and lessons.

Ronnlynn Bartosch completed one that I thought was valuable enough to share with you. It’s about being succinct, to the point and adding as much value as possible. Below are her 3 points, extracted from a 40-page document.

Capitalise domain suffix and initial letter of each word in domain name = easier to read and remember! eg EasyLifeEbooks.com

Cut clutter from copy: use keywords and phrases (including derivatives) = improved SEO e.g. Discount car dealership, dealership, dealer.

Place link to your website in Wikipedia ensuring topic is related to your website = free traffic. No topic relation = removal for spamming.

So whaddaya think?

Powerful stuff eh?

Onward and upward!

Of course you can do the same exercise – post a comment and we’ll see how you go. I know it looks easy, but it’s not.

Go ahead and see what happens!

I dare you.

That’s right – I dare you.

It’s NOT as easy as it looks – trust me, I’ve been doing this for 20 years. EVERYONE thinks it’s easy UNTIL they try it.

Go on, impress us with your brilliance – we want to see it.

I’ll link your comment so you get the TRAFFIC back to your site…


Be part of a ground-breaking Australian Internet Survey

We’re co-sponsoring an Internet survey with Marketing Results of Brisbane.

This is one of the most extensive Internet Surveys of its kind to be done in Australia.

It’s all about finding out where you stack up…

Click here to take the survey now!

If you don’t think you have 8 minutes to invest to learn more about Exponential Internet Strategies, doesn’t that tell you something?

The Internet is truly exponential. It can produce amazing results – most importantly is give you back your time, your life, your family.

It can do that by working 24/7/365 for you instead of you working your butt off trying to make a quid.

But that doesn’t happen UNLESS you know the tips and techniques of the pros that will be revealed in this final report – PLUS you’ll get to see first-hand where you stack up to other Australian SME companies just like yours.

That’s a priceless GIFT I am giving you – the opportunity to participate and be a part of this ground-breaking survey – the
largest of its kind in Australia.

If you’re one of the next 64 people, you’ll also get a copy of the recently published book “Secrets of Internet Entrepreneurs Exposed” valued at $32.95.

Onward and upward!

Just answering the survey is educational and informative. Take a few minutes now to see how you actually stack up…

I am sure you’ll learn a few things that are worth considering.

It’s less than 8 minutes of your time to get access to a report that could prove PRICELESS to you.

Some of the early results reveal:

• Respondents stated that, at the present time, their website is very important for generating sales leads and influencing sales (average XX.84 on a 1-10 scale).
• In two years’ time, respondents predict that their website will be extremely important for generating sales leads and influencing sales (average XX.71 on a 1-10 scale)
• Just XX.9% of respondents monitor website KPIs on a regular basis.
• Only XX.7% of respondents can accurately quantify their return on investment on Pay Per Click (e.g. Google Adwords) advertising.
• Only XX.9% of respondents are actively engaged in conversion optimisation activities.
• XX.4% have an email autoresponder system and use it regularly. Another XX.4% have an autoresponder system but don’t use it regularly.

Aw c’mon! You know you want to know what the stats are.

Respond to the survey and we’ll send you the COMPLETE click-by-click report.

Click here to take the survey now!


A Quick 5-minute Internet Marketing Challenge For You – If you’re up to it!

Go to www.homedeclutterandfun.com it’s one of the site of Marta and Ruben Putrananda have as part of their Portfolio that they are growing as Internet Mastery Platinum Members.

When you go, make sure you Stumble Upon it.

Then, try to identify as many Exponential Marketing Strategies being used and also make a list of as many as you can that they SHOULD be using.

Post your answers as comments to this blog and I’ll respond to ALL comments/submissions personally with A SECRET GIFT.

The challenge is on!

The question is, are you up for it?!

How do you stack up IDENTIFYING Exponential Marketing Strategies?

This will be interesting…

Onward and upward!

When you PARTICIPATE, the Law Of Attraction will come into play…

Give it a go and see what happens!

Go on, take 5 minutes and see what you come up with.

Some people can’t even add a comment to a blog…

Some people never heard of Stumble Upon…

Some people don’t know what an Exponential Internet Strategy is…

But you’re not some people, you’ve been reading this blog for a while now and you’re ready to step up and PARTICIPATE.

I look forward to your reply and will REWARD you with a SECRET GIFT that will make the next 5 minutes PRICELESS for you.

But NOTHING happens if you do NOTHING.

C’mon. 5 minutes…

Don’t have 5 minutes?


Interesting. You want to be an Exponential Internet Entrepreneur but don’t have 5 minutes – what does that tell you?

Want to see ANOTHER Exponential Strategy Marta and Ruben DEPLOYED?!?!?

Go to my homepage www.MarcDussault.com and look at the bottom right-hand corner. You’ll see Audio testimonials… That’s Exponential. It took Marta less than 5 minutes to do.

Go on, take 5 minutes now and see how long your list is – be sure to specify HOW each strategy was used!


Fall, trip and StumbleUpon more traffic

Today, I’m going to tell you all about an Internet site that gives you a whole new way to generate traffic to your site.

It’s called StumbleUpon.com

StumbleUpon is a recommendation system which uses peer and social networking principles to promote webpages that its users approve of.

It’s a word of mouth system – users rate a site by giving it a thumbs up, thumbs down or neutral on the StumbleUpon toolbar, and can post a review on the site, which also appears on the user’s blog.

StumbleUpon has ENORMOUS potential in maximizing brand exposure.

Here’s how…

You can get started by installing the toolbar, which is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Click here to get it for your FireFox Browser

The NEXT thing you want to do is register your site or blog, by going to StumbleUpon, and using your newly installed toolbar to tag and review it by clicking on the blue thumbs up symbol which has “I like it!” next to it.

Once your website or blog gets StumbledUpon, it’ll usually start to immediately receive visitors from all over the world.

This is FREE and AUTOMATIC traffic.

How cool is that eh?

Yeah I know.

[By the way, today’s blog post is an extract from the Wizard’s Website Wisdom™ subscription – For $97 you’d get 52 of these ideas… You can register by clicking here.]

I know.

But then again I’m biased!

But thanks for noticing. I appreciate the acknowledgement. I go through a lot of effort and invest a lot of time and yes money to make sure each and every distinction is valuable.

I know some APPEAR more valuable, but EACH one has within it a catalyst to explode your Exponential Potential™.

Sometimes you just StumbleUpon the KEY that unlocks the vault of profits unleashing a new torrential River of Revenue™ that starts to flow into your bank account…
So let’s get back to StumbleUpon…

What does traffic from StumbleUpon do for YOU?

1. Generate rapid exposure for a specific website, brand or concept.

2. Establish a reader base for your blog VERY quickly.

3. Gain numerous backlinks from StumbleUpon visitors with websites (meaning better visibility with search engines).

Here’s a graph to show you the traffic you can expect! http://www.seomoz.org/blog/stumbleupons-fantastic-ability-to-drive-traffic

One thing you HAVE to do is optimise your site to encourage stumbling readers to stay and take a look around.

Good web design is important for StumbleUpon visitors. The average time spent on a web page can be less than 10 seconds. They tend to look more than they read.

Video, Humor, Web 2.0 and eclectic websites do extremely well with StumbleUpon.

Then you need to convert your Stumblers into feed subscribers.

Here’s how the pros do it:

Offer subscriber-only benefits. If you want to build up your marketing list or feed subscribers, Give away free videos, e-books or other materials that are ONLY available to subscribers.

You MUST NOT violate this claim to exclusivity. Remember the Law of Attraction…

If your content becomes too easily available, it lessens its value. Stumblers are LOOKING for stuff they can’t find anywhere else.

Of course you MUST keep producing great content, to ensure people don’t get turned off and unsubscribe!

Stumblers love competitions – use them to ensure your visitors keep coming back.
You can expect an average of 100 to 8000 daily unique visitors once your web page has been StumbledUpon (or is that StumbleUponed?).

The site Dosh Dosh ran an experiment and the best performance was 2000+ visitors in 6 hours – just think what THAT kind of traffic can do for your site!

There is also another way in which you can monetize StumbleUpon and take advantage of millions of visitors.

Put advertising on YOUR site. Use a good banner company that pays you a good rate. Also try private ad arrangements and negotiate for specific rates.

Use affiliate banners or affiliate text links within your content. I would suggest taking the time to disguise the links to improve your Click Through Rate (CTR).

Use video advertising. Remember, we talked about www.Revver.com that allows you to put up videos and get paid whenever anyone clicks on ads within the video…

Monetized image hosts. Several image hosts allow you to earn money whenever anyone clicks on a thumbnail which leads to the full image on their website.

Use subscription based monetization. An example of this is an online magazine, business networking community or forum which offers a premium section for paying members, kind of like the Wizard’s Website Wisdom™, The Dr’s Daily Distinctions™ or Squash Lessons for Marketing…

Buy sponsored stumbles. You can run an advertising campaign with StumbleUpon and pay 5 cents for every targeted person they send to your website. You can target according to personal interest, history of rating similar sites, location, and demographics such as age and sex.

How cool are those suggestions?

Is you head spinning with new ideas?

Isn’t this great?

I told you a long time ago that the Internet is the ONLY truly exponential tool for your business. The Kaleidoscopic Kombinations™ available to you are literally limitless and boundless.

So don’t stumble along with your Internet marketing – use StumbleUpon to generate traffic and sales!

Onward and upward!


I think you have enough ideas to keep you going, so there’s no need for an extensive P.S. today other than to say if you’re like me, the question is always

“What’s my Next Best Step™?”

That is something we work on with our Platinum Members.

Your Next Best Step™ will be different than mine and will be different tomorrow or maybe even later today.

The question is simple, but the answer can be quite complex. Suffice it to say that the purpose of the Wizard’s Website Wisdom™ is to give you a choice selection that you can decide to pick from, like an exponential marketing menu.

What you want to eat today is up to you.

You are the only one who can know what your Next Best Step™ is…

Is it to…

MAKE money today/tomorrow?

SAVE time?

GET new suspects?

Push existing prospects along your Pathways To Profits™?

CREATE a new River of Revenue™?

BUILD pre-eminence?

GIVE more value to prospects and clients to increase RECIPROCITY?

TEST an assumption?

TRY something new?

Expand your scope and reach?

All interesting questions to determine your Next Best Step™.

If you want help to learn HOW to automatically and systematically take your Next Best Step™, go to the following URLs for the corresponding Platinum Program.





[Available to the Wizard’s Website Wisdom™ subscribers only. These alone are priceless when you want to cut to the chase and get to the information you really need NOW. Membership has its privileges!]