10 Ways to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Commercial Property


The curb appeal of your property is what makes it attractive from the outside. It’s a real estate term used to describe how the exterior of your property can attract sellers and increase its value. Curb appeal is important for businesses as well. Use the exterior appearance of your property to attract customers and investors. By upgrading your commercial property’s exterior, you’ll be able to increase curb appeal. This will also help to give your brand credibility. Freshen up your facade with these ten tips.

Repairs to the exterior

First of all, if you want to grow your business, you need to make a better impression on your clients. If your business’s exterior is full of damage then urgently see to any repairs. This will immediately increase your curb appeal. You might just need to give it a lick of paint but inspect all parts of your exterior for damage including cladding, gutters, windows, and even the roof. Use a building checklist to make sure you or a hired professional perform a thorough inspection.

A new fence

If you have space, a new fence will add both style and security. Fence builders that work with commercial properties can give you a quote for a new fence. This will give your business more credibility by making it seem more secure and important. Just as landscapers use fencing to enhance a home, why not do the same for your business? The right design will add to your curb appeal.

Invest in new signage

Whether you run a restaurant, salon, or law firm, it’s better for your business to design memorable signage. Perhaps your sign on your commercial property is getting a bit old and outdated. Invest in a new sign and match it with your branding. You can outsource this kind of work to professional designers and choose from their suggestions. Ideally, you want to create brand recognition with your signage and design something that really sticks in people’s minds. This will help you boost your credibility and bring in more customers.

Update your windows

Don’t neglect your windows as new windows can increase your curb appeal. Your windows will not only affect the look of your building from the outside but also the environment inside. Make a better impression on your clients with windows that provide more heat and noise insulation. These are also more environmentally-friendly and will help to reduce your utility bills significantly. It’s definitely worth investing in new windows and this will add value to your property as well if you do decide to sell one day.

Landscaping ideas

If you have outside space, think about landscaping ideas. You can get inspiration from the commercial landscaping trends at the moment. Another way to look at your landscaping is by getting a bird’s eye view from a drone. If you’re going to make landscaping a focal feature of your commercial property, you could use these videos as promotional material on your website. Get your commercial property to make a bigger impact. This will attract more customers. Even if you do something small like decorate your windows with window boxes, or add a couple of hanging baskets with flowers, this could even increase your curb appeal.

Light up the entrance

Take care when choosing the lighting for your exterior. Consider how your business looks when illuminated in the evenings and see how you can improve this. You want to make your clients really feel like they’re making an entrance. Light up a pathway to the entrance and consider using motion sensor LED lights for example. You could also blend the outside with the inside and use matching lighting to connect the two. Here are some more tips for lighting your premises.

Paint the parking lot

When you’re sprucing up your exterior, don’t forget to inspect the parking lot. Go over the lines between spaces with fresh paint and inspect the parking lot for any repairs that need doing. This might just be replacing a few lightbulbs or oiling the gate. This area will also affect the impression you give to clients, so make it look as fresh and clean as possible.

Trendy cladding designs

If you want to make more serious renovations to your commercial property you could look into updating the cladding on your exterior. Here are some of the best exterior cladding designs that have really made an impression in the architectural world recently. You could work with an architect and see which design ideas you can come up with for your property. Before you start any renovations ensure you have planning permission and the go-ahead from your local authority.

Future-proof architecture

One of the main trends in commercial property architecture nowadays is future-proof building. This is about investing in more durable materials for a more permanent finish. You could also consider more modern features and amenities, or upgrading to a smart office. You want any expensive additions you make to your commercial property to last. The more future-proof your building is in general, the more it will increase its curb appeal and its value. If you’re planning on selling your property in the future it’s important to invest in these things now.


Sustainability is another important theme in construction that will add value to your property. Make the most sustainable choice for any upgrades to your commercial property, particularly relating to energy-efficiency and building materials. You can create a timeless look by decorating your reception with sustainable materials like reclaimed wood for example. By marketing your business as green you’ll also make a better impression on your clients and your staff. Consumers are becoming more eco-conscious so there’s a good chance going more sustainable could increase your curb appeal.

The better impression your building’s exterior makes, the more business you will draw in. A brick and mortar store can be just as important as your website, so don’t neglect it. Any upgrades you make, big or small, will help to increase your commercial property’s curb appeal.

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